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  1. Has anyone retro-fitted a reverse cam and double din head unit (not as rude as it sounds) to a 410? Is the wiring in place as part of the standard loom?
  2. Batmans other car. Its got some sort of JLo ass extension thing going on. Very unique.
  3. Some interesting styling touches going on here, not sure its to my taste but appreciate the adventurous spirit. Sorry if this is not permitted in this topic, but thought it was a picture to see rather than a 'for sale' advert to put in the sales section.
  4. Im back in the UK and eager to shower the Evora auto market - and boom, all seem to have fallen off the market. Only one that is close-ish seems to be a strange champagne colour with black wheels - its reg LJ16 AXX if anyone knows about it. The 400 badge at the back has lost its red, DVLA has it reg'd as Grey - should these little things flag concerns?
  5. B&C just listed a Evora 400 auto and referenced the colour as Mercedes Benz Crystal Laurite - Is this the same as signature silver or something unique? Searched online about the colour and seems it was a popular choice on the SLR, so carries some kudos. If anyone is near Surrey would like pics, plus the Racing green model they have in too.
  6. NedaSay, think your very right in the case of focus more on social media launches and the more perceived value in the USA auto show markets. Reading the no-show list for Frankfurt and some surprising non-attendees - but as few sales are made and other ways of getting the models know to consumers I guess the auto show is a fading concept as the sales made on the back of these events is minimal. The new TVR is being shown at the Goodwood Revival - a gathering focused on classics; so a strange exception is granted for a new TVR - but this will connect with a more focused target audience
  7. Anyone know if Lotus be at the 2017 Frankfurt motor show from 14th September? perhaps a GT430 on a stage and some hints at a 400 Roadster image being teased?
  8. K666ADM

    Evora GT430

    Here she is. “powerful like a gorilla, yet soft and yielding like a Nerf ball.” Do enjoy the teaser images and excitements. Perhaps this one will have two cup holders and squeekless seats.
  9. Sweet, the new Evora Evo 450 has broken cover. The flared arches and wide wheel give this a purposeful stance, another inch on the spacers would give a better flush to the wheel and wheel arch. Does it come in black with a batman logo decal pack?
  10. Thanks for setting me right - of course its Lotus so the heavy metal option would be improved by a lighter option as further development continues in the production run of the car. Perhaps some thermal efficiency by using a composite construction that insulates better than a metal option. Always engineering advancements with Lotus.
  11. The expansion tank on the left side of the 400 engine bay (from looking at the rear of the car) - some are plastic and some are metal; guessing the early cars used plastic and was later changed to a metal - or was it the other way around? Have seen some of both types on different 2016 model year cars so the change must have taken place about then. Its not going to influence much; its just caught my curiosity.
  12. A BMW i8 is in budget on the used market - would be an interesting thing to have for a while, cool doors and that taste of the future feeling. Quite fancy one myself so I can pretend Im from the movie Tron and just escaped 'the grid'. Used prices might take an upturn when the roadster version comes out later. Make sure you find one with the 'servie pack' that ensures warranty is longer and nothing can go wrong. The batteries are warrantied for 8 years so should not be a concern even on the older cars. Another option could be a Merc SL, if you like gran touring and mototing over europe
  13. Anyone on here selling privately in Kent? Im up in Dundee but know the need is to travel to pick up the right car when it comes to Lotus...
  14. You could go full custard tart and get yellow seatbelt on the reels. And with these it will give added comfort and keep the dark interior bright ... The new seats do look very good, a bit more plush than the standard - will you get the yellow hints on the five point opening holes - might give a nice colour add.
  15. The clear are used in the UK and other overseas markets - in the US they go with yellow/orange. Im not sure if its legal to swap them over. But would be easyto get hold of a UK part and pretty sure they would come out easy enough, so a careful removal and replace should be swift. Or you could remove them and leave the space blank or get crafty with a knife and add some extra ducting, but careful - you dont want the car to whislte in the wind at high speeds.
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