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  1. Its as bad as my matte black then ... forget to repaint one area - if you want a proper match you most likely have to repaint the whole car. @GFWilliams how large of a bill are you looking at for a full repaint of the whole car?
  2. As an owner of a EX460 and a GT3 RS I can tell you that the EX460 is pretty fast. Not as fast in a straight line as a GT3 RS but not too far from it, at least up to 200 km/h - after that you are in 5th gear an you are lost, as it is way too long. If you want to compare it a 350S - it is in a different league - its a different car. Certainly fast enough to easily pass a 350S after bus stop on the short straight...
  3. In my opinion a must upgrade if you go for the EX460 and regularly track your car.
  4. Good idea! HANS is a must imho with 4/6point harness on track. Better be safe than sorry! Our cars are quite fast and even if you are careful you can always have a mechanical issue or a guy spilling coolant fluid ... I can recommend the Simpson Hybrid HANS
  5. You are going the right route ... I can say that, because I am already all the way trough and even further 👍😉😎
  6. More is less in this case ... fully agree! 👍 what a great looking car! Love it!
  7. Its not that much ... its just 3-4 liters of water if I remember correctly ...
  8. @GFWilliams - with your habit for drifiting with full oposite lock - stay away from the 225s ... I recently went drifting with my Exige (to improve my car control skills 😉 ) and realized that under full opposite lock when drifting at higher speeds (e.g. through a long turn) the tires scratch on the clam shell and you run the risk of damaging it.... I only run 215 with the Oehlins 1 way setup and a ride hight that is road compatible... nothing crazy...
  9. They can be programed, yes ... it pretty much works that way: you get the data from the can bus (more than 100 chanels) and you have to tell the display what to do with each chanel you want to use ... e.g. a 0 value on the TC chanel = TC Off ... display a message for 10 seconds ... This is a lot if trial and error if you are not familiar with the can bus data in detail ...
  10. You need sensors, gps, remote control buttons, can bus connection etc etc and then last but not least - somebody has to program it all / set it up ... alarms have to be custom set, gear indicator calculation, dpm mode .... If you DIY it - all parts you need are probably around 2k ish ...
  11. Yep - the KT price is a ‚complete package‘ incl install and everything you need ... the other is just the display ....
  12. Congratulations! Amazing! But sounds like no time anymore for coaching .... 😩
  13. Thats what I have ... 1.9 kg and you can fully control the battery via your cell phone (incl cut off etc) ...
  14. I am on the Liteblox 19xx now as my battery died ... not cheap but really like it ... saved 8-9 kg ...
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