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  1. thanks for the info and advice. I've just replaced the tyres for yoko 07's - the car was still running the original tyres from 2002!!
  2. thanks - will contact Simon As you have a 111s, is there anything in particular to look out for? I'm planning on a c service, new discs and pads, new yokos, braided lines etc
  3. great.... thanks the car has had little use over the last 5-6 years. it's been well stored and only has 31k miles... it needs a c service / cambelt, new tyres (thinking AD07's) and pads - ready for a few track days etc will contact hangar ref the tyres - probably a bit far from me for the service (new Gatwick). Am new to an elise - it came a bit out the blue (friend's74 yr old mum was selling, and it seemed a good buy!). Only had a brief test drive, but felt great - looking forward to getting it sorted and ready for summer.
  4. can someone help me out with the pagid part nos for the rs14 front and rear pads to fit an s2 111s k-series.. thanks
  5. Hi - thanks - I'll give Steve a call. I guess I was thinking to put the gtn spec wheels on the car, as it would have had these originally. Having said that, the ultralights do look good!
  6. Yes, I think I'll go with these..... they look reasonable value
  7. HI Bravo -- sorry - I meant as above. I looked on their website and the max offset for the 10inch rear is 65mm. Is this what you ordered? ---- 18x8.5 e15-52mm 5 stud 108mm 130mm 18x10.0 e15-65mm 5 stud 108mm 130mm
  8. i'm planning to order a set of these as well. are the sizes the same as outlined earlier in this thread (with the exception that the rears are 10 inch)?
  9. Interesting! I don't intend to use much over winter. Certainly not if wet or the roads have been recently salted
  10. I presume this means I have the later cables....... Will talk to B&C about adjusting....
  11. I've decided to change out the pads and discs.... Looking around, I've considering the following options: 1) Lotus GTN two-piece front discs - as in, Performance 2-Piece Front Brake Disc ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FL Disc Part No: ALS5J0140F FR Disc Part No: ALS5J0177F Designed for competition, these 2 - piece ventilated discs offer improved performance and cooling characteristics. Price: £385 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyone used these? Do they run standard sized ands and stock callipers? Anywhere sell them cheaper than the above? 2) If not these dics, then I'd propably opt for the elise-shop front and rear discs -- they look good value. Anyone bought these? Is the quality ok? 3) PAD wise, I'm thinking the CL6E for the front, and CL6 for the rears. Car is mostly for track days with a small amount of road use. Any experiences or other suggestions thanks
  12. Yes, all H&T... just found third to second inconsistent. On the road, no issue. seems if you shift a little too far left in the move from third to second, it catches. Great, thanks ... will look in into this
  13. ES rings a bell from the past... will call them, thanks. I probably won't hold onto the classics. I've got quite a selection of redundant wheels already clogging up the garage!:) Nice one... i'll look out for one at the model shop at the ring
  14. Yes, I've dealt with them in the past for an old BMW track car I had years ago. I'll drop them a line.... who's good for the Avons? ps - is there demand for the 18/19 classics second hand? tyres are 6-7mm, pilot sports from memory... what's the going price for these?
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