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  1. I was told yesterday no demo cars until April next year but a show car will be touring dealers later this year, similar to what Lotus did with the Evija
  2. Wonder if lotus will do some good finance deals on the new car? £50k is out of my reach but you never know once the 'man maths' gets going 🤔
  3. New cars are great, but as I have said before loads of times, more dealerships are needed quickly if the want to increase sales, 2.5hr drive each way to my nearest dealer (apologies for the unbroken record 😉) Looking forward to the new car launch 👍
  4. Wow..... its gone up again now £5k more than it was in February when it was just under £50k and its been for sale for well over a year... I'm not talking prices down but this is to expensive for a 2015 car Looks like the Oakmere 400 has gone in less than 2 days on the market
  5. Bibs don't suppose you know if there is Any sign of a new dealership for the North East of England in the near future
  6. I see the silver 2015 evora 400 which has been for sale at Hendy Lotus for the last 2 yrs has had a £3k price increase 🤔
  7. Congrats 👏 I love the gt410 sports , that looks awesome 👍
  8. Wonder if there will be a big impact on Evora 400 values when the new car comes, especially the 16 plate 400's sitting at £50k ish and the 410gt values at £60k+. If the new car is from £55k it will be interesting depending on how the new car compare with an Evora
  9. Good to hear you got sorted out. Jct are not good at returning my calls either, hence never used them and took the 3.5hr drive each way to Oakmere instead Who were also topnotch service.
  10. Been for sale for a while but its just been reduced by a few £K, it's now the cheapest 400 I've seen.
  11. Hopefully Lotus will get the dealer network sorted soon, just not enough dealerships across the country to sell or maintain cars without a 2hr+ drive each way for some...its getting frustrating but I'm hoping its we see some improvement by early next year
  12. I see the silver gt410 at Stratton has increased by £2k
  13. Typical service costs are now on the Lotus website...I just need them to open a dealership in the north east of England I can take it too 😁
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