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  1. I think @GFWilliams with his very individual Exige is cost wise still well below a 430 and his car is probably faster ...
  2. NW76

    New 410 musings - Ex Cayman

    Ratios are too long for me as well even in the Exige, 5th and 6th are espec long ... will do short ratios also when my gearbox is due ... have a feeling it might be next year ... its holding up pretty well so far after two years of EX460 ... the gearbox cooler works wonders ...
  3. Sorry, for me it were the Suspension Bearings... probably related to my Öhnlins Track Upgrade and taking “too much” Curb ... Wheel Bearings are fine...
  4. PFC pads are too much for OEM discs imho ... thats why I went for the Kobra4 setup right away ... I am also in the 2nd set of bearings btw ... track use is certainly not cheap but it could be worse if your track car is a Porsche, McL or even Ferrari ...
  5. NW76

    Evo n. 253 Exige cup 430 Anglesey

    The Exige actually did pretty well against a tough competition imho ... disappointing was the Ford GT though ...
  6. A V6 Cup is a good base car - or you just go with any V6 and shed some weight (battery, NVH, etc) ... The 1:50 on the HHR is sensational with a street legal car, as is the 2:38 in Spa with the EX460 ...
  7. NW76

    Big Wing V6 - Register

    You have to learn and adapt to it and its almost worthless w/o proper suspension etc but imho the right aero setup in Spa is 2-3s ...
  8. Youre right ... its right now ...
  9. Just realized @david_pittard is doing very well in the NOS VLN ... P1 in the qualifying for VLN6 tomorrow ... WOW 💪... its an extremely tough competition out there ...
  10. NW76

    Exige 380 ecu remap

    KomoTec installed it for me. I didnt dare to do this myself. Took approx 2h ... you still can use the OBD slot.
  11. Go for it 👍 ... btw get a litblox batterie before - I am sure with your SocialMedia reach they will give you a good price 😉
  12. Its fair to assume imho that most EX460 track used cars have a proper setup / suspension & break upgrades as well as a at least basic lightweight treatment ... with those cars the capability of the driver will make the biggest difference ... In the right hands they are really fast ....
  13. NW76

    Future of Lotus

    Glad I have one of those loss producing, lightweight, extreme, enthusiast cars...
  14. David! WOW! What an opportunity in a great car! Congrats!!! Keep us posted on how it goes. I will keep my fingers crossed!
  15. GrandPrix - it will ... but not reliable ... I always used to start my GoPro manually and sync/overlay the Videos with data post driving ...