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  1. Quite a lot I would imagine as it is a new supercharger, cooler, intake manifold etc. It's more suited to 410 and 430 cars.
  2. Very easy to change the boot up screen logo, had a little play today
  3. - Ability to change rev limit from 9K to 8K - Tell tale light for Cruise Control (use space from second "dipped lights on") - Real time view of sensor information on dash - Airbag delete light setting option (Ok on Cup cars) - Option for Carbon Binnacle - Why two lights for "dipped lights on" only one needed - All warning lights are visible in grey - would be better blacked out until illuminated - Screen seen flickering at times. (Race button flickering, RPM display flickering and showing false information, letters flickering) - Remove numeric rpm from analogue display - it is distracting
  4. 8000 would probably be best. 9000 is used as that is what Lotus use on the original dash/display.
  5. Just to add - the standard cable lengths are: GPS - 500mm Data Hub 1500mm Smarty Cam 4000mm Channel Expansion 1500mm AIM can also provide extension and custom cables
  6. Are you changing any other parts or just the rods and pistons?
  7. Anyone know where to get supply of Suedetex and Atom Textile?
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