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  2. My Exige won't be taxed until May so can't make it.
  3. I should have said-it's an 2007 so one of the very last NA's.
  4. Hi Ive joined TLF and signed up for the Brooklands meet as it looks a good day out and I've not been before. When I put my name on the list it was suggested I introduce myself so here goes! I had a Caterham 7 at the time the S1 Elise was launched and have always loved them. Roll on a few years and I bought my S2 NA Exige which I've now had just over six years. It's pretty standard apart from a Larinni exhaust and I had a couple of bits colour coded when I had Specialised Paintwork (Reading) blow the front clam over as it had the odd stone chip. I have it looked after at Back on Track,Guilford. My wife and I drove it to the Italian Lakes last year through the Alps ( Furka,Susten and some other passes!) which was awsome. I've done a few meets with SELOC which is where I heard about TLF and the Brooklands meet. Kev
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