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  1. 550superfast

    V6 Exige forged wheels

    looks like they are on sale too
  2. 550superfast

    Komo-Tec Exige S EX460

    Mark - I left mine out in Medig for a few weeks. Early start and drive out to Mendig, spend the afternoon chatting about the upgrade, looking at parts and do a rolling road run or two. Flew home to Stanstead and train home all in a day. Went back with a mate who drove out there, so could collect the old parts. Then spent a day on the local roads and Autobahn, then a day at the Ring giving it a good shake down. I highly recommend the trip.
  3. 550superfast

    Clutch Master Cylinder

    Thanks Dave @ I now have the part
  4. 550superfast

    Clutch Master Cylinder

    Thank you.
  5. 550superfast

    Clutch Master Cylinder

    @Bibs Are you able to check if Lotus have this part yet? Many thanks - I appreciate you help.
  6. I'd take it all off and return for a full refund. If he doesn't play ball I'd make a big fuss. If you are a big fella perhaps go and stick it all up his arse. I certainly wouldn't want that shit in my car.
  7. 550superfast

    Lotus 3-Eleven 430 - New model released!

    I haven't got a 3-11
  8. 550superfast

    Komo-Tec Exige S EX460

    The body does not need cutting near the supercharger pulley - that only happens when you have the charge cooled TVS1900 I think Daniel's car has over 20,000 kms of road and track miles now, not sure of issues if any.
  9. 550superfast

    Cup 2 Track Pressures?

    Are you both running the same neg camber at the front? If not it may skew the comparison. I've got a set of Cup 2s now so will be watching this.
  10. If that is the mark above the max then you are ok, but it looks very pale in colour.
  11. Looks empty to me. Although clean oil is harder to see It’s easy to get oil all over the dipstick if you check it multiple times as the oil is dragged up.
  12. 550superfast

    Silverstone GP with Opentrack on 25/11, Sunday

    Nice and close to the petrol
  13. 550superfast

    ECU Re-Map

    Well worth the trip, bespoke mapping when on the rolling road is very available at Komo-tec, plus hit the Ring on the way home for a day "testing"