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  1. Oh, this is what I ended up with: Very straightforward install. Each horn is 2.7A so it's well within the 10A wiring threshold. Lot louder too! Even my local dealer asked me what I did as they've been wanting to change theirs after they almost got sidewiped by a bus
  2. Hey guys, am I correct in assuming that using the 380 CF sills on the 350 won't have any reduction in sill height because they lowered the sides of the tub itself? Or is the chassis the exact same on the 350 and hence I can consider getting these to make it a bit easier to get in and out?
  3. This is true, I've cooked the brakes on a few cars in the past, and once, completely lost my brakes going very hard down a mountain with some friends. Would be surprised if it happened to the Exige though.
  4. I wish I saw this thread earlier, lol. I bought two AR26's and the top end really doesn't conform to the windshield curve. Still much better than stock where the metal ends disassembled itself and scratched my car though!
  5. I'm looking at getting the CF version too. Correct me if I'm wrong, but does the angle of the slats go downward? The one of the 350 is pretty flat which doesn't encourage water to go in. I'm concerned that this might.
  6. Loooooove those wheels, congratulations! I will most likely pick up a pair for myself for my track tires. In 3 months of ownership I've already tracked twice and thinking of the next one, so I'm itching for a set!
  7. Thanks guys! I downloaded it last night, didn't know the app existed I already had an OBD dongle for my Garmin Virb XE, so it was a nice surprise!
  8. What do you guys use that's pretty robust in checking faults and resetting them? Nothing too fancy. I just want to be able to check on my car when the time comes.
  9. I agree, I'm looking at those as well.
  10. Wow I'm amazed, haha. Good stuff man! Here, I edited it a bit too.
  11. First trackday. It looks like my tires won't last very long after this. Did about 15 or so laps and I'm planning to do another one very soon. A set of Cup 2's are already on the way! Annoying sign in the background ruined my shot Can anyone please remove it for me?
  12. Had another run today, this time with another group of friends, and being the lone Lotus fan in the bunch
  13. Some pictures from last Sunday where I got together with a couple of other Lotus owners.
  14. Had mine installed the other day by the dealer. Since they're pretty well versed with removing the stock mirrors and trim, it took them only about an hour to finish everything. The other side was obviously much quicker once they got one done. Since then I have proceeded to tighten them up as per Mick's instructions by adjusting the 3 screws on each side. I have only gotten up to about 210kmh due to some traffic but I will have a go at it tomorrow. I am pretty sure that I won't be having any more high speed folding issues as I have tightened it as far as it would go, and at the maximum setting, I can hardly even move them to adjust! Of course you don't need to do it this much, but there's no one else who drives the car anyway so I would rather position it where it can't move. These are much lighter, visually stunning, the convex shape gives me a better view and the bluish tint reduces glare. Most of all, it solves my problem of course! Kudos to Mick as I have hardly talked to any guy who could be more helpful and responsive.
  15. The guys from the dealer came over today. They were originally scheduled to reset my ECU yesterday, but the HQ told them to wait for a temporary update file that they will give me for the meantime. FYI, I seem to be the 2nd case of a Sport 350 wherein we are getting a persistent error of a "belt slippage" detected and the system locks the AC compressor, along with the auxiliary fan. So if you're experiencing the same problem, they have a temporary fix for it now, which I'm assuming is to tell the system to increase it's tolerance for the slippage, and/or prevent a fault from going off altogether. A more complete, permanent file will be sent as a solution to the problem in a couple of week.
  16. Thanks for the info, I'll have them look into it. If it's the revision B part then maybe they have to try replacing it with a new one.
  17. You're right I forgot to include that crucial bit of information. The car is about 6 weeks old and I've put about 3,500 kms on it. If it was changed then I'm assuming that it's a known issue?
  18. Twice in the past month, I've started up the car and have gotten the Wrench symbol in the dash which is Electrical Tell Tale sign. The dealer discovered that it was due to belt slippage going past a threshold of 10% between the engine speed and the AC compressor. The result of this is that my Aircon compressor and Auxiliary fans will not work until it is reset. They recommended adjusting the tensioner to tighten it up but it didn't seem to work for me. The second time it happened, I noticed a squealing sound when I started it in the morning. The AC was working for a few moments until the fault came out, then stopped working completely. We're still awaiting what Lotus HQ says but I was wondering if this is a known problem (although I can't find of any similar cases in these forums), and if ever what would be the best way around this? Thanks in advance.
  19. This happened to me one night, the first time I was really pushing it hard. The gearbox wasn't heated up though, as I was just starting to drive hard on the freeway. I did notice that it was a bit difficult to shift gears when I was shifting at redline but I attributed it to the tranny components being new at the time. I've driven it a couple of times after that and it hasn't happened since and the tightness at redline seems to be going away quickly. Please keep us posted on what they do to it as I'm due for my first track day quite soon. Good luck!
  20. I'm shocked at the mileage you guys are getting with your cars. I'm getting an average of 125-130 miles! I'm seriously considering the 60L tank unless you guys recommend the 54L as one hats easier to install. How many hours will it take to do this?
  21. Thanks for the info Steve, hope yours have been sorted out now too.
  22. You beat me to it Derek. I was at the dealer yesterday and I tried arming the alarm of a 2015 Exige V6 and the alarm sound was very different from mine, so we realized that it was actually a different system already. Furthermore, we can't even seem to set off the alarm manually. Since we've tried fitting the access panel correctly so many times already, I'm going to do as you say and put the light to the light on position. Thanks!
  23. Thanks for sharing. You're right that it is around forged wheel pricing already. Not too sure about the design without seeing it on the car but I would only be slightly more interested in this as it would be much easier for me to ship. The wheels I really like so far though are the BC Forged ones
  24. With the rate they're going, I wonder when this will actually come out. I've been trying to order the CF parts that they showed with the Roadster last March in Geneva but they still don't the pricing for it! No word on the 410 either.
  25. Sorry to derail the topic. I am aware of the soft top kit that you can buy. So if they remove the hard top, you can't easily put back the hard top again? That's what I was referring to, apologies for the confusion
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