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  1. No further mods. Essentially the same as when you came out at Silverstone.
  2. A few sessions from Silverstone. The new surface is super smooth. but took a long time for a dry line to appear. Best time of the day 2 min 23 secs.
  3. Also add EX500 from the online shop Stage 4 (500hp) Stage 3 plus TVS1900 Supercharger and forged engine internals
  4. Mine is not the version that plugs into the ECU - sorry can't help
  5. A proper cup is one built in Colin Chapman's old office, back in the day when they pulled a car off the end of the production line and took it over to the green Lotus Motorsport Workshop where it was stripped of frivolous parts and additional motor racing parts were fitted. Limited numbers, each with a number plaque, put together by race engineers and mechanics.
  6. What is a 350 Cup? Not heard of that model before.
  7. They probably would not make the corner if they didn't brake. Braking here is just fine, either before the jump or after, or both.
  8. Stunning exige. Nice one. Wheels are fab Yellow calipers and A frame will be nice features. I think the wing mirrors would be better green. Or yellow with yellow wing end plates perhaps
  9. Oops sorry - I thought they looked nice in the real when I saw them, and very light and strong too.
  10. A couple of pics from a dawn run last weekend to liven up an old thread. Not been driving much this year as I have a project on at home. Hopefully I can get a trip to Spa before the year is out.
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