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  1. A video says more than 100 pics.... Also, the color can not be shown properly on a photo, it looks more realistic in the video. This is just a a quick mash-up to play arround with the Go Pro and LumaFusion. Will do a proper one maybe in winter :-)
  2. You are right you do have max power and max torque with different rpm. The point I was trying to make is, that the figures do not match to each other. I doubt that it was measured correctly eg for french frie. It does not make any sense to have more torque as speced by Lotus before the tuning and less Bhp. Maybe what was provided was the bhp at the max torque. And as it was pointed out already before torque can remain flat and bhp is increasing with more rpm. Maybe we will never solve that mystery I'm glad that my car is within the specs :-) ....and the dyno was a 4 wheel dy
  3. Hi French Frie, the numbers look a bit odd to me. The formula to calculate Ps or Kilowatt is P[kW]= Md[Nm] x n[1/s] To make it easy, we can say, PS = Newtonmeter x rounds per Minute Ps and Newtonmeter after the tuning seems to be measured at around 6200 rpm for all cars in your table, that looks ok and the result is reasonable for each car. What does not fit into it, are the figure before. Your result before tuning for example, gives a result of 423 Newtonmeter, which is 23 NM more as the specs. At 6200rpm that should deliver 373 PS, which is pretty much what you have today
  4. Let me be second: everything Stock: 346 PS and 407 NM I think also the other cars would show a similar result if the dyno is done on a proper 4 wheel drive dyno :-) And to be perfectly honest with you, only the figures from NW look reasonable...
  5. That is what i thought as well :-) So they did basically the same what KT does with the 410 kit except the fuel pump. I think the 5k from KT is a reasonable price compared what you have to pay for an upgrade from V6 to 380. For the difference you can get quite some other upgrades and pay still less.....
  6. @Jokke Vlo can you maybe open a new thread on this? I'm pretty interested on what Lotus says about this and I'm struggeling at the moment either to buy a 380 or to upgrade to Ex430 with KT. So these are really useful facts for me. That is a great shot! Which color is that, it looks awesome in this light?
  7. Do you mean the the upgrade from 192 to 220 bhp? So basically for the for the 380, you "just" need the pully and the exhaust. However, didn't somebody zried to get the Evora exhaust under the V6 and said that does not work out? So it seems it would not be that easy... The other interesting point is the fuel pump, I understood even on the Komotec 460 there is still the same fuel pump. So only God or Lotus knows, why they need another pump!
  8. Hi all, maybe I missed that in the one or the other thread, but I'm wondering if anybody knows, wahta Lotus changed to get some more torque and Bhp into the 380. is it just the change exhaus and a different map, or did they also changed something else (intake, pressure on the compressor). Is that something which can be retrofitted?
  9. @TBD your car looks great! can you please get us some more pics from the wing? I think i want to get this as well......
  10. I think it looks pretty much the same in every garage: ?
  11. Congrats Norbert. is that including Tüv? thanks, johnny
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