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  1. Headlights

    Just a small update on bulbs, I fitted these - OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED HB3 halogen headlamp bulb 9005NBU-HCB +110% more light and +20% whiter light in double box and they are still pretty crap. Anyone know of a LED plug and play option?
  2. alias23 aka Magpie - My Lotus Journey

    The additional lip makes the splitter look bigger
  3. Nice car mate - liking the yellow bits.
  4. Alunox Noise Compliant Silencers for Exige

    So, it's arguably ugly, not light unless you have the titanium version and very expensive. Unless I've missed something I can't see this being a seller to be honest, there are other exhausts, manifolds and cats out there that will be stiff competition for this product.
  5. so you can’t take the stickers off? how is the quality? I’ve only seen one eltech item (rear wing) and it was so bad I would have returned it instantly. Sorry. Can’t help with install.
  6. Alunox Noise Compliant Silencers for Exige

    About 16KG for standard exhaust
  7. GFWilliams Liquid Yellow Exige S

    No red in my opinion, keep it black and yellow.
  8. Not for the faint of heart! - Now "Exige Cup 430"

    Looks stunning. And at £111,760 must have a fair few options on it.
  9. alias23 aka Magpie - My Lotus Journey

    My V6 Cup has arch liners
  10. LOT SPA Sunday 18th March 2018

    Fair enough. A mate should be coming along in his newly acquired 620S. It's very quick, but may take a long time to get it up to full potential. Should be a fun learning curve for him.
  11. LOT SPA Sunday 18th March 2018

    What about the GT4, does that get out on track, would be good for a Spa trip? - This is a genuine question, I have no intention debating it's merits or flaws. Have you got an order on for a 430 Cup yet?
  12. Exige 380 ecu remap

    Agree with cool down laps, very important. Not easy at Brands GP on a sessions day though - could drive off a mile down the road I suppose.
  13. RTR's V6 Exige S

    I was told this by a tuner..... If you’re reading TPS over OBDII I don’t think it works on a 0-100 scale. The Lotus Scan tool can read several TPS channels which are all on different scales. There is a safety redundancy built into DBW throttles where you have 2 sensors working on different scales. If they stray too far away from each other you get the ECU shutting it down and putting it into limp mode because its not sure which one it can trust.
  14. Canyon Red Exige V6 Cup

    Correct - middle setting for me, not tried anything different either. Got any data on the settings? Or know what the Lotus Cup boys and girls run?