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    Keeping as original as possible, currently undergoing a full resto to make concours.
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  1. That's right, black leather interior. This was her a couple of months back!
  2. Hi all, Couple of months back I purchased two front suspension springs for my s2 from SJSports. However, only 300 miles later the front end has collapsed leaving the car only a couple of inches from the ground!! The actual springs can be pushed with bare hands, much weaker than the old ones. The springs are already worn and now must be replaced... AGAIN! I do not want to buy another pair from SJSports for obvious reasons. Does anyone have any suggestions of other suppliers for s2 springs or know of any other classics with compatible springs that would do the job? Many thanks, Alex
  3. Thank you for all the mixed advice everyone. Going to keep it Red with gold wheels! Can always change it at a later date but love it in its current colour scheme so that's how it will stay under my ownership. Many thanks.
  4. So I finally decided to purchase a certificate from Andy Graham.. first part of the research was very positive but one part stuck out and has kinda stung me quite hard. So.. my Esprit was the 7th s2 of 455 UK cars to be produced which is pretty cool and it was the 1st of only 20 in its colour and trim.. but that's the problem.. For as long as I have known the car it's always been red but it turns out it was originally "Silver diamond metallic" so some moron decided to change its colour in 1984 to red! My Grandad who was worked on this car throughout the late 80s and to now has said that he had no suspicion whatsoever that it had been another colour (he suspects the previous owner had a full body off respray as it was done so well). So the problem is I've now got a red Esprit s2 with great history but it's the wrong colour! What irritates me even more is that the original colour silver is horrible.. If I change it back to original (which lets face it is the best idea) I know it wouldn't get anywhere near the same amount of attention or get mistaken for a Ferrari or Lambo ever again, I'd also go as far to say that I wouldn't love the car nearly as much in silver. The other option is to leave the car as it is but it for sure needs a respray anyway. I wouldn't be satisfied to spend that much money having it sprayed in the unoriginal colour either as it wouldn't feel right. To conclude, it's been an experience receiving the cars history for sure. The way it's presented and the facts provided by Mr Graham are really eye opening. However, I almost wish I didn't delve into its history that far as the colour part has really made me think. Just thought I'd share my experience, thank you. Alex
  5. @gvy You're a life saver mate! Thanks for the simple answer I wanted! Many thanks
  6. @peteygIt wouldn't be worth it to me spending that money just for the diagram to be honest mate I'd rather someone just send it to me. Only need the wiring diagram nothing else. Thanks.
  7. Has anyone got a wiring diagram for the S2? Or where to find one. Thank you! Alex
  8. Oh thanks mate that's great news! Thanks for info. Thank to everyone else too!
  9. @silverfrost Yeah what's confusing me is that my log book only has that exact data on it. I think it's missing letters but I have no idea how to find them, it's obviously a real Esprit but the numbers are wafty. The plate with this on also looks like it's been tampered with which is very strange. Aj.
  10. Been doing some research and getting totally confused. Can anyone more experienced decipher the numbers for me? Any information would be much appreciated. 7805/0406G CC907780514983 Many thanks, Aj
  11. Aj


  12. My s2 being mistaken for a TR7..
  13. @Paul ColemanHow strange, I can't see the Series 1 or 2 listed seperately and it only lists 2 Series 3. Hm seems there is not much data on these cars now.
  14. @Bibs My apologies, cannot seem to find any. Not good at navigating this forum it doesn't seem to bring up the relevant posts when searching key words.
  15. @Barrykearley Quite a lot when you think of it. Any clue on the S2 or 3? I've seen more 1s than 2s not that that is any help.
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