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  1. £552 per set if you buy two
  2. Agreed - he has gone mad......
  3. TLF GT430 Club

    @The Pits well worth protecting your investment. What PPF does the factory put on? Just the sills? Will it make a star appearance on Sunday at Silverstone?
  4. Plenty of grip from these tyres - must be the bargain of the year too. I've laid several sets into "stock"
  5. Exige V6 gearbox oil for track

    I think it is 2.5 litres
  6. Silverstone GP - 26th November 17

    Someone staying in a hotel nearby?
  7. Silverstone GP - 26th November 17

    Message from Opentrack.... You should of had some paperwork yesterday explaining garages and times of the day. Garages are free on a first come first served basis as we are operating out of the wing the are very large and there is more than enough space to go around. I have only allocated garages to one club that I am a member of and also to a group of customers who do in excess of 20 days a year. Numbers 1 to 37 are available so if I was you chaps I would all just head to the same one as paperwork has now gone out for the event everyone should have final instructions. So I guess we pick a few numbers and head there early.
  8. Silverstone GP - 26th November 17

    Good news on the forecast - I'll be coming up that way from M23 - maybe see you on route
  9. alias23 aka Magpie - My Lotus Journey

    Blanking plates - guess they don't need to be carbon. Plastic would do, or ali as you suggest.
  10. Exige V6 gearbox oil for track

    Most of those Cup R's have the Xtrac sequential box - not our manual box. I imagine the oil requirements are different.
  11. alias23 aka Magpie - My Lotus Journey

    @alias23 how and where do the 5th and 6th straps attach to the floor? What are you making the blank plates from? I really dislike the front speaker covers in my cup - was thinking a matt carbon blanking plate would be so much nicer, but no idea how or where to get made.
  12. Exige V6 gearbox oil for track

    No, not as far as I can see, but it does recommend changing very 2000km - I think it would depend on your road vs track miles. I change mine every 3 track days and/or 2000 or so miles. Easy and cheap to do.
  13. Exige V6 gearbox oil for track

    Not really, it is a road car at the end of the day. Lotus will use whatever they can get from Petronas (or whichever supplier is favorite at the time). Upgrading to a decent oil for track use where temperatures get much higher is a very good idea. Try Redline MT90 or Motul Gear 300. Gear 300 is ok for LSD, not sure on MT90.
  14. Komotec 460 or SSC TVS1900?

    What information do you have on heat soak then? Have you driven the TVS1900 and Ex460 hard on track lap after lap? Or at least been on track where these modified cars are running? Or do you have data provided from the tuners?
  15. Komotec 460 or SSC TVS1900?

    Must be a very generous PX offer against a 430 from dealer - have you done any miles on the 380? 12300 CHF = £9400. Not sure I've followed any of your numbers yet.