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  1. Does anyone have one that they would sell? I have been looking for a year and been unsuccessful. Thanks, Email is best: [email protected]
  2. Still looking if anyone can be of assistance.
  3. Bump. Does anyone have a car?
  4. Drivers seat looks like a lot more miles than what the odometer shows.
  5. Early sport, I like the purity and beginning of these cars. Sure the Turbo will have more kick, but the car has been further developed and changed and improved. That's a good thing for driving for sure but it isn't (for me anyway) as clean and pure and original as the early S1's. Already having a Porsche turbo with plenty of kick, I would love the lightness and maneuverability of an early Esprit next. That said, I have found one lead for an early car so maybe it's a pipe dream...
  6. Beautiful Paul! Thanks for sharing. I own a 1976 Porsche 930 Turbo Carrera with red and blue tartan inserts... I love that look from the period.
  7. Thanks for the kind British welcome! I will on your side of the pond this week for a quick visit for business.... Hopefully something turns up. That said, I hope to try and find some patience in hopes of finding a fine specimen. In the meantime, the hunt is always a huge part of the fun!
  8. Thank you both Paul and Ramjet. I am grateful for the suggestion and just dropped Tonyk a note. I enjoyed a long day of reading old threads here. It certainly gets me excited to try and find a car. A lot of nice and kind people it appears as well. Thank you again and enjoy the journey.
  9. It's both daunting and exciting to join a new site and begin the exploration to learn about these beautiful machines. I look forward to it... Can anyone provide some guidance into S1 Esprit's and learning what to look for in terms of an eventual purchase? I am keen on finding a Series 1 Esprit and interested to learn what to look out for. Where rust develops and for that matter, anything and everything to look for in a car. Also, where do most of these cars trade or where is the best place to try and find one? Ebay, brokers, or here on this site? My unicorn car would have tartan interior and be a unique color. Maybe it's hopeful thinking but this is my hope and this my first post to try and gain some more understanding and knowledge. Thanks in advance for any advice or info anyone can share. My email is below as well. Cheers to you all. jamie @ kucthwines . com
  10. I am looking for a great condition car. Does anyone have one or know of where one resides that might be available for sale? Thanks in advance. Ps; I am not a broker / flipper and reside in San Francisco. jamie @ kutchwines . com
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