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  1. Evora GT430

    Great choice in car, I think the GT430 can take a strong colour - like most Lotus cars. Something that contrasts with the carbon and shows off all the curves and lines.
  2. Mod the V6S or look for a Cup?

    Should get more than that with shims out -1.8 - 2.0 neg (assume we are talking on the front)
  3. GFWilliams Liquid Yellow Exige S

    Looks like great fun, nice long power slides.
  4. V6 Exige forged wheels

    I am very happy with mine, a car like this should be on forged wheels not cast.
  5. Exige S picture & video thread

    A few laps after lunch at Snetterton yesterday, great weather and few cars.
  6. Komotec 460 or SSC TVS1900?

    Which car(s) will that fit on?
  7. Exige S picture & video thread

    Two cups enjoying the perfect weather at Snetterton yesterday.
  8. Exige V6 Cup

    Good luck with the new car, I hope it fulfills the different role well, but I think you are going to miss the green one.
  9. Mod the V6S or look for a Cup?

    Exige V6 Cup Car Additional Parts – Standard Fit Part Number Description Qty Per Car Dampers ALS9C0009 SPRING & DAMPER, FRT 40MM, 550LB/IN 2 ALS9D0003 SPRING & DAMPER, RR 46MM, 1100LB/IN 2 CLS9C0003 DAMPER MTG BRKT, FRT LH 1 CLS9C0004 DAMPER MTG BRKT, FRT RH 1 ALS9D0002 PACKER-NITRON, 10MM 2 ALS5M0109F GROMMET 2 Towing Eyes ALS5A0040F TOW EYE 1 ALS9A0014 TOW EYE, FRONT 1 ALS9A0010 NUT PLATE, TOW EYE BRKT, LH 1 ALS9A0011 NUT PLATE, TOW EYE BRK, RH 1 ALS9A0013 TOW EYE BRKT 1 Interior A122V0050F Harness, 4 point seat belt, RH 1 A122V0049F Harness, 4 point seat belt, LH 1 B121W2209F Bolt, 7/16" UNF, csk., skt., hd., seat belt to frame 4 A121B0045F Spacer, stepped, seat belt to frame 2 A111U6016F Spring, seat belt to frame 4 ALS9H0001 REMOVABLE STEERING WHEEL 1 DLS3H0032F HUB ASSY 1 ALS3H0038F QUICK RELEASE BOSS 1 A111H6024S HORN PUSH 1 A111H6008F HORN CONTACT RING 1 ALS9V0004 DASH PANEL COVER, V6 CUP 1 ALS9V0006 DOOR PANEL, LH 1 ALS9V0007 DOOR PANEL, RH 1 ALS9V0008 CENTRE CONSOLE 1 ALS9V0001 SEAT, FIA HANS, BLK 'V6 CUP' LOGO 2 Roll Cage A128B0071F A Frame Kit 1 C122A0046F T45 MAIN HOOP 1 A122A0033F SHIM, MAIN HOOP 2 A128B0086 ROOF INNER, CUP 260 1 Oil Control ALS5E0149F BAFFLED SUMP ASSEMBLY 1 ALS5F0168F Catch Tank, Oil, Engine Red 1l 1 ALS9L0001 FUEL LINE TAP 1 ALS3L0069 CONNECTOR, 90 DEG - HEFAP97-6 1 ALS5L0062 CONNECTOR, 45 DEG - 536-4506 1 ALS5L0061 Hose, Fuel Dash 6 (TF-TU026-06) 1 ALS9L0002 P CLIP, 22MM 1 A132E0080F Bung 1 A138J0008F Servo Hose 0.75 B120E0082F Pipe Stub 1 A120E6007F Breather Hose 1 Part Number: A702T0002A Version: 5 Exige V6 Cup Car Supplementary Manual - 17 - A117W6706F 25.6 Otieka Clip 2 A121W6773F 22.6 Otieka Clip 3 A121W6768F 21.5 Otieka Clip 1 A116L6050F 16.5 Otieka Clip 2 A918W6583F 19.5 Otieka Clip 3 ALS3E0138 BUNG 1 Additional Parts ALS9U0001 DECAL SET 1 ALS9U0010 DECAL, V6 CUP, REAR CLAMSHELL 1 ALS9U0011 DECAL, BLACK, SILL, LH (DOES NOT INCLUDE V6 CUP) 1 ALS9U0012 DECAL, BLACK, SILL, RH (DOES NOT INCLUDE V6 CUP) 1 ALS9U0013 DECAL, V6 CUP, SILL 2 ALS9U0014 DECAL, LOTUS, REAR WING 1 ALS9U0015 DECAL, UNION JACK, REAR WING END PLATE, LH, STD WING 1 ALS9U0016 DECAL, UNION JACK, REAR WING END PLATE, RH, STD WING 1 ALS9U0017 DECAL, EXIGE, REAR CLAMSHELL 1 A120M0049F KEYFOB TRANSMITTER 2 Electrical Kill Switch & Fire Extinguisher BLS5V0004F Fire Extinguisher, Electric, Lifeline (107-400-002) 1 DLS3V0027F Fire Extinguisher Hose Nozzle Mounts 2 A128B0077 Fire ext wiring kit 1 ALS9B0001 Cover panel emergency buttons 1 A128B0046 Mtg bezel - emergency buttons, RING 2 A128B0061 Assy Plug - Bezel emergency, PLUG 2 A128B0062 Mtg cup - emergency bezel 2 A128M6000 SWITCH ON-OFF for battery isolator 2 A128M6001 Battery isolator unit 1 A128M6002 Battery isolator spike suppressor 1 ALS9V0003 CRADLE, FIRE EXTINGUISHER 1 ALS9M0013 Cockpit switch, Fire Extinguisher with Plastic Bezel 1 ALS9M0014 HARNESS, MAIN, INCLUDING OVERRUN HARNESS, CUP V6 1 ALS9M0015 OVERRUN HARNESS, V6 CUP 1 Option Parts Front Roll Cage ALS9A0001 Cage, FIA Approved, LHD 1 ALS9A0002 Cage, FIA Approved, RHD 1 ALS9A0021 Bolt M10 x 1.5 X 90 2 A120W1001F Bolt, M8 x 25, foot plate 8 A075W4020Z WASHER, M8 8 A075W4024Z WASHER, M10 4 A075W5012F SILL TRIM SCREWS 2 A132W2044F BOLT, M10 X 40 2 A111U6034V RUBBER EDGING STRIP 4 B111W3151F KNUT, M10 2 ALS9B0003 BRKT., ROOF MTG, CUP, LH 1 ALS9B0004 BRKT., ROOF MTG, CUP, RH 1 A128B0074 BOLTS, ROOF MOUNTING BRKT 6 A128B0068 ID PLATE 1 A128B0069 spreader plate 2 A128B0070 clamp plates 4 A128B0072 ROLL HOOP PADDING 1 Part Number: A702T0002A Version: 5 Exige V6 Cup Car Supplementary Manual - 18 - ALS3V0111 Cloth Tape 0.5 A128B0073 ROLL CAGE SHIM 2 ALS3T0031F ROLL CAGE CERTIFICATE 1 Fixed Drivers Seat Runner A128U4013(S) BRACKET SEAT MOUNTING FIA LH 1 A128U4014(S) BRACKET SEAT MOUNTING FIA RH 1 A128B4108(S) SEAT SUPPORT PLATE FIA RH 1 A128B4107(S) SEAT SUPPORT PLATE FIA LH 1 A126W5332F Screw M8 x 20 BT HD Gr10.9 2 A127W4000(F) WASHER M8 X 16 X 1.5 FORM A STEEL ZINC BLACK 16 A075W3010(F) NUT-NYLOC M8 PTYPE GR8 ZnCr3 2 A120W5284(F) SCREW M8X22 CAP HD BRIGHT 2 A111W7130(F) SCREW-SKT CAP M8X20 Gr12.9 G500 BLK 10 A111W7125(F) SCREW-SKT CAP M8X16 Gr12.9 G500 2 ALS5V0007F Harness, Sparco, 6pt Hans (04827HNR) 1 A127V0001 Brkt - Crutch 6 Point Harness 1 A127V0002 Plate - Spreader Brkt Crutch 6 Point Harness 1 ALS3V0065J Plate - Spreader Strap Plate, 7/16 UNF 2 ALS3V0064 NUT FOR ABOVE SPREADER PLATE 2 Race Dampers ALS9C0010 SPRING & DAMPER, FRT 40MM, 500LB/IN 2 ALS9D0004 SPRING & DAMPER, RR 46MM, 1100LB/IN 2 END OF ADDITIONAL PARTS LIST
  10. Mod the V6S or look for a Cup?

    I modded the hell out of my S2 Exige Sprint, spent a small fortune, that is the reason I went for a V6 Cup - lots of the work is already done. The Cup has a significant amount changes over a V6.
  11. Snetterton 12 September

    See you there
  12. Snetterton 12 September

    I'll come and find you in your garage - will you have a trolley jack with you? Might want to switch my wheels left and right.
  13. Canyon Red Exige V6 Cup

    Racing: Every 10 hours of operation. Maximum 20 hours of operation Regular street use: Every 30,000 km Not quite sure what is just inspection or what is rebuild time, but had at chat with Russ at Mick Gardner Racing and he was of the opinion that mine where ready (3 years old, 12k miles). We also noticed a mild misting from one of them doing a geo last week.
  14. Canyon Red Exige V6 Cup

    The Ohlins can be adjusted front and rear with the car on the ground, it is not easy (particularly the rear) but it can be done. I asked about pricing on the Mechatronics kit - £3500 plus vat and fitting - GULP. I will carry on with the manual adjustment. My Ohlins are now due a service, will whip them off over winter for a refresh.
  15. Snetterton 12 September

    @M4rk I'm booked on the day, I look forward to seeing you there. Plenty of time for passenger laps and discussion on Ohlins setting etc. Forecast looking good too.