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  1. Really looking forward to this. Blasted down at around 260+ last night and I was horrified to find that my mirrors were practically in a closed position, like how you would find it in cars with automatic foldable mirrors!
  2. Test drove two V6s units as well, one Roadster and one Coupe, and the gearchange mechanism is definitely one of the biggest improvements they've made. It feels like you're loading a rifle bullet every time you shift!
  3. Quite happy with my sports exhaust as well, much better than I had anticipated. I'll probably keep this and change my manifold and de cat my system when my warranty is close to running out.
  4. @550superfast Here's a listing from their website. Note that under Automotive data, are the other things you see in the posts above such as throttle and brake input, speed, coolant temp, etc. Your device can record these types of data. Speed Pace Altitude G-force Orientation Hang time Distance Grade Pitch Roll Bearing (when moving) GPS location (coordinates) Track shape and position Lap times Lap count Heart rate (when connected to a compatible heart rate monitor) Cadence (when connected to a compatible bicycle cadence sensor) Power output in watts (when connected to a compatible power meter) Temperature (when connected to a compatible temperature sensor) Automotive data (when connected to a compatible OBD-II device)
  5. @Dani It should work with it yes. @The Pits As Dani mentioned, you might want to look into the new Ultra 30, which just came out. It comes with voice activation so you can start/stop recording quite easily, and a much bigger feature is the optical stabilisation. It's much smaller now too, practically the same size as a GoPro!
  6. You get the data through the OBD dongle it comes with as part of a "car racing bundle" but I'm pretty sure it's just a Garmin rebadged OBDLink product seen here: I don't really have any decent videos to show yet, so here's a sample of what it can do, and yes lap timing is one of the features. The software it comes with really does all the work for you. It gets all the information from its sensors and OBD data. All you have to do is select from the drop down boxes when creating the video what you want to see. You'll see that it the video, he has two speedometers. Reason for that is that one is from GPS, while the other is from the car itself.
  7. Make sure you have the Bluetooth activated on the camera itself. Go to Bluetooth > Settings. Select Add New and at that point you should have the dongle plugged in already. Select the dongle to pair. You can also try pressing the Bluetooth button on the OBD dongle to pair it. You're going to see a blue light flash on the dongle and a confirmation message on the camera that should say that it's connected. For the overlays, just download Garmin Virb Edit software. When you upload the videos, Select Create Video then choose what you just uploaded. There you will see options and templates on which gauged and overlays you'll want to put on the finished product. Oh and don't worry about it. Took a bit of time for me to understand it myself!
  8. Finally got my Garmin Virb XE installed with the OBD II dongle. Glad to know that it's getting the full range of info from the car! Previously tried it on my Audi and BMW SUVs and they were only communicating so much information. Here's a screenshot from when I was setting it up. Should be fun in the track after my first PMS. There's a host of other information streaming to it but these are the ones I've selected.
  9. Xisthos


  10. I've done two trips so far for more than 200 miles and while I don't feel any strain on my back at all. It's my vision that seems to suffer when I hit less than perfect roads at around 170-180kph. It's something that I'm trying to get used to, but I find myself lifting off as I don't trust my vision anymore at that point to be able to react properly if something happens at any given moment.
  11. Another Sunday drive in the books. I've reached my 1,000km PMS in a week from delivery! Did close to 250km covering the outskirts of the southern towns, through some really nice twisties. Being my first time in these parts, the bits were the sudden dips on the road where I scraped my front spoiler badly. Got down in this portion to check. No visible damage though! (Except for a lot of cow manure on the outer sills ) This was in the last 50km heading back home. Fulfilling the wife's duties and buying some fresh produce
  12. Where did you see this? I checked mine as soon as I saw your post and I couldn't find anything Mine was made during their May production.
  13. Mine is still finished in black as well. Car was done during May production.
  14. Dani, which suspension did you come from? Living with the suspension on a daily basis isn't actually the problem for me. It's the high speed runs over these surfaces in a span of 2-3 hours that have proven to be quite taxing!
  15. I've been trying to figure out where it is, I just got the car a couple of days ago without the manual so I haven't had any luck finding it. Thanks for the tip!
  16. Where is the OBD port anyway? I have a Garmin VIRB XE and I'd like to grab some info from the car while I'm taking videos.
  17. I've owned the car for about a week and put close to 1k km on it. Been extremely happy and I can completely understand when people say that it is a driving experience that is both addicting and exhilarating. I plan to continue putting a lot of mileage on the car, but I noticed during my 2.5 hour drive last Sunday, that after driving more than an hour in roads that are less that perfect, where the pavement has "waves" and have a lot of small bumps, it can get very taxing and tiring after a while. The stock suspension of the Sport 350 is, unless I'm mistaken, the previous Race Pack option of Bilstein dampers and Eibach springs. Does anyone have similar road conditions to what I just described who have upgraded from this setup and have found it to be more compliant? I was wondering between the Ohlins, Nitrons, and Penske (from the US), which would suit me best as an option sometime in the future, while being very decent on the track as well. I use the car practically everyday and plan to track it maybe once a month.
  18. Thanks for the tip! Gonna try that out. The original interior color I wanted was actually white with red stitching, but they told me that it was no longer available, hence the gamble on the red
  19. Norbert, even before I received the car, I already ordered the Transforged ones which you can see in this thread: Re License plates, the situation is a bit complicated. The previous administration squandered the funds and made a bit of a dodgy deal with the issuance of plates in a new format we just adopted. So, literally millions of motorists are without one and since it's a very well known problem, the cops just let it go. However, you are required to have a conduction sticker until you get the actual plates, which I have not put in because it just looks bad on the car So it's just sitting in a folder in the trunk and I probably won't install until I am actually flagged down. Plus, the only chances of that happening are in the Central Business District anyway. But because the car is quite rare in the country (only 2 so far), it will continue to look "new" for probably at least 2-3 years which will allow me not to install the plates even when I receive them Oh, and the canards are from Lotus themselves. Here's a shot of the interior btw.
  20. Argh, I wish I had yours! I find myself letting go of the gas at 180 because I can't bother to move both again. Anyway definitely makes me look forward to the TF pair!
  21. I just saw my mirrors get disassembled as I complained to the dealer that they fold in towards the car at around 180kph and I'm unable to see anything. Upon closer inspection though, we saw that there was really nothing you can do to tighten it, so we just returned it back. Looks like I'll just wait for my order from Mick!
  22. So I've covered over 500km in the first three days of ownership. Yesterday, I took it out of town on a solo drive over about 200km. Some of the quality of the paved roads I traversed weren't done very well, and after about 120km I started feeling the effects of being thrown around the car and felt a little dizzy. A quick 10 minute bathroom break though and I was good to go again. You can imagine the kind of attention this car gets in a country whose average annual household income is under $5k. Mixtures of shock, wonderment, elation and disbelief, and that's just from me! But seriously, I'm only happy to oblige when people come up to me and ask for pictures with the car and ask about it. I'm not forgetting that when I was a kid and we weren't very well off, with the rain coming in the roof every time it rained, it was seeing a Jaguar E Type for the very first time that changed my life and inspired me that I will work my arse off to have one of my own someday. Btw having mentioned the E type, I'm not that old! I'm still in my 30s. So yes, it still hasn't sunk in that I'm free to have this level of experience any time, just waiting for me in my garage. Anyway here are some pictures that I took, excuse the quality as they're just from my phone. Posing with the world's smallest active Volcano at dawn, about 120km from where I live. The best stuff we get here is 97 octane, so that's what I fill up with every time. Back at home, needing a wash! Good thing one of my businesses is a detailing company
  23. Waiting on mine as well. Glad to know it wasn't my dealer that screwed up! All I got was my Clarion head unit manual.
  24. I can imagine it to be a significant gain in volume, at the very least. I believe a few guys have done it here already. We should probably ask them ?
  25. I'm quite happy with the Sport exhaust, yes. A good amount of raspiness and aggression, along with some pops and cracks along with it. I will however, definitely be installing a manifold and be removing my cats. I still don't know if I'll change the exhaust later on. Don't hate me now, but living here does have its share of perks. We have 0 speed cameras and maybe a total of 2-3 LIDARS to cover the whole country that hardly anyone gets caught speeding. We don't have noise regulations at all, and our emission law standards are quite laughable. Sounds fun eh?
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