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  1. Instinct_NZ

    Awesome NZ driving Roads (North Island)

    Hey Mark, Good to see you have the Esprit on the road again. We have a run planned around West Auckland beaches in a couple of weeks. You should join in if you have the time? Cheers Rich
  2. Instinct_NZ

    Evora GT430

    How much longer to the 'official' release... it's nearly midnight and the 21st! here in New Zealand... Hurry up Lotus!
  3. Instinct_NZ

    Evora GT430

    I'm in love...
  4. Instinct_NZ

    Evora GT430

    Maybe this is going into production...
  5. Instinct_NZ

    Evora GT430

    Thought you were going to say the squeaky seats!
  6. Instinct_NZ

    Is that an S3 I see?....

    Just found this @markt so a bit late to this thread, but here are some photos of the car before Weta Workshop took ownership.
  7. Instinct_NZ

    Evora 400 Vat Qualifying / Price List

    There appears to be a fairly major dealer here selling a few 'newer' cars (I believe they were purchased of a failed dealership in Singapore), but trying to pass them off as 2016 model such as this example listed below.. I can bring in a near new Evora 400 for around the same price. I haven't seen this car in person (yet) but it's my understanding to be a 2013 model. I loose faith in a dealer trying to pass this of as 'new'... they clearly do not have staff with knowledge of these vehicles... New Zealand is very different market. I did meet with Lee from SSC a while ago while at a club event, and it is my understanding that they do want to get the brand back in to NZ. Hopefully at a price that makes it a viable option for New Zealanders.
  8. Instinct_NZ

    Evora 400 Vat Qualifying / Price List

    Thanks @B430m I have been in touch, as one of my mates is also after an Exige Sport 380 and 2 others keen on an Evora 400. I understand the SSC owners are over here soon, so we're hoping to meet up. The GBP is at great rate to the NZD so importing is a good option, but we also hope that a dealer can be re-established here in NZ. The problem as I see it that the Lotus Market is small here compared to the rest of the world, and the way to sell and market them is different here too... but from what I have heard from multiple sources, that Lotus want full on expensive showrooms, that comes with a huge cost and the profit is very low and the support from the UK is not great... We live in hope of something getting sorted soon :-)
  9. Instinct_NZ

    Evora 400 Vat Qualifying / Price List

    Hi All, I'm working through the man maths of importing a used VAT qualifying Evora 400 to NZ (No Lotus dealer here). It has to be VAT qualifying so I can remove the VAT and pay GST in NZ which is 15%. If not VAT qualifying I pay the full price including VAT and still have to add on 15% at this end, which will make a used car more expensive than a used non-vat qualifying car. Other than searching Autotrader UK and the likes, is there a quick way to identify a VAT qualify car? I guess I could call every Lotus Dealer.. but not the easiest option from New Zealand with a 13 hour time difference :-) Another option maybe to go new.. and spec out the car.. although the base price at around 72,000 will be a stretch. Is there a pdf pricelist of the options that can be downloaded? Cheers, Rich
  10. Instinct_NZ

    Queenstown to Glenorchy Road

    Amazing Video Ben!!! (And a stunning car too!) That puts the video's from Lotus Cars to shame! They should put you top of their list when they make their next video. I'll share this on a few facebook groups too.. Hope you get the Votes you need to win that amazing kit! I really enjoy making videos for Club Lotus NZ.. currently editing my 'Epic Trackday' footage.. spent about 30 hours on 3 min a footage and still another minute to go.. and I only do it for 'fun' lol. Please jump over here and say 'Hi'.. I'm sure you'll get a warm welcome. I think you should also share your video with the wider 'global' community...maybe here: Cheers Rich
  11. Instinct_NZ

    Awesome NZ driving Roads (North Island)

    And here is another.. just a few KM's away from Ponga Rd listed above so why not extend your fun on the road to include these too! White Rd to Sky High Rd to Monument Rd.. most twisty goodness! And here is the Google Map: Have Fun!
  12. Instinct_NZ

    Awesome NZ driving Roads (North Island)

    Here is another great road... I haven't driven on this road for a while.. and it was the start of an impromptu 'Fish n Chip' run ending in Kaiaua.. and that is another great road and a video to follow! Anyway... this one is 'Ponga Rd'. As per the previous video.. and well, most of these NZ roads... please be careful as the roads are narrow in places and the other motorists and road users may not have the agility of a Lotus to corner and stop quickly! Here is the video link: And here is the map. (You can start at either end... both ways are great!).
  13. Hi All, As you all know, we love to drive our cars along some amazing twisty roads that we're blessed with here in NZ. I'm always coming across new roads and there is one I'll share as soon as I've finished editing the video. So I thought I would start this thread to inform others of your favorite 'Amazing Driving Roads'. Perhaps you can post a video of the drive but better still include a link to a Google Map so we can all find and enjoy the road To get things going, here a great road in West Auckland... You'll find on the way to Piha 'Lone Kauri Road' And here is the Google Map
  14. Instinct_NZ

    New coat of paint for my Excel

    That's a great shot! One of the 'complaints' on the new 2017 CLNZ Calendar... is that there isn't any Excels... Easy to fix... send some in. We have also invited the Southern Lotus Register to submit photos too. We will put a call out again next year for the 2018 photos so hoefully we'll see some great shots of Hethel's finest!
  15. Instinct_NZ

    Peoples’ reaction to your Evora

    Here is a short teasr video - 'The Secret Life of the Evora Teaser'.. filmed in the back of an 'overflow' car park at Hamilton Zoo, NZ. More to come...