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  1. It was great to see Brian & Lynn Angus earlier today at the Coffee Bothy in Blairlogie while they were visiting the Stirling area. As you can see from the pics they're both looking well and have been renovating their house in Northumberland over the last few years. Brian still receives the odd request for help and advice with members Esprit issues, so all that experience is not going to waste.
  2. I bought a GM type gearstick in one of the Lotus sales years ago and fitted that instead of the original gearstick in my '87 X180 Turbo (which I used to own). Had to open up the hole in the block to accomodate it, but it gave a much more positive feel to the gearchange - and the reverse inhibitor was moulded into the reverse lift collar. You might find some still available.
  3. Dear Chris Evans, Wearing a lapel mic means you don't have to shout and you'll only bend the sound recordist's needles. My other half thought it was because you were just excited. I found that I enjoyed your 'Pieces To Camera' much more when I turned the volume down - all the way down to zero. However, this may just be a personal preference. Regards Al
  4. Brian Angus (or Mr Esprit to Lotus owners) is alive and well - and enjoying retirement. Since retiring from Lotus, Brian and his lovely wife Lynn moved from Norfolk up to Lynn's home area of Northumberland almost a year ago where they're both enjoying the scenery and friendly neighbours. We (my other half, Viv and I) had the great pleasure of meeting up with them at the Powmill Milkbar, just 5 miles from Knockhill Racing Circuit near Kinross and catching up. Brian and Lynn were on their way to see friends in the Dundee area so it was a great chance to see them and Brian wore a very tasteful T-shirt for the occasion. They were both looking happy and relaxed although Brian maintains that he doesn't know how he found the time to work as he's never short of something to do. Brian still gets the occasional call from the factory as he still has the most in depth knowledge of the Esprit, so all that experience is still available.
  5. To get these rubber gaiters to fit, you need to first dunk them in very hot water for about 15 mins to soften the rubber so it stretches. You then need to squirt neat Fairy Liquid on the rubber where it has to slide over the gearstick. Put some on the gearstick shaft too. This makes it very slippery. Pull it over the gearstick shaft and you'll see it stretch. Just make sure it has softened first. It takes a bit of confidence to do this as you'll be worried about it splitting. I'd split several before some kind soul gave me this advice. Hope this helps. Alan
  6. Hi Tony, Great to hear things have gone well. Been hoping they would. Look after yourself. Alan
  7. Forgot to say that I've also got a fully bound set of Workshop Manuals for the Esprit 1988-1992, that need to go too. Keep an eye on EBay for them too, Alan
  8. Hi guys and gals, I keep getting the odd email asking for Stevens Esprit sill plates although I stopped making them some time ago and don't plan to make any more. The overseas couriers either mangled, misrouted or lost so many sets it wiped out any profit. I did, however, hold back one set in case I needed to replace mine at any point. I sold the car about a year or so ago (and still miss it) but discovered the sill plates, the original steering wheel and gearstick with polished alloy gearknob in the garage. I can also see (but not quite reach yet) a brand new drivers side door frame. I've put the last remaining set of sill plates on EBay. Don't know if I'm allowed to put a link here but it might make someone who'd like a set very happy. I'd only be sending them to UK addresses to avoid history repeating itself. Look for item nos 151620743584 (sills), 151620744334 (gearstick & knob), 151620745413 (steering wheel. I'll put the door frame on when I've been able to get to it. The reason for the clearout is we hope to move house and are decluttering 22 years worth of items we've kept 'because they'll come in handy one day. Trying to do this with back problems isn't easy. Anyway, hope this shameless plug doesn't offend anyone. Kind regards Alan
  9. It's been so long since I've been on the site that I'd forgotten my password. In that time it seems that Mr Kimberley senior has been misbehaving. Mike, We need you to take care of yourself. We all like to think we can do the same things we did in our 'less experienced' days. Personally, I've stopped trying to vault gates and fences when the 18 year old inside me says I should - even though the instinct is still there. You need to leave things like rolling Bond bugs to others now. There's no point telling you to relax or chill out, but how about using that sharp mind to finishing off your book. Best wishes for a good recovery. Alan
  10. For wildlife, you're looking for a lens like a Sigma 150-500mm. Try a secondhand Nikon D200 body and a secondhand Sigma 150-500 which would fit your budget. Then if you have to sell them again you won't lose much money.
  11. Wait until the church bell ringers have done their bit before shooting the formal groups in the church grounds. You've no idea how annoying they can be when you're trying to herd cattle above their din. I lost my voice doing this. If some stupid woman interrupts your shot list routine because she wants to throw confetti, tell her she can do it as long as she doesn't mind taking the rest of the pics herself. If you get no co-operation, tell them they're doing it for the bride and groom, not you. Best advice, avoid weddings like the plague. You'll stay sane longer.
  12. Here's a tip. Leave your DSLR at home. Take a pocket camera with you and you'll enjoy your life much better. That's the voice of experience talking from someone who's gone from film 35mm to Medium format to DSLR and only now realises the error of his ways. My favourite walkabout is my Nikon P3. Tiny, fits in a pocket or the other half's handbag. My DSLRs only come out on serious shoots or studio work. They're too big and heavy to enjoy carrying around. Enjoy life! Alan Uh, oh! Suppose I should really change my icon as I don't have the car any longer.
  13. Mostly the lack of decent weather over the last two years contributed to my decision, Tony. Also my desire to skin my knuckles in the freezing cold waned. All the same, it still looked lovely when it was being driven away. Tell your Dad I'd love an Evora but might have to settle for a comfy Jag or Vauxhall Insignia Diesel for a while. :-)
  14. Thanks Colin, yours is a good looking one though. I've just been out admiring the space in my garage. I can now get to my lathe without fighting my way around the Esprit, so I might start making things again. I've taken up restoring Dinky cars. They're much smaller and cheaper than full size versions.
  15. I've actually already given the new owner the Forum details, but I'll have to leave it up to him to make contact. I should think he will after he's taken the car to Malta in about 3 weeks time.
  16. It's the end of an era for me, folks. 12 years of Esprit ownership ended yesterday when my Esprit was picked up by the new owner. I had an email last night to say it had safely made the trip to Folkestone with no problems. Apparently, it'll be driven out to Malta in 2-3 weeks time. Over the last 12 years, Viv and I have met some really nice people and enjoyed some great company. When I made the films 'Esprit-Addiction for Life' and 'Club Lotus - 50 Years in the Fast Lane' I thoroughly enjoyed sharing the enthusiasm of many fellow Lotus owners. I don't think the love of the Esprit has left me quite yet, just wish we'd had the chance to see the replacement 2013 model which, as we've heard, won't be happening now. You know those silly sods who get a bit teary eyed when they finally part company with their car? Well, I'm one of them. I couldn't believe it! I'll keep an eye on the forums now and again. Best wishes Alan
  17. Hi chaps, I'm selling my Esprit after 12 years of ownership to a nice chap in Malta and he needs to know the CO2 in g/km. My registration document has a blank space next to the CO2 (g/km) and it isn't shown on any MOT document. The only thing I have is the CO from 2008 that shows a reading of 3.08%. Does anyone have the CO2 figure in g/km for an 88MY Esprit Turbo as he needs it to calculate tax for when he registers the car in Malta. As it's the Easter weekend, everywhere is closed and I'm going away for a week's holiday tomorrow early. I've suggested to the buyer (Ron) that he joins the forum and checks this thread for a reply from a helpful and knowledgeable soul. Any help gratefully received as ever. Kind regards Alan
  18. I really need to get on TLF more often as I almost missed this. Brian's knowledge of the Esprit is second to none. I was lucky enough to shoot an interview with him for 'Esprit-Addiction for Life' and his ability to make things happen at the factory really helped pull that film together. He's also helped me with advice on my own car - even when I b******d up a job I was doing on it. Every enquiry to Brian is answered with a fascinating history lesson and explanation of why Lotus did things a certain way. This really adds to your understanding. Superb guy, plus he's Scottish. We need to stay in touch with him. Maybe he'd be an honorary consultant to TLF in his retirement? Brian, may the road rise up afore ye - and may the wind at your back always be your own. :-) Nobody does it better. Alan
  19. Yep, a let down for me too. Cut price Bond. Just 003.5. I actually got bored. Seen it all before, sort of feeling. Lacking in wit or humour. Just put me down as undecided. Alan
  20. It's just the sort of thing the manufacturer needs to hear about in case there's a problem with a batch made around the same time. Alan
  21. Okay chaps & chapesses, Here's the solution to the problem I was having, courtesy of Miracle Max at Lakeside. The sparking noise was traced to the Purge Pump Otter switch. The switch was replaced and the loud sparking sound stopped. So, if your boost gauge needle is dancing around in time to a sparking noise, check it out. Hope this helps someone. The Esprit got through its MOT too, so it's fine for another year. I'm actually thinking of selling it though, as I'm just not driving it. I've owned it for 12 years and it's now in way better shape than when I bought it. Alan
  22. If it turns out not to be the transducer, take a look at my thread regarding Boost gauge transducer replacement. You might find the last entry useful.
  23. I took the car over to Max at Lakeside this morning with the clicking sound merrily going insane behind me. It took Max about 30 seconds to get to the cause of the problem. When he took the hose off the Vacuum Advance solenoid, the clicking stopped. He reckons it may just be a dodgy earth connection. So anyone with the same issue as I have on a Stevens car, have a look at this as a probability. It's pretty much in the same location as the boost transducer. It just goes to show that a man with Max's knowledge and experience is worth his weight in gold. He's going to check it all over prior to its MOT next week. My car will be 25 years old this month.
  24. Thanks guys, but I've now had the time and weather to investigate the problem further. I've disconnected the pressure hose from the transducer and have driven the car with no boost gauge reading. The loud clicking, sparking sound still occurs - so as the transducer isn't doing any work, it can't be the cause. The sound is coming from the area where the transducer is mounted i.e. above the drivers side rear wheel arch and around about the same position as the fuel filler flap. I just can't work out what it is. It's so annoying. After 11 years of Esprit ownership, I've lost interest in the car as I have hardly driven it due to the weather we've had. When I get decent weather, there's always some niggle or other. I think I've just run out of patience.
  25. The noise definitely seems to be coming from the area where the transducer is located. I've looked for a sparking cable till my eyes hurt but can't find one. It doesn't happen on start up, but if you let the engine warm up for half an hour then drive it you can hear it clearly. It seems to be when you lift your foot off the accelerator. Only the boost gauge dances about. The others are okay. Hence, I think it's the transducer.. I was going to disconnect the black and blue hose from it to see if it stopped when disconnected but was worried as it pushes on to a T piece with hoses going elsewhere. Didn't want to break the T piece either.
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