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  2. Earlier in the winter, before starting the thread here, I have tried sort the carbs. They were quite nasty! Took them apart, one first, then the other one, just to have a complete one to look at if I would lose track of some part. Had the pieces in degreasing liquid for weeks... It was almost like someone had put glue into them. Have now replaced gaskets, float valve, bearings, etc. Before and after cleaning (hard like tarmac!): lots of pieces: first one done: Both are now clean and look nice - but that is one thing, hope they also will work...
  3. Thanks Jukka! Certainly is! Only so much to do and so little time... Would be really fun - hope I can manage to get "the purple" running by then, Have taken the fuel tank out and removed the suface rust - wasn't that bad. Will try to paint it tomorrow evening. Have forgotten to take any pictures. Well, haven't been started in over 10 years... Turns over by hand without any problems but will replace the cam belt before trying starting it up. Began in the rear end of the car as the leaking brake was the prime reason for becoming stored awy. Soon be moving to the front end with the brak
  4. Mike, really sorry to hear about the awful setback with your shell! But I also think you made a wise decision to go for a new. It will be a great feeling when you have it delivered with its new paint!!
  5. Finally, after almost two weeks of being held up with other stuff I found some time during the weekend to continue. I have to say its a proper (purple challenge many times... Thought I had succeeded quite well with installing the new brake pipes and hoses with the diff out. How stuuupid of me! Had forgotten to read the workshop manual in which order to put things together. Well got pipes etc. off again and the diff back in the car with some advanced technology... Here is only two jacks in use but I was adding one more before managing to get it in place. Then, how the f..k are y
  6. Sorry Jukka, haven't had time for the car and TLF for a while... The only number i have found on my alternator is this:
  7. Haha! Easter with four days holiday made a great support and also not going to Germany watching beautiful classic cars might have helped Here some pics of the alternator: Also some more pics of the relays. The one you asked about yesterday is going to the head lights with a dodgy non original grey cable connecting to a blue with white stripe... The condenser wasn't connected anywhere! Might have fallen off + if it had been (recently) connected anyplace previously, or might have one someplace else? I'm useless in car electrics! Hope to get support with that from a good
  8. Thanks a lot all of you for your support - much appreciated! Would I dare to say MOT in end of May... I'm afraid it could as well become August or October Or even worse... But keeping my hope up... Thanks Mike! Great idea! I'll see what I can do to them...
  9. Well - the challenge continues, had hoped to have the diff back in place today but when looking what have been done the last week I guess I can't be totally dissatisfied anyway... Lots of hours spent on cleaning and painting, in the old fashion way - without sand blasting and powder coating... The hand brake cable is replaced and the three cut cables at the hand brake micro switch are soldered together. Might be a working hand brake warning light now - or a short circuit, after that... Some pictures - be prepared for a loooong movie : After a little mistake where something was forgo
  10. No idea Try to check it out later in the week...
  11. Sounds great with an Elite one!!! Please post when you get a confirmation. Wounder if they would make it in purple...?
  12. Beautiful Porsche! A bit over my budget though... Just love the looks of those, maybe to go for a replica could be within my possible reach... Also the Eclat looks nice (apart from the colour, especially on the wheel caps - sorry if offending someone!)
  13. I have a purple and a white striped purple connecting to the little odd switch to the lamp. Was just thinking there might have been an "automatic" switch (like a door switch) placed somewhere in original, where your leads could go? E.g. I have an empty hole in the grill close to the lamp that I don't know the purpose of - anyone got an idea if it can be related?
  14. Hi Jukka, Tomorrow is another day! ? SJS have the rear viper arms in black: B075M0257Z Not sure about the leads but I have a switch for the engine compartment lamp, if they could be for that (but that might not be original). I'll try to take a photo tomorrow. Could there be a blown fuse for the blinker? Did you find any new car to bring home from Germany? ?
  15. Weekend went very fast with a feeling that I didn't accomplish much with the Elite. However, cleaned and painted quite some stuff. Chassis over/around the diff and rear suspension. Shafts and hub housings painted in line with Dan's advice - thanks Dan! Then new brake cylinders and shoes are in place and clearance with the drums are checked: No pics of the shaft parts yet as I scratched them here and there when I assembled the u-joints and then had to put some new paint on. Quite a challenge to mount the u-joints... Had bought the less pricey from SJS (as I will not race the car and
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