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  1. To my knowledge it does. I'm currently finalizing the spec of mine and when I asked them to add the Clarion + Deadening, the guy handling my account wasn't too aware of the available options and asked me if the Alpine unit wasn't good enough for me. By the way, how long did they tell you it'll take to process your order and how long after was the actual delivery? Obviously mine can't come soon enough and I haven't even placed the payment
  2. That looks beautiful. Definitely no question that it looks so much better than stock. Sound is really subjective to what we're used to and what we're expecting. Some people are reporting less noise, while others, more. Should change as you rack up the miles too anyway
  3. Geartox, congratulations on such a beautiful machine! Are the stickers on the side skirts standard? Also, what would be the differences between the Alpine and Clarion head unit anyway?
  4. Yeah I was just hoping they'd make it available to set the generation of the 350s/360 cup apart.
  5. Bit strange, my dealer was told that the front access panel of the new Roadster/360 cup won't be available to the Coupe. Oh well, can always get it later on in the future I guess.
  6. I've been asking my dealer to get me a price quote on the 350 Roadster + fixed roof or if they can put the carbon bits on the 350 Coupe. He's been calling Lotus HQ and at the moment they can't give him and info on any pricing whatsoever. Seems a little unusually slow to me , they seemed to have the details for the Evora 400, 410 and 250 Cup right away.
  7. Thanks Blaine, eagerly awaiting for the video soon
  8. Read it off this website, they might have gotten it incorrectly though. But yeah it would only make sense!
  9. I understand that this is the same as the 360 Cup exhaust right? Then if that's the case then we could compare the that to the stock V6s as well.
  10. I echo the preference not to have the front access panel painted as well, just like in the 360 cup. It doesn't look very nice in body color, and I find it even more strange that they painted it as it's supposedly now made in carbon fiber too, and they're showing off the new parts made with it.
  11. Sounds like what I felt when I saw Toxic Green in pictures and in the flesh
  12. Damn, good thing I waited for the show before I placed my order!
  13. What is the distance from the splitter to the front tow hook? Our license plates here are 140mm and I was wondering if they'll fit without any problem.
  14. Oh, I was referring to support in case it needs to be repaired or there's an issue with them
  15. Thanks guys, I think I'll definitely stick with the stock suspension first and try it out both at the road and the track and see if I'm yearning for an upgrade later on. Unfortunately we don't have Nitrons here, so no support so the only consideration will be Ohlins.
  16. Very much so, will look into that now. Thanks a bunch!
  17. Sorry OT but Jack, what do you use to record your laps that displays all that info? Is that the Garmin Virb with the OBD plug in attachment?
  18. Thanks for the prompt reply. I actually haven't gotten the car yet and am in the process of finalizing my order. So I was wondering if I should just add the optional suspension now or play around with the stock ones first.
  19. Yes, sorry I meant the valves on the stock exhaust, as people were saying earlier on the thread that the sports exhaust is louder than the stock exhaust with valves closed, but not when the stock ones are open.
  20. I heard that the Sport 350 now uses the previous Track Pack suspension as standard. From what you guys have experienced, is this enough for street/track use? I'd use the car maybe 2-3x a week and track it once a month. I'd love to have the best suspension that would make it compliant on regular roads and be stellar on the track. So I'd love to hear it from the guys who have used this or upgraded. Thanks!
  21. Would love a video as well T8TUM When you say it's louder than stock. You do mean when the valves are open right?
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