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  1. ALSO with a touring pack car. how does it differ from a sport pack when it comes to suspension and handling. Is it just springs?
  2. hey I'm considering buying an S3 elise. S touring model. I was wondering what the specs are including offset and pcd of the standard wheels as id want to fit different wheels so want to know what fits. Also is there anywhere with a clear description what you get in a touring pack over say a sports pack? does suspension remain unchanged?
  3. How would the exige 260 compare to the Elise 250 cup on track?
  4. How about depreciation? I imagine its a hard one to work out but given the price is reasonably similar give or take a bit of money, which do you think would depreciate less. Cup 250 or exige 350 sport?
  5. very detailed reply, thanks. I did test drive a v6s exige and I liked it, felt very planted and acceleration was reasonably exciting. Does the elise feel as quick in normal day to day driving. I currently have a supercharged gt86 roughly 325bhp, ideally want my next car to feel quicker and handle better. Where do the extra costs lie with tracking the exige? just tyres? Visually, I think the elise 250 cup is the best looking out the 3. Also, how does the 250 sound?
  6. why would you favour the 250 on track?
  7. I've been considering getting a lotus for quite some time. It would be my daily but I'm not super fussed about comfort (i would want AC and a radio though) I will also be wanting to use the car on track and want it to really do well on track. elise 250 cup (i like how this looks the most with the carbon back) Exige S2 260 (save myself some money and i like the design. Not sure how this compares to the newer models on track etc) Exige 350 Which would you go for if you had the choice? and why?
  8. Badluck

    New here

    i also thought about that, leaving it parked up and some idiot putting litter in it ha
  9. Badluck

    New here

    Can anyone comment on my question with the louvres on a daily car? No problem with rain etc or being parked outside in rain? Any long term issues ?
  10. Badluck

    New here

    are the louvred cars all good in the rain as it will be my daily driver. Long term, any issues getting rained on?
  11. Badluck

    New here

    That's what i mean. I like the race look more. I don't hate the black panels, they aren't a deal breaker for me. Is it the looks or performance of the new gear linkage that has people wanting it? I will definitely compare a lot. Cheers
  12. Badluck

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    thats my thought on the CR they have some ones built already that they need to get rid of. The roadster isn't for me, I want more of a track car with a radio and heating than a comfortable daily. It would be the CR against the 350 sport. Do the differences warrant the price. Ive seen CRs with loads of options including the race pack for quite a bit less (and probably some room for negotiation)
  13. Badluck

    New here

    new 350 sport vs the club racer? I can probably pic up a built CR for cheaper. Is it worth the extra money for the 350? weight loss aside, are the modes the same, race etc? I like that the indicators tick in the 350, from the article i see that you get the race pack suspension in the 350 too ( is this heaps better than the CR suspension?) What would you guys do? save some money or?
  14. Badluck

    New here

    that would be great, only downside to that is hoping to get a deal on a ready built one if i find one in the spec i want. I would prefer it all one colour though.
  15. Badluck

    New here

    cheers thanks. Looking at the 350 sport. Does anyone know if you can get the black parts colour coded to the paint? I can imagine these are left plastic for weight loss maybe though? I kind of want a Yellow car but think its a bit strange with the large black area in the rear.
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