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  1. My car was in it. I've still got it too - and I love it! Haven't made another Lotus film as I'm still recovering from the 2 hour mammoth 'Club Lotus - 50 Years in the Fast Lane' which almost burnt me out. I'd love to do a follow up to the Esprit film with the development work that's going into the new car. Just invested in some chunky new kit and software to handle Hi-Def video editing too! Alan
  2. Mark, I remember chatting to you and your Dad at CC. He was a nice chap. Always remember the good times. Thinking about you. Alan
  3. Mike, I haven't added to this thread till now because I haven't known what to say. I remember only too well, the great feeling of confidence in the community when you returned to Group Lotus. The feeling that the company was in a safe pair of hands and that good, common sense would be applied. Since then, the results have spoken for themselves. I'm really hoping that the Lotus management team has learnt from you in the time you've been there and they'll continue to apply your methods (which I'm sure are founded in Chapman principles). Your health has to come first, we all know that - and we want you to enjoy many rich years of retirement. For me personally, one of the best times in my life was when I filmed the interview with you for the 'Club Lotus- 50 Years in the Fast Lane' DVD. At the time, you'd just returned from a business trip to America and there were many calls on your time (and I could see how exhausted you were), but you still took time out to make yourself available for something that was for Lotus enthusiasts. I thought I would be lucky to film with you for 10 minutes. In fact, the interview lasted nearly an hour and I found it fascinating. It's something I'll never forget. Good luck, good health and good fortune. Best wishes Alan
  4. Well, you know guys- something's eating through my seals on a regular basis. I'm just trying to find a way to stop it happening. I've pretty much done everything suggested above and the 5.1 seemed like a practical solution. Going back to my original question, has anyone actually tried it? I'm looking for practical experience rather than theorising - hope that doesn't sound rude. It would just be nice to hear from someone who's given it a go. I've got my bits coming from SJ and there's some Toyota 5.1 heading my way too. If it doesn't make for a good, non crunchy reverse gear change I'll pump it out and replace with Dot 4. Hi ho! Alan PS - Thanks for taking the time and caring enough to reply. I honestly do appreciate it.
  5. I've used dot 4 since I got the car 8 years ago and it's had a lot of bleeding over the years. It's also had three clutch slaves in that time and a new master cylinder. I remember reading on here that if the car isn't used regularly, moisture is sucked in by the hygroscopic nature for Dot 4 and causes rust which mixes with the Dot 4 to attack the rubber seals. The reason for wanting to try Dot 5.1 is to overcome this issue. This time round, I'll get the slave and master cylinder overhaul kits from SJ rather than replace the parts. I'll keep you posted on how I get on. Alan
  6. Chaps (& Chapesses), I'm getting fed up with the dot 4 clutch fluid eating the seals on my slave cylinder, so after replacing them I'm thinking about draining the master cylinder and clutch pipe then refilling with dot 5.1 synthetic. Has anyone else done this? After bleeding, were there any problems - like less transmission of pedal effort to the slave - or was it okay and did it stop you having to replace the seals every 2 years or so? At the moment, I've got my crunchy reverse gear and occasional difficulty coming down from third to second gear that I get when the fluid is leaking out at the slave. I'd rather do something to get rid of this nuisance if I can. Any help or advice gratefully received as usual. Alan
  7. Thoroughly enjoyed the day out and it was really great to see a lot of friendly faces. That's what I enjoy most. The lunchtime parade was fun and thanks to Mark for the pics of my car. It made a change for me not to be lugging video equipment, with the prospect of locking myself in a small room to edit it for 6 months afterwards. Alan
  8. Eddie, That's the very place! He must have slipped out of his straightjacket. I forgot to add a translation for our American cousins. It would read: " I say Old Chap, that's a jolly nice car you have there!" Sorry, couldn't resist getting our own back for Dick van Dyke in 'Mary Poppins'. Alan
  9. I drew up at the lights at a crossroads in the centre of Aldershot on Saturday, with the windows down. A bloke on his mobile phone broke off from his conversation to say: "Dat's a noise mouta ya got dere , squire" I said, "You're so right." just as the lights changed and I drove off, letting the exhaust finish the sentence for me. Alan
  10. Going by the VIN number, that car was the 50th one to be produced after the shape was changed from Guigiaro to Stevens. Alan
  11. Mike, I wish you a speedy recovery to good health. You've no excuse for being bored, you can always write that book. I want the film rights. :-) Kind regards Alan
  12. Not at all, but I challenge Clarkson to say something rude about a Muslim Leader. Let's see how long he stays alive. Alan A Scotsman Without prejudice
  13. I know he's keeping his head down, hoping people wouldn't remember - but just when he thought it was safe. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OLD GEEZER! Alan
  14. Break out the champagne! In celebration of its 21st Birthday, my Esprit (No 6 off the production line following the shape change) sailed through its MOT today - being described by the Tester as 'a well cared for example'. It's always a great relief to me to get a freshly signed certificate. I'm still enjoying the smooth gearchange after changing the transmission oil recently. Alan
  15. I did the gearbox oil change today. The reason for wanting to do it was that it was last done 4 years ago and I'd noticed how sticky the gearchange had become. Now, with the Castrol TAF-X in the box, the gears go in nice and easy - which is what I was after. I bled the clutch after I'd tested the gearchange and I've reduced the crunchynesss of reverse gear. I might need to replace the slave cylinder to get rid of it totally. It seems that if you leave the car standing, the clutch fluid eats through the seals. I don't use it every day, mainly at weekends and in good weather. Needless to say, it's not had much use this year. Alan
  16. It's a bit of a long walk to Finland for me. :-) I've not been able to find it locally at all and I did want to use the recommended oil. Now I just need to tie up decent weather with when I have the time and inclination to do the deed. Alan
  17. Ordered my 3 litres of Castrol TAF-X from Opie Oils on 19th using the LEW discount and they turned up today (21st). 2 day delivery - pretty good. I might even get the gearbox oil changed before the Winter sets in. Alan
  18. It couldn't be something as simple as a sticky throttle cable could it? Alan
  19. So there I was, sitting at the lights at Baker's Corner in Aldershot with the windows down. Two local urchins were across the road. I heard being shouted: " Oi! You wiv da glasses! That ain't a Ferrari, is it, mate?" Before I could explain that it was better than that, his colleague piped up: " Naow, it's a Lau'us innit - it says sauw on da back" Proof indeed that at least one person can read in Aldershot. Do we have any advance on one? Alan
  20. Eddie, Forgot to mention that I have a spare pair of 16 inch rear wheels (SE) which might let you use a wider range of tyres. Alan
  21. Eddie, I put a pair of Toyo Proxes 245/45 ZR16 94W on my 88MY Turbo about a year ago and have been very pleased with them. I bought them on-line and got Merrow Tyres in Farnham to fit them. I'm just down the road from you in Ash. Come and have a look see. I'd offer a blast down past Tweseldown, but it's a bit wet at the moment. Alan
  22. Hi Tim, You want convincing? Drive one. End of story. Alan
  23. That is a great shot of her smiling. It's the best advert for a Lotus I've seen in a long time. Alan
  24. Take a look at Toyo tyres. I've got a pair on the back of my 88 MY Turbo on 16 inch rims. They're pretty sticky. If you're having difficulty getting the 15 inch tyres, I've got a spare pair of 16 inch SE rear wheels that would allow you to upgrade to a wider choice of tyre. They've got tyres on them at the moment but they've only got about 2.5mm tread left. Alan
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