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  1. Yes, MAC members here. We usually get up there 2 or 3 times a year. We're planning to go up to the next Breakfast Club on Sunday 30th May.
  2. Doh! How did I miss this. We even had the Evora out but it only got as far as Waitrose in Malvern 🤨. I hope it went well and I'll try to get along to the next one.
  3. What are the chances of 2 Evoras (Evorae) in sleepy old Worcester? I was in the grubby white one.
  4. Evie finally got to meet her namesake...
  5. We had a new addition over the summer. Evie (yes, short for Evora) is in front of all the Christmas tat. We got her as a ~3 month old kitten from the local rescue centre. We were a bit nervous about how the introduction was going to go as Morgan has a record of being a bit sweary around other cats. No need to worry, Mog seems to have decided that she's a very indulgent aunt. When the weather gets better we'll introduce Evie to the other black roofed Evora in the household.
  6. Welcome! Ex T350t owner here who also doesn't really like white cars; yet now has a Evora 400 in white with black roof/wheels (which I think looks great). I miss the TVR much less than I feared I would. You've made a good choice - it looks stunning.
  7. Our Maine Coon, Morgan, is now 11 months old and a mere 5.2 kg. We call her the cub, as kitten doesn't do her justice. A real character and great company, although rather too talkative at times.
  8. I'm a (contractor) computer programmer. Mainly C# & .NET backend/integration development, but I've also done plenty of DevOps, SQL, training and web stuff over the (last 20!!!) years. Currently looking for work in the Worcester/Birmingham area😉
  9. On the A443 towards Great Witley at lunchtime. I was the MAMIL that gave you a wave.
  10. Light coloured Evora (Silver?) on the A449, heading towards Worcester from Malvern.
  11. I'm currently deciding whether to upgrade the speakers in my 400 with components or a simply replace the ones in the door with a set of full range coaxials. Before I go one way or t'other I'd like to know what crossovers, if any, have been used. I can't find any details of what/where in the service notes. Can anyone who's been through the pain let me know where I can find them? Thanks in advance.
  12. @silverfrost You've blown your cover .. you're really Dr. Evil aren't you?
  13. I've given a thumbs up. Please pass it on to the yoofs!
  14. Thanks Greg. Happy to do a bit of beta testing. Shall I PM you?
  15. We had pretty much the same experience through the club. Eventually my partner, Miranda, found Morgan. The breeders are in North Wales, not too far from Conwy; I think her siblings are all spoken for now, but they had another litter just born when we first went over there a couple of weeks ago. It all went very smoothly and I don't remember there being any restriction on whether we let her roam or not. It was a good excuse to take the Evora up to North Wales, enjoy the roads, find a furry friend and then finish the day with dinner at the Groes Inn.
  16. Say hello to Morgan (Maine Coon). Named because we live about 5 miles from the Morgan factory and 'the other half' likes alliteration. She joined us today and has already made herself at home. So far we've found that she likes food, toes, shoe-laces, food, laps, food and mobile phones. I suspect we're going to be run ragged over the coming weeks.
  17. I've been watching The Terror on demand with BT TV. I read the Dan Simmons book a few years back and thought it was superb. It's a supernatural horror take on what may have happened to the lost crews of the 1845 Fanklin expedition to find the Northwest Passage (over the top of Canada). The name is taken from one of the ships, HMS Terror. It's early days but the series is looking pretty good.
  18. Recently spent some time based in Oban, West Scotland. We did a fair bit of driving around and this is from the highlight of the whole trip, the A830 from Fort William to Mallaig.
  19. Sadly, my best mate passed away last Tuesday. Phil became unwell while Miranda & I were away on holiday, which triggered/highlighted a problem with his lungs. He deteriorated so badly after we got home that we had to make the decision I'm sure all pet lovers dread. This is one of the last photos we have of him. I really miss him as I sit here trying to put together an assignment for my OU degree. He was my study budy, and although he wasn't very good at physics, he helped me greatly. Sorry to bring a sad note to this thread, but thanks for looking. It's cathartic. I'm going to get another cat, just not a ginger tom. It might be time to get a Maine Coon.
  20. Currently in Oban for a few days, having travelled up from Worcestershire on Sunday. Have to say any reaction we've had to the car has been positive. We bumped into a convoy of Porsche owners at the Abington services, on the M74 south of Glasgow. Lots of complementary comments on the Evora. Some tips on good roads too. Around Oban we've had a few thumbs up and the odd photo from the local Barry Boys. Even one of the local schoolboys commented that the car was 'alright' to his friends!
  21. Agree with @BatMobile Harris is just playing his part as a presenter in a 'Car Based' TV programme. Lotus really needs to to up their marketting and use these journos to get the message out there. I'd never really considered a Lotus having previously been a Porsche then TVR owner. About five years ago I saw his Drive film with the green Exige V6 and Matt Becker then saw the same car at a stand a Le Mans shortly afterwards. That was definitely an influence on me buying an Exige V6 two years ago. More recently, the videos of our very own @JayEmm were very useful in planting the seed of Evora 400 ownership. Most people don't know what my Evora 400 is; it's been mistaken for a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. Lotus need to use people like Harris to get their products in front of buyers. It's no use having a great product if noone knows about it.
  22. Always wondered about getting a Coon. Are they good company? Anyway, here's our boy Philip. Just a 'rescue' ginger DSH but he's great company, easy going with people (and rubbish with other cats). Definitely more of a fighter than a lover.
  23. Altered Carbon on Netflix. Based on the novel, of the same name, by Brit’ author Richard Morgan. The first 5 eps are pretty much bang on. The second half deviates, but following the book too closely would probably be too dark for TV. There are 2 further books in the series, both great, so this could go on albeit with some new actors - the main protagonist has a different sleeve/body each time. American Gods on Amazon. Based on the Neil Gaimon novel (another Brit). I think they’ve done a good job of bringing the feel of the book to the screen. One of the main characters, Mr. Wednesday, is played by Lovejoy’s Ian McShane. The Man in the High Castle on Amazon. Based on Philip K Dick’s book of the same name. Alternative second half of 20th Century, in which the Axis forces have won WW2. If you’ve liked Electric Dreams on C4 you should give this a go. Quintessential Dick; so many interesting ideas. It really is a golden period for real SF on the screen.
  24. Switzerland The Race Yello Holland Radar Love. Golden Earring Lack of formatting is solely the responsibility of iOS.
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