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  1. Go for it 👍 ... btw get a litblox batterie before - I am sure with your SocialMedia reach they will give you a good price 😉
  2. Its fair to assume imho that most EX460 track used cars have a proper setup / suspension & break upgrades as well as a at least basic lightweight treatment ... with those cars the capability of the driver will make the biggest difference ... In the right hands they are really fast ....
  3. NW76

    Future of Lotus

    Glad I have one of those loss producing, lightweight, extreme, enthusiast cars...
  4. David! WOW! What an opportunity in a great car! Congrats!!! Keep us posted on how it goes. I will keep my fingers crossed!
  5. GrandPrix - it will ... but not reliable ... I always used to start my GoPro manually and sync/overlay the Videos with data post driving ...
  6. Glad I never ordered the mirrors or tail lights - had the mirrors under serious consideration but then saw some close ups that looked far from my expectations ...
  7. Can I buy 5 of those please? Should then be 25s around Spa 👍😉 What do you think of mine btw 😉
  8. Dont think there is any ... not sure how much we get in ground effect with our cars anyway ... think we are still too high, to make it significant ... at least mine is ...
  9. NW76

    Canyon Red Exige V6 Cup

    @Arun_D 30 psi hot is what I am running on them as well ...
  10. NW76

    Canyon Red Exige V6 Cup

    I had this happen once as well ... not on track but on the road at a roundabout that I know very well and that you can take straight if you just very agressively go over the inner curb ... which I did at > 50 mph ... car died ... pulled over, shut it down completely, and tried to restart - nothing. ... waited a couple of minutes... started again and everything was fine ...
  11. NW76

    Dear Geely.....

    Fix the spare parts supply issues ... ahja and ofcourse bring LMS back ...
  12. 🙄 Sounds way to expensive to me ... a disc shound not be much more than 500 ... the rest might be their margin 🙄... try to source through KT or PFC directly ...
  13. Are you talking about the PFC discs on the front of your car or are you still on OEM? If the PFC: 800 a piece sounds high ... where do you buy the discs?
  14. @Win911 pretty sure the Porsche Sports Cup has street legal car and tires as requirement ... Anyway 2:11 ... Mighty fast!!! WOW!!! Congrats!!!
  15. @GFWilliams thanks!!! Its clear now ... cut off edges ...