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  1. Thanks everyone! It's been an incredible first two days with the car. The experience is amazing, surreal and sometimes even indescribable. I spoke to my agent today and I was joking that if it would make any sense to buy another one, I would! I've seen some initial issues though, I hear a bit of some clutch chatter on idle, my mirrors are being tightened up today as they move towards the car anytime I go past 120mph, and the seat belt sometimes doesn't detect the latch when I've put it in. Sometimes takes 2 or 3 tries to get it right. Rancid & SFO: I ordered the Lotus sport exhaust but the factory advised my dealer that while it looks the same, the new valved exhaust is much louder and throatier. I insisted on the former though as I do like the twin pipe look with the tailpipe finish
  2. Thanks for the kind words and warm welcome everyone Yes it's toxic green. The mirrors are not the usual red they paint them in, I specifically asked for the solid red to match the other red highlights even more. Ironically it won't be there for very long as I just placed an order for the Motoworks/Transforged mirrors. Looks like the modding has begun even before I've actually received the unit!
  3. Er, I'm guessing it's not very rain friendly even with the wire mesh in the other pictures...
  4. Placed my order close to the end of March, right after the Geneva show to see if there was going to any new stuff worthwhile waiting for. Production (supposedly) started in May then the paperwork to import took about a few weeks and it left the UK shores early July before passing through another port before finally getting here at the end of August. After spending a week or so sorting out the paperwork for the customs and duties (we pay a huge premium for all cars here and it came out to be around 145k quid or $190k), it's finally at the dealer where they sent me pictures from. They're delivering the unit to my residence tomorrow and you can expect that I'm twiddling my thumbs in anticipation It was a 4 month selection process that involved repeated test drives of various cars such as the V6 and V8 F type, AM N430, 997 GT3, and waited for a chance at the GT4 before finally realizing that while each car had its merits, this is THE car whose merits I would miss the most and would most likely end up regretting in the biggest way if I didn't choose it. Where else could you get a truly lightweight chassis, manual, mid engined, rear wheel drive with driver centric controls, modest but effective powerplant with an actual usable trunk? The car doesn't just look the part but plays it very well too. Car has the new version of the triple bypass radiator, baffled sump, front and rear tow eyes, vortex generators, and I passed on the new 350 exhaust and requested for them to give me the older Sport Exhaust instead. Passed on the Ohlins and brakes as I'm the type of owner who likes to feel and live through the journey of upgrading the components as I see fit. Besides, the distributor for Ohlins here is my business partner anyway! Anyway I've been hanging out in the forums for some time now as it was better than staring at the ceiling watching paint dry , so at least starting tomorrow I'll actually be able to relate. Because of such a high price of the car, upgrades are going to be "cheap" relative to the purchase price of the unit, so it's definitely going to be hard to resist that route! Looking forward to be posting more, especially as I take it around the country.
  5. Hey Mick! I was great dealing with you, thank you for processing my order quickly. Now if all the other vendors could be as efficient and accommodating as you!
  6. Looks like I'm ordering these as well! Thanks for sharing.
  7. I see both sides. I do think that once you use a carbon fiber cover it's even more beautiful. It's nice to see the engine but I'm happy having the louvered rear as from where I'm from, ambient temps of more than 40 degrees are normal and the car could really use some breathing space.
  8. Just got to read your last reply to mine. Looks like I missed that detail! No need to wait for that then. Thanks for clearing it up!
  9. Thanks. I just read in the website as well that they're looking at releasing a kit with a charge cooler situated in the engine bay, so it would be worth seeing what happens to that. That would certainly help me especially during the summer where temps more than 40 deg are a normal occurrence. Good luck with the install!
  10. Obviously this is all particularly useful to me for the reasons stated above. However I haven't even received my unit yet so I will probably be looking at this somewhere down the line. I'd like to enjoy the car in its somewhat stock form first before doing anything drastic. Now, since one of the first upgrades I'll probably do is to change the manifold and decat the exhaust, I was curious to know that if the system works particularly better or has been developed with certain brands (2bular, Larini, etc) than others?
  11. Thanks for the pictures, especially the one where you showed the view from the cabin. I was really curious to see how the resulting visibility was going to be.
  12. Sent an inquiry and he responded right away. I told him that we do not have any emission or noise regulations where I am from so I will most likely be going with de cat pipes instead of a Race cell but was wondering about which backbox system given the fact that I will be regularly tracking the car and there's no limitation on how noisy it can be anyway. Must be a dream scenario for Jim!
  13. Arun, as you can read from my previous post I had mine color coded as well. I agree that it breaks the continuity of the lines, but also it makes it look a little cheap and plasticky for a crucial part of the chassis in terms of cosmetics (no offense to anyone). I had a more difficult time deciding on the access panel as it works better on some colors than others, not for Toxic Green though. Yours looks very nice
  14. What mode number is the Clarion unit exactly? Would you know if it'll accept a hands free mic?
  15. Hey bud, I am actually waiting for delivery. As you can see from my location I live all the way in the South Pacific. That's the reason why I asked when he ordered as I'm getting impatient Will definitely post some pictures when I get it
  16. Most likely. I requested the roof and front access panel colored as well. I ordered my unit in Toxic Green and found that it didn't work too well with it.
  17. Congratulations, I'm sure you're very happy! Is that the metallic blue? Also when did you place you order? I was wondering what the average wait time nowadays was.
  18. Also, shouldn't it be better to decat if you had the option to since it'll lower the exhaust temps?
  19. Argh, sorry to see that, mate. I'm considering getting a Larini full exhaust as well and it would be interesting to see if this is a common issue, although I haven't heard of any others at the moment. I'm new to the scene though. Interestingly enough I was considering Kreissieg previously but they told me that the exhaust itself will melt if I plan to do track days!
  20. Here you go
  21. The one by Eltech is slightly cheaper at 1300 Euros. Has anyone given their products a try? Curious about the overall fit and finish. Granted it isn't cheap too, but having paid $170k for the 350 Sport it isn't much when you compare it to what you're upgrading!
  22. Well, I sent an inquiry months ago but I never even got a reply. Although I have heard the business is in the middle of an acquisition so that may be the reason.
  23. I opted for the sport exhaust on my Sport 350 when I ordered it last March. They told me that they have a newer version that sounds better but it retains the look of the stock exhaust, and that it is now valved. Since I really didn't like the look I just told them to give me the old sports exhaust with the dual pipes. I'm afraid I can't tell you how it sounds as I don't have my unit yet.
  24. Must have been spectacular, more pics! Having to travel so many miles, what kind of insurance do you guys bring against flat tires? Is it just a tire sealant kit?
  25. Holy smokes, that is absolutely beautiful, congratulations. They told me that the new sports exhaust looks like the previous stock one, only louder. Is that it or are you yet to install it? I noticed that they seem to have lost the red stripe on the rear diffuser too.
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