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  1. Just found this on youtube.. Looks like an Evora GTE to me :-( Either way, I hope there is no serious damage...
  2. Someones been watching the Matrix again :-)
  3. Sounds like a plan. I'll run it past the committee as it shouldn't be hard to organize so long as @Bibs has enough left to go round! (I was going to place an order for a book and a few other bits from the store so can add it all to my freight and go from there - that's if we're not to late!)
  4. I'm thinking of getting one here in NZ... EV6RA thoughts?
  5. Like many here, I've only just seen this, so if not too late, can you add me to the list please? 84 Instinct_nz (There are probably at least 5 others in NZ I know will want one... happy to buy a few and ship them over if available).
  6. We have several runs lined up Darren that are just a little north of Auckland ;-) We're have a couple of runs coming up that end up in Warkworth. The first in in September and and we also join the TR Register for Breakfast in December. More details to follow. Cheers, Rich
  7. Hi All, I have purchased a couple of enamel Union Jack badges to complete the 'Sports Racer' look on my Evora, I was wondering if anyone has the exact measurements where these should be placed? I found the photo below and the badges I have look identical (although they are after-market purchased locally in Auckland). Not the end of the world if I can't get the measurements, but it would be nice! :-) Thanks, Rich
  8. until

    We are meeting at 9am at BP Papakura (Just past the Papakura exit on the Southern Motorway). Run notes will be handed out at the start. The Lighthouse will require a gold coin donation to enter. Lunch will be at Nick's Cafe in Waiuku. The cafe closes at 2pm, so if heading down from Auckland you should be home by 3pm. This is going to be an Epic drive... some absolutely amazing roads... but you may also want to slow right down at times to take in some of the stunning scenery!!
  9. Hi All We have a great event next Sunday the 17th. All the details on the link below: Meeting at 9am sharp at BP Papakura (Just past the Papakura exit on the Southern Motorway). This is going to be be a great run with stunning scenery, awesome roads and great food to finish of the day!
  10. Welcome aboard Nigel. I'm sure you'll find lots of useful info here. Just shout out if you need help with anything! Cheers, Rich
  11. I see no one has replied to you as yet David. I'm a member of Club Lotus NZ which mainly operates in the North Island. There is another club and they may not yet be aware of this forum (Although we are spreading the word). Here is a link to the 'Southern Lotus Register' Are you looking to head there soon? ( I hear it's stunning. I've lived in NZ for 16 years and still haven't made it down to the south island).
  12. Finally sun here in Auckland... time for a drive!! 

  13. Only 3 niggles so far on my 2010 Evora (Sports Pack, Premium Pack, CR Gearbox). Problem: The Sports mode goes off and the traction control light comes on. (Hopeful solution) I have a brake pedal switch on order to hopefully fix this. Problem: The string is broken on the glove box, so everything just falls out if I hit the release button! (need a passenger to catch it!). Solution: I have the white plastic thingy on order too. Problem: This one only just started in the last couple of weeks, I got home one evening to find the interior lights on. So I unlocked the car and went to rel-ock it. Got 3 alarms beeps and the car wouldn't lock. So I got in the car and tried the same. That's when I noticed the little car graphic showing the driver side door open, even though it was firmly shut. Hmmm... out came the WD40... after a few squirts and repeated opening and closing of the door and multiple locking... all was back to normal. Well it last about 3 days until one night the alarm blasted off!! (it's was loud and the garage is directly under the bedroom, so both I and the other half got one hell of a fright!). Back to more lubrication... the door!! .. any way, it happened again a few days later. One more application of WD40 since then and now it's been over a week... so fingers crossed it's fixed . (Although I now keep some WD40 in the boot in case it happens while I'm out and about). I've been told by our local Lotus mechanic that it may need a new lock assembly.. not cheap at around $500 nz time it's shipped over here. So hoping the WD40 will hold out for a while! The Solution: Lots of WD40 (for now - Will update).
  14. Just before taking the photo below, there was a car parked next to me. When the owner returned to his car car he said "nice car, what is it?" So I told him it was a Lotus Evora. "Gorgeous. that looks stunning. Is that a new model?" He was very surprised when I told him it was 6 years old. But I did add it's only done 20,000 miles "well that's a new car!" he replied and grinned. We then had a good chat for a good 10 min or so. It turned out he was from England (as am i) and that he want's an Elise. He drove one a few years ago and it's top of his wish list. I'm pretty sure he now has seconds thoughts after seeing the Evora. So we parted ways we me saying "Hope to see you Club Lotus NZ soon!"
  15. Instinct_NZ

    Zoomin to the Zoo (NZ)

    We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo.... How about you, you, you??? CLNZ are planning a day trip to Hamilton Zoo. We will Zoom, Zoom, Zoom down some fantastic roads from Auckland to Waikato before arriving at Hamilton Zoo. If you have never been, then you are in for a treat. This is nothing like Auckland Zoo and well worth a visit. You can bring a picnic or buy food onsite at the zoo, There are plenty of areas in the shade or many spots to get a tan! This Zoo is much bigger than Auckland zoo and you will need good walking shoes to go with your driving shoes! This is one run you won't want to miss! (Oh, and bring a camera! and if you have an Evora, squeeze some kids in the back!!) Ensure you visit the NZ section here on TLF and enter your details on the PM list for updates.
  16. until
    @David in NZ from Club Lotus NZ is planning an awesome run to the Awhitu Lighthouse. Lighthouse location map (Not the route) You will be treated to some amazing twisty roads and awesome scenery that the big man upstairs must have designed for 'Lotus Cars' :-) More details to follow closer to the event. Make sure you have added your name to the NZ PM list to get notified on new events and updates.
  17. Hmmm... and I think I have a video of that too ;-) haha. Was following David in my old 111R with my Daughter.... it was bucketing down... then we realised Dave had his roof off.... first reaction... laughter, followed by OMG when is he going to pull over and get the roof on!!
  18. I would have to agree with 21gg and ramjet. Surely it would work out lest costly to find some Recaro's?? Here, I just found these and I'm sure there are more ;-)
  19. The rain is still hanging around, but I managed to get out today during a dry spell and got a few shots on my phone.
  20. Absolutely @David in NZ :-) and just to be fair....
  21. Thought I would share this short video of @David in NZ when he was trialling an Elise for the weekend
  22. Here is a photo of my 'old' 2004 Elise 111R that made it to the Club Lotus NZ 2016 Calendar :-)
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