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  1. NW76

    Exige picture & video thread

    There are some other videos of him as well on his channel where he drives various cars - also on track w/o chewing a gum 😉
  2. NW76

    Exige picture & video thread

    Hi Imran: I know the car - it definitely doesnt have an LSD ... the Heel n Toe Blog guy doesnt own it - its owned by the owner of Laptime Tuning (Simon) a BMW & Porsche Tuner in Munich that recently ventured out into Lotus ... its currently for sale: Looks like he is moving back to BMW and Porsche projects ... not enough money to be made in upgrading a Lotus ... Also love the video btw - they guy seems to be a seriously good driver ... excellent car control skills ... prof race car driver?!?
  3. No changes on the body for the EX460 I am still below 10.000km with mine. Only one issues so far that was linked to the EX460 - had a leaking cooler fluid coming from the charge cooling cycle. Took quite some time to find the leak but since then nothing else ... Still on the first clutch and gearbox ... but I have a gearbox cooler.
  4. NW76

    Exige Sport 410 - how good?

    I actually own both (albeit my Exige is a heavily modified EX460) and must say that the article is very well written and very close to how I feel about both cars. I enjoy both of them but if I could only have one and money is no consideration it clearly would be the RS. If money is a consideration it clearly would by the Exige 😉
  5. NW76

    Canyon Red Exige V6 Cup

    Thats exactly why I went for a fully integrated system as well - always had to link Harrys & GoPro manually and setup everytime I went on track. Now, I just arrive, make sure I have an SD Card in my Smartycam and go ... couldnt be any easier 😉
  6. NW76

    Evora GT430

    Sounds like youre not happy with your Cup 430?!?
  7. NW76

    Harrop TVS1900 video

    One had just gone way over board in the quest for 500 hp (custom ECO etc.) and had a car that was not running anymore ... The other two just wanted more but had a well running car with decent power. Not sure how much above 400 hp but certainly at least 400 from what I have heard.
  8. NW76

    Harrop TVS1900 video

    Here are my 2 cents: The EX460 is a proven kit that runs with very little to no issues and it holds up to the expectations. To be realistic for track use you need to upgrade breaks, suspension and add gearbox cooling as well to match the power. My EX460 keeps up with a 458 Speciale in a straight line up to easily 200 kph, Win911 EX460 (a road legal car) has done a 2:38 in Spa and I have a couple other good benchmarks in my Garage to compare if the power is there. It definitely is. The TVS solution does have too low # of installs to fully judge reliability but imho its a half baked solution. It lacks the bespoke mapping, the intake, manifold and exhaust upgrade and several TVS installs - I personally know 3 - went to KT afterwards to fix it or at least make it a complete solution ...
  9. NW76

    Newbie advice needed - V6s vs V6S CR vs 350 Sport

    If the V6S you consider has a good gear shift (to check while on a test drive with the gear box oil hot) then there really is no need to bother with a 350 for a 70% track car ... just go with the V6S and modify it to your needs and budget ....
  10. I think @GFWilliams with his very individual Exige is cost wise still well below a 430 and his car is probably faster ...
  11. NW76

    New 410 musings - Ex Cayman

    Ratios are too long for me as well even in the Exige, 5th and 6th are espec long ... will do short ratios also when my gearbox is due ... have a feeling it might be next year ... its holding up pretty well so far after two years of EX460 ... the gearbox cooler works wonders ...
  12. Sorry, for me it were the Suspension Bearings... probably related to my Öhnlins Track Upgrade and taking “too much” Curb ... Wheel Bearings are fine...
  13. PFC pads are too much for OEM discs imho ... thats why I went for the Kobra4 setup right away ... I am also in the 2nd set of bearings btw ... track use is certainly not cheap but it could be worse if your track car is a Porsche, McL or even Ferrari ...
  14. NW76

    Evo n. 253 Exige cup 430 Anglesey

    The Exige actually did pretty well against a tough competition imho ... disappointing was the Ford GT though ...
  15. A V6 Cup is a good base car - or you just go with any V6 and shed some weight (battery, NVH, etc) ... The 1:50 on the HHR is sensational with a street legal car, as is the 2:38 in Spa with the EX460 ...