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  1. 550superfast

    X-trac innards…..

    What are the service intervals?
  2. 550superfast

    New Exige pricing

    Prices have increased dramatically on the new models. Too high in my opinion. But there is a demo 430 cup up at 93.5k. About 15k off list. A lot of money still, but feeling slightly more sensible.
  3. If I was being kind I would say that those mirror stalks were not fit for purpose.
  4. @GFWilliams that intake temp is before the supercharger, not after, so not sure how relevant it is. Your supercharger will be heating the air, then your charge cooler cooling it before it goes into the engine.
  5. How are you measuring your intake temps? Nice drive by the way, I did similar many years ago, delivering a bright yellow Cobra CRS for my uncle in Marbella - 13 hours in one hit as we were worried about security with no roof.
  6. I’ll get the owner to contact you directly.
  7. I know of a set of unused BC wheels for sale
  8. Probably feels nicer too, but prefer look of metal one
  9. You missed the roof! Seriously - that is a lot of carbon
  10. 550superfast

    Ride height and measuring

    Sounds like the mounting brackets have done the job then.
  11. 550superfast

    Reset engine warning light

    Main dealer or ODB and Torque app. Best to check the fault code.
  12. 550superfast

    Ride height and measuring

    Sounds about right Imran, try with full tank and get the wife to sit in it. Where do you want to get to? Good old Dave @Seriouslylotus for sorting the brackets - he does provide a wonderful service!
  13. 550superfast

    V6 Cup (R)

    Yes. Tvs1900 and komotec charge cooler. The 720s is packing 250 more horses than my car.
  14. 550superfast

    Silverstone GP - 12 June 18

    Good to see old and new faces, I've put up a little video of a morning session over here
  15. 550superfast

    V6 Cup (R)

    First proper track day since the upgrade - Silverstone GP June 2018