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  1. Thanks for the comments. The bush I need to get at is the radius arm pivot point bush- the one with the shims. I have done the others a while ago. Thank martin
  2. I think the knock is coming from the radius arm bush but worried about how to replace with taking apart the whole rear suspension. Has anyone done this before and have any useful tips. Also, when replacing the bushes can I use the same shims or do I have to get the rear end set up realigned. thanks in anticipation martin
  3. Is there a way to replace the rear radius arm bush without taking apart the rear suspension? I have a knocking on some bumps and these are the only bushes left to replace. Is it a task I can expect the bolts to be impossible and potential collateral damage? many thanks martin
  4. Trying to remove rear bumper and valance but completely mystified how the rear valance is supposed to be secured. At the moment it seem to have some big self tamping cross heads in the bumper and some other form of seltappers with those nasty metal clips. Heaven know how you get to them as they are beneath the battery tray. When I get them out -probably with angle grinder - do in need to regulars the holes and fit new big self tappers. thanks in advance for all your suggestions martin
  5. My S3 ESprit bumper has spider cracking and was watching car SOS and they ground out the cracks but I cannot remember what the said to fill the cracks with. Can anybody help me on what are my options for filling the cracks? best martin
  6. Hopefully not hijacking topic but should the door handle black frame be powder coated or painted? mine is really scratched and powder coating sounds good best martin
  7. Chaps decided to keep as a LC as trying to keep to some sort of budget and just want it back on the road. I checked the MOT history and it has done only about 1000 miles a year for the last 10 years! And I would like to get it running properly ASAP And scare the bejabbers out of the spiders that live in the radiator! thanks martin
  8. I have to fit new liners and pistons to my 913 LC engine along with new exhaust valves, thrust washers and probably new big ends. Do I upgrade to HC .? What’s the minimum HC spec that works.? Can I just fit new HC pistons, liners and new 104 inlet cam? thanks martin
  9. All - solved the problem - decided to spell grille correctly!!!!! Now I can see that they are available form the usual suspects regards martin
  10. Hi all does anyone know where I can get a new front grill for my S3? Looked at the usual suppliers but could not see anyone having one. Thanks and regards martin
  11. Good luck wth the rebuild. I have a narrow garage so I have to do a side at a time. Fortunately for me the long stud came out without too much of a fight. thanks martin
  12. Dan i think you have answered my question. If only considering the outer output shaft this should not be moving in the hub. I think I am going to take it apart myself and see what has happened thanks martin
  13. Thanks for the quick reply. I have not put the inner driveshaft on yet so it's just the outer driveshaft moving in the hub and the cv joint is not yet involved. i am concerned that if I put it back on the car and hook up the inner driveshaft which has the cvs attached the same play will still exist and the wheel itself will move in and it.
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