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  1. Are there any guides to removing the old wing mirrors and re-fitting with new? Thanks.
  2. It is possible to spend hours and days dealing with AIM tech support. going round in circles with no resolutions. my dash going back at end of track season to be looked at.
  3. Thanks. I was not going to attempt this myself, I have a specialist coming to do it.
  4. These?
  5. Where is the valve for topping up the air con? Is it in a rear arch? Thanks.
  6. @Glynnsport good luck with the sale. Out of interest, what are the unique features of your Cup?
  7. I think the controller and sensor are the same box - needs to go in middle of car as you say.
  8. Have they got a kit ready to go or is it something bespoke for your car? Assume you will need dampers, the control screen and a loom, a DSC and some additional sensors?
  9. Nice to be back after such a long break
  10. I went to see it at GFOS. It looks great, but I cannot see why it weights so much. 1400kg. An Alpine A110 is about 300kg less - why can't Lotus compete and be true to it's ethos?
  11. I think Offer stronger gears and a fork upgrade
  12. The colour does look great, look forward to seeing it finished soon.
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