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  1. My 2-Eleven is build number 70 and I’ve owned her since 2016. Still has a big grin factor on track!
  2. I’ve had build number 70 since 2016, now in launch edition red, white & blue livery, SVA but track use mainly.
  3. An absolutely beautiful looking 211 there sir!
  4. Just had a charge cooler fitted, it's sprung a leak from a radiator hose so it's a bodywork off job. Nothing serious but time consuming.
  5. Sadly, the car has a coolant leak so can’t make it tomorrow. Have a great track day!
  6. I’m booked, not a good weather forecast though! I will need to get there early and try and get into a garage with an open top 211 Hadrian
  7. Absolutely stunning car! Are you planning on adding 2-Eleven side decals? (if so, where sourced?) I've just had a full suspension sand blast and powder coat done but your car looks nicer!
  8. Hi guys, can I resurrect this thread? My plan is to add a shift light unit as I can't see the shift light in the standard binnacle unit as its behind the steering wheel in my driving position. Is it possible to simply wire in a bright LED in parallel to the existing light? Has anyone done this? My 2-eleven is only used for track days, not road or race. thanks, Hadrian
  9. Hi Alex, great car and fun to drive, especially with traction control off! Slow progress but gradually replacing nuts, bolts & washers with shiny new ones. I now just need to make it faster without spending ££££'s
  10. I spoke to Alex prior to buying it, it is his old car
  11. It's certainly a Simpson lid, though Bandit rather than Diamondback, that would be too much!
  12. I suspect yes as I purchased it from Lotus Silverstone as well! Showing signs of suspension wear & tear but engine & gearbox seem sound. The Lotus handles infinitely better than the 993 in my opinion photo from Rockingham track day on May 30th attached
  13. Hi all, I've owned a red 2-eleven for almost 4 months now. I enjoy driving it on track days mainly though it is SVA compliant. My track car history is Porsche 993, Westfield Megablade, AB Performace Sabre and now 2-eleven. One of the main reasons for moving away from bike engined cars was issues with the noise test and it's nice now to pass the test with ease. That is until I start modding the car and fitting a sports exhaust! I'm impressed with the 2-eleven performance. Hadrian
  14. Here's a photo of my 2-eleven at a Rockingham Speedway track day recently
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