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  1. Hi guys, I was wondering if any of you have any experience using this particular model, and if they are just called differently in other websites? I don't see any other Ohlins product for the V6 being called this in the other well known vendor websites. Also, the spring rates seem a little low, unless my conversion factors were way off! Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. FWIW the temps you are talking about are typically for where I live, which range from 35-45 degrees C. 24 C is considered a cool day here, seriously 😂 but I have it outfitted with a triple bypass radiator, among other things and have not had any issues at all on the track, except some notable loss in power as compared to our cooler months (24-26 C)
  3. Hey Imran, thanks for the feedback. Where are the setups posted? Did you go with the 3way then?
  4. Hi Guys, I am about to pull the trigger on new suspension as well and I am looking at the 3 way Nitrons, or even the Ohlins TTX. My issue is that I don't really understand how I'll set it up on my car, and what is required. Also does the suspension really need to be serviced every two years? Because in that case I wouldn't really know where to send it. For either of these systems, are they pre-set recommended settings for certain tracks where I can compare my local tracks to?
  5. Hey guys, thank you for all the inputs. After spending weeks with two different 400's that my dealer generously lent me, and after looking at a V12s Vantage and and R8, I have come to the conclusion that it won't do it for me unless it'll be the GT430. I haven't tried one yet of course, but I can only imagine how good it is, especially after seeing the difference between the 410 and the 400. As mentioned here, power is good to have, yes but it isn't high on my priority list. There's only so much enjoyment you can get from that. Each driver is different and I really value steering feel and chas
  6. Thanks for all your inputs. Yes the pricing here is pretty terrible as we have 100% import tax and excise tax on top of that. There are probably 5 400 owners and 1 410 owner, no one has the 430 yet. Just for reference, the M3 was around 175k Euros as well, so you can imagine how much people are paying for their Macca 720s and the new GT2RS (620k). Anyway I digress, yes the spread is 100k but if I was going to spend more than 30-40k in upgrades to make it feel better and as good in terms of looks and performance, I think I wouldn't be doing it properly, since if I just ordered a 430 then
  7. By the way, I just wanted to make it clear, that I'm not moving from an Exige to an Evora, I'm still keeping it and the only way I would sell it if I was upgrading to something like the 430. It's the M3 that I am selling for it
  8. Hey guys, current 16' Sport 350 owner here and I've decided to sell my 17' M3 for an Evora. I've only test driven the 400 and 410 Sport, and I have found the difference of the two seemingly bigger than what is written on paper. The 410 felt a lot more responsive than 10hp largely due to the gearbox feeling like it had a software refresh. So either that is true, or the 400 I tested was not what it should have been. Of course let's get the obvious out of the way and I'll say that you do feel the 70kg or so weight difference as it's certainly more agile, aside from the suspension tuning bei
  9. Thanks, will definitely let you know. I'm pretty sure it's the same design, unless they had a revision that I didn't know of. Please enlighten me though, what exactly happens with the de cat aside from throwing off the sensors? Living in a country where our regular temps are 35 degrees C, I was hoping to lower my temps as well.
  10. Thanks for the inputs guys, we'll be checking these out soon and hopefully find the culprit.
  11. Unfortunately we don't have a TechCentre here, the dealership actually just started two years ago and we are their first customers. I am not completely sure where the post cat sensors are specifically situated, I was just assuming that they were around where the length of the cats previously were. You are right, I did notice that I lost torque on the low end, but it was noticeably quicker past 210kmh.
  12. Yes correct, we are going to check the current running through the extension cables soon. Re draining issue, when it was already at the dealer, all of a sudden it wasn't draining anymore, strange.
  13. Hey guys, Wanted to ask for your inputs on what could possibly be the issue here. I'll try to make it as concise as possible. Last September of 2017, I had my manifold & cat changed to Larini, which I use with my Lotus sports exhaust. Around December, I had a premature failure on my clutch, so I brought it to the dealer to have it changed. As many of you guys know, it requires a whole lot of work including removing the clamshell and pretty much all the electrical connections, and the engine itself. When I got back the car, I was still breaking in the new clut
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