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  1. Most easily available SS nuts do not have the needed strength. I would not use them in any structural or mission critical assembly. Stick with the stock parts.
  2. jcslocum

    My S4

    Hen don’t !!
  3. Good deal Mike! Keep on hugging along and you will be driving before you know it.
  4. Very interesting build.
  5. Mike, That's great news!!! Keep on it and you will be rewarded or end up going stark raving mad. I will be in the UK next summer and will make sure to get to see you and your car.
  6. I use Gunk products and Simple Green cleaner as well as BrakeKleen. The brushing of these product is good but the best way to remove the grime is to us a small steam cleaner. We have one like this laying around and it cleans really well There are smaller ones that friends have that work well too.
  7. I didn't know the Jeep rad could fit. I hope it goes i n successfully and gives you good cooling!!
  8. jcslocum

    Good day

    Looking good mate! How is it running?
  9. This is forward progress. Keep you chin up and plug away at it.
  10. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you on the start. I want to see a video of this momentous event!!
  11. Do you have the dimensions for it??
  12. Oh it was a favor!! We have to start to impress appreciation on the young if we want to see car collectors in the future. He had a blast driving out to dinner and never thought he would drive back. All kids can really do today is put neon washer jets and soup can mufflers. Your MOT is much harder on cars so your side has even less motivation. Here in MD we have NO, none, nada inspection for classic cars. Dan, they live in Worcester and prices are climbing here for the Turbo, slowly but surely...
  13. And a few other of the fleet :-) We had friends from Worcester visiting with us for the past week and between boating, beaching, traveling to DC we were able to get a few cars out to go to dinner last night. We went to a local crab house on the Chesapeake Bay We had a good 30 minute drive out there on our country back roads and parked up out front. We took the Turbo, Stag and Porsche. This allowed all 8 of us to fit in the 3 cars and everyone had a great time. My buddy's 18yo that drives a Lupo 1.0 in Worcs drove home and he was so stoked to drive an 80's Brit supercar that he was speechless and so nervous during the drive! It's took 10 minutes for him to relax (wrong side driving for him too) and get into the handling and noises it makes. He passed the other 2 cars on a long straight and when he shifted up from 3-4 it spit flame out the exhaust. He did the ton and then backed it down to 60 for the rest of the way to the garage. A short drive that he will long remember with the Lotus being a major part of the experience. A great day to be a bit of a car (small) collector.
  14. The the crap I have fixed on my Turbo by the dumbasses that owned it before me, I'm surprised it has 2 cam covers at all!!
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