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  1. Edit - for all ads please. Thanks!
  2. My V6s has a 2bular valved exhaust. It's pretty loud! Am I'm sure it would fail noise tests at a lot of tracks. I'm looking at options.. 1) I have the original back box. It is easy enough to swap over? I'd only do a couple of days a year. Is the standard box OK for the like of Goodwood / Silverstone / Snetterton / Brands? 2) Get the 2bular silencers. Again, are these OK to fit at a track? What levels would they reduce to? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks
  3. once it had freed itself, I tried it a few times and the 'normal' tension on the pull felt ok. it's just a bit unsettling if this happens on a trip away and doesn't want to free itself as easily. I preferred using the key on the elise - even for just putting shopping or a gym bag into the boot, you have to open the car, use the lever, open the boot lid etc. On the Elise you just opened the boot on the key.
  4. UPDATE - emergency over,,,, took it for a drive down the worst bumpy local roads, and that seems to have freed it! I've only recently bought this exige (previous 111s). The Elise opened on the key. Is this something I need to be wary of with the Exige? Are they known to have boot release issues? Otherwise, loving the car!
  5. just back home and cannot release the boot with the pull release by the driver's seat (2014 v6). I can hear some movement when I pull the release, but not enough to pop it open - it doesn't have that last pressure / feel when the boot would normally pop. I've tried moving the boot at the same time as holding the release... but no joy. Any ideas / help would be great! thanks
  6. thanks for the info and advice. I've just replaced the tyres for yoko 07's - the car was still running the original tyres from 2002!!
  7. thanks - will contact Simon As you have a 111s, is there anything in particular to look out for? I'm planning on a c service, new discs and pads, new yokos, braided lines etc
  8. great.... thanks the car has had little use over the last 5-6 years. it's been well stored and only has 31k miles... it needs a c service / cambelt, new tyres (thinking AD07's) and pads - ready for a few track days etc will contact hangar ref the tyres - probably a bit far from me for the service (new Gatwick). Am new to an elise - it came a bit out the blue (friend's74 yr old mum was selling, and it seemed a good buy!). Only had a brief test drive, but felt great - looking forward to getting it sorted and ready for summer.
  9. can someone help me out with the pagid part nos for the rs14 front and rear pads to fit an s2 111s k-series.. thanks
  10. Hi - thanks - I'll give Steve a call. I guess I was thinking to put the gtn spec wheels on the car, as it would have had these originally. Having said that, the ultralights do look good!
  11. Yes, I think I'll go with these..... they look reasonable value
  12. HI Bravo -- sorry - I meant as above. I looked on their website and the max offset for the 10inch rear is 65mm. Is this what you ordered? ---- 18x8.5 e15-52mm 5 stud 108mm 130mm 18x10.0 e15-65mm 5 stud 108mm 130mm
  13. i'm planning to order a set of these as well. are the sizes the same as outlined earlier in this thread (with the exception that the rears are 10 inch)?
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