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  1. Welcome Nick, Well I put off buying an Elise and got married and had a daughter.. 14 years later I finally got the Elise and another 2 years on my 2010 Evora, which happens to also be in the best colour, Aquamarine :-) (to be honest it was the only colour available, on the only car I could afford here in NZ,, haha).
  2. Well here go, a couple of photos I took at the wrap shop before I drove off... Hopefully better photos to come when it stops raining :-)
  3. Welcome to TLF Paul :-) Would love to see some photos of your cars. I also have an Evora and had an Elise 111R too... had both for only a couple weeks as per my profile pic :-) As you may know we have our own little spot here at TLF for New Zealand Lotus enthusiasts - Click Here On a side note, The guy I purchased my Evora of (He was based in Waihi), mentioned he has only ever seen one other Evora on the road, and that it was Blue... so I'm guessing that was you , as to the best of my knowledge, there are only 11 Evora's in NZ, so we're pretty exclusive here down under!
  4. Here are a few photos I took last weekend when we finally got some sun after weeks of rain! The first 'sunset' shot was taken over looking the Kaipara Habour in West Auckland. The follow 2 pics were taken the next day in Hunua, South Auckland while catching up with old mates from the MR2 owners Club. @David in NZ also joined me on this run in his very cool Elise.
  5. Within minutes of picking up the Evora after having the wheels resprayed gloss black, I had a thumbs up followed by a 'nice car mate!'. A few minutes later I was waiting to turn right on to a main road. Lot of cars passing along the main road all getting a good look the front/side profile... After I finally pulled out (lots of traffic) I noticed one of the cars had pulled over to the side of the road and a woman had her phone out filming me as I drove by!! (The phone was held on it side too - yay! - I hate vertical videos lol).
  6. Well I got the car back today and I'm very pleased with the result! :-) Next week I'll try and get the 'Black Pack' wrap completed to finish the Sports Racer look.
  7. I'm fairly certain I just went with 195's on my old 111R. They handled very well. I got a set of Toyo R888's from Hyperdrive in Auckland.
  8. Ever since I committed to buy my Evora, I was thinking what can I do to make it my own. I spotted this and love the sports racer look - I have the forged wheels, so it was hard to find photos of them in gloss black. However, after some searching I found this page and I borrowed the image to superimpose on my car. Below is the 'stock' image and the edited image. I've also attempted to mimic the sills (But my editing skills do not extend to the front lip, mirrors or roof). Anyway, I have bitten the bullet and the car went into a workshop yesterday to have the wheel colour changed to gloss black... I pick the car up tomorrow afternoon and can't wait to see the result. Hopefully next week I'll have the wrap done. The only thing I'm not 100% sure on, is doing the roof black... hmmm.. Thoughts?
  9. When I first glanced at the pic I thought it was a new special edition Evora, rather than a Ferrari .
  10. until

    Here are some photos from today's event.
  11. Glad you found us here Mike. Spread the word! :-) Great looking Excel too!!
  12. Thanks for the welcome Colin. I was in the UK a couple of months ago and sat in the Evora 400 at Bell & Colvill. Lovely day I'll get one, but prices are pretty high here time you get one imported. I echo David's sentiment, in great Honeymoon choice. Although the South Island is so well known for it stunning beauty (I still haven't been there and I've lived here for 15 years!) There are also plenty of amazing driving roads in the North Island. As David suggested, perhaps start a thread in the new NZ Forum section here and list some of the areas you are thinking of visiting. I'm sure it won't take long until you have full list of great roads and other stunning location to visit.
  13. No problem Darren, there is a thread that is pinned here in the NZ section of TLF. Just reply with your name to get added to the list. We may have other events and runs outside of CLNZ so it may pay to list your name here for those updates. I think I met the previous owner of your Elise.. I was on an MR2 run in my old Red Elise 111R. Here's a photo I took.
  14. Indeed, I've only seen your Esprit when Lucas had it in his workshop. That was some time ago.. when do you think you will have it on the road? Btw, we now have an NZ section here, so pop in and say Hi there too and add your name to the PM list if you're keen to get event invites.
  15. Good to see you made it here David :-) I look forward to your contribution here in the future. As you know I am really impressed with your 1.6 Elise. Before I got the Evora, I had the Elise 111R,and there was little difference in performance on the twisty back roads we all love to drive. In fact, that is why I was happy with the Evora NA and didn't wait a few more years for an 'S'. Here is a photo from last year of your Bluebottle with my old Redbottle :-)
  16. until
    Club Lotus New Zealand often attend this great monthly event. Caffeine and Classics is a monthly brunch meet aimed at classic and custom car enthusiasts. Taking place at Smales Farm on Auckland's North shore from 10am This brunch-style event is held on the last Sunday of each month and is open to all types of classic vehicles. Motorcycles, hot rods, muscle cars, vintage and classic cars are all welcome to come along for a coffee and a bite to eat. The public is also more than welcome to come and have a look at the wide variety of vehicles that turn up. The relaxed atmosphere and great coffee makes for an enjoyable Sunday morning. More info on the Caffeine and Classics Facebook page here.
  17. I'm enjoying this series, so thanks for putting them together James, I know a lot of effort goes into making videos and it's very much appreciated. I've just shared your links on the Club Lotus NZ facebook page and subcribed to you on our CLNZ you tube channel too :-)
  18. Hey Darren, Good to see you've found our little section here on TLF. I'm hoping this will also grow to be great a resource for Kiwi Lotus owners & enthusiasts. We have many events planned for the future. Add you name to the PM list so that you receive event notifications. The next event is this Sunday. The 'Caffeine and Classics' is a very popular and you get to see a great range of cars. Kicks of at 10am and goes on until approx 1pm. Here are the details on their Facebook page. Here Well worth a drive down from Whangarei, especially if it's sunny!
  19. Please add your name to this list if you'd like to be notified by PM of Club Lotus New Zealand events... 1. 2...
  20. No problem David, I just asked Bibs, he did the rest :-) . I see a lot of potential here for all the Kiwi Lotus enthusiasts to share, discuss and have fun talking about passion for Lotus cars. We'll get some events posted here soon! :-)
  21. Awesome, thanks Bibs.,We will send out an email to the CLNZ members soon to direct them here. Is there also a way of finding out NZ TLF members so they can be notified of the events? Cheers!
  22. Instinct_NZ


  23. What are the chances of adding New Zealand to the 'regions'? In which case as the Social Media coordinator for Club Lotus NZ I would put my hand up for this? (I'm about to build a new website for the club soon and was thinking of adding a forum, but would rather direct our members here as support a resources on this site as whole are excellent
  24. After 3 weeks of ownership of my new Evora, I got a 'white screen of death' on my Clarion Stereo thingy, so back to the shop for a repair.. and now an empty space in the dash! I recall JC's comments on the Top Gear Evora review (at approx 5m20s here on YouTube, ) So I thought I would give it a try,,, So what do you think? Keep the space for the Werther's Originals or get the Clarion put back in once it's fixed
  25. We had a lovely sunny day here in Auckland last weekend, so it was windows down time! I was driving slowly down a steep (ish) hill and round a corner as we passed a mother and her son. I could hear them enthusiastically yelling "Ferarri, Ferrari!!!" (from the boy) and "Lambor Genie, Lambor Genie" from the Mum... She wasn't a local and had a bit of an accent :-) If only they knew :-)
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