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  2. Actually- pretty sure the 111s didn't have an airbag.
  3. Thanks Bibs - It has an aftermarket steering wheel which means I will be checking it wasn't because the airbags have deployed (any way to check that easily?). Pretty certain that it is just an 'upgrade' though. Talking about warming up etc. What should I keep in mind when I am looking after it. For instance Ken told me to leave the parking brake off when possible. I think I will just be able to fit it in my tiny garage so I will be able to trickle charge it too. Any other tips to look after my new baby?
  4. Hi chaps Finally making the plunge in to Elise ownership this weekend (all being well). I was going to wait till my house purchase had completed, but... dammit, life is too short! I've found a lovely 111S on an '05 plate, less than 20k miles. Obviously with such low milage it's in pretty good nic, though I worry that it hasn't had it's head gasket go yet meaning I'm likely to be the lucky owner who will have to deal with it. What things should I be looking for when I go to view it? Thanks for your help in advance and shout out to Ken from Snows Lotus who pointed me in the di
  5. Thanks guys - First question will probably is there a good source of models / years / engines. I thought all 2004> S2's had the Toyota engine but I've seen some classifieds with '05 cars talking about head gaskets. I'm also judging the engine type by the exhausts - Am I right in saying under the car = Toyota, in the rear vents = rover?
  6. Hi chaps. I'm Dan. I'm currently a mark 1 MX5 driver, but have made the decision to upgrade to a 2004> S2 in a few months. My first proper car (one that I truly loved) was a Z4 - when a van on the wrong side of the road took it to the scrappy in the sky I managed 3 months with no car (I cycle to work) - Then I broke and bought I mark one MX5. "It's very cheap" I said, "I won't spend much money on it" I said. A couple of years later I had spend thousands and it was now turbo-ed. Damn... While having even more spent on it, she was stolen from the mechanics garage. Do
  7. Have you driven one yet Airborne? Did you find it slow behind the wheel. Note - I haven't got one yet. Planning to in a few months.
  8. I'd love to have one in a powder blue. Like this but lighter perhaps:
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