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  1. This looks very good so far!!
  2. She looks great!! How were the areas that needed "foundation" work. Were they visibly bad?? Keep the pics coming!
  3. Exciting!!! More pictures!!!
  4. The maxJax uses concrete anchors into the floor called Wedjit. They work extremely well in a standard garage floor thickness of 3-1/2" to 4" of concrete. We installed the lift originally in out floor when we lived in NY which was 3-3/4" thick. Used it for 5 years before we moved to MD. The floor here was a bit of a mystery for us so we drilled the holes, used concrete epoxy on the outside of the Wedjit and installed. We have been using it here for 3-1/2 years constantly and it is super strong and stable. The engineering behind the lift is strong and done well. The move-ability is excellent. I have 4 high jackstands the we use when doing panel replacement and welding. this allows the post to be removed on the side we are working on. You just unbolt the post from the floor and move it out of the way. It has wheels on the back like a hand truck to allow you to roll it around.
  5. We use a MaxJax in our garage here in Maryland. I give it 5 stars. Great in a standard height garage, allows full underside access and is portable. A very clever design.
  6. I don't see why cats won't fix the issue. They are not expensive (here in the USA at least) and should clean up a majority of the bad stuff. There must also be a shop locally that can test the emissions for you in advance of the formal "test" for $2000.
  7. There are many things involved in a proper compression test and then analyzing the results. Here are my thoughts on doing this and test: Hot to warm engine. Thick oil is your enemy A fully charge battery!! I keep the battery on a charger as I do the test. All plugs out and inspected. Fuel pump shut off; fuse, plug, inertia switch, etc... Wide open throttle install tester in each cylinder and crank until the reading goes no higher. Forget about counting the revs. Just let it get to max pressure. Do an oil test, buy putting as tablespoon of oil into each cylinder and retest. Compare the readings. You want equal across all cylinder +/- 10%. Are the oiled readings higher? by how much? A significant;y higher reading will indicate bad rings. if no significant change, then you start to think valves. A leak-down test will be the only way to get a solid indication of root cause of the low compression (if it is actually low). Do you have access to a leak-down tester?? Valve adjustment has an effect on compression readings. Too tight and gasses leak out via intake or exhaust valves. Too loose and the valves are not open long enough to capture all of the air. When was the last time the valves were adjusted?? Good luck and I hope this is just bad readings.
  8. Most easily available SS nuts do not have the needed strength. I would not use them in any structural or mission critical assembly. Stick with the stock parts.
  9. jcslocum

    My S4

    Hen don’t !!
  10. Good deal Mike! Keep on hugging along and you will be driving before you know it.
  11. Very interesting build.
  12. Mike, That's great news!!! Keep on it and you will be rewarded or end up going stark raving mad. I will be in the UK next summer and will make sure to get to see you and your car.
  13. I use Gunk products and Simple Green cleaner as well as BrakeKleen. The brushing of these product is good but the best way to remove the grime is to us a small steam cleaner. We have one like this laying around and it cleans really well There are smaller ones that friends have that work well too.
  14. I didn't know the Jeep rad could fit. I hope it goes i n successfully and gives you good cooling!!
  15. jcslocum

    Good day

    Looking good mate! How is it running?
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