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  1. A rare beast indeed. Here is mine (non R) at it's birth place.
  2. I was referring to the install of a non cooled SSC TVS1900 kit that was now being added to with Komo-tec EX500 hardware. As I think @steveoexige and I have similar hardware installed (exception is exhaust).
  3. No problems with belt alignment on my car. 1000's of miles and 7-8 trackdays and still going faultlessly. Did you guys have you engine bay cut a bit to fit the kit?
  4. Lights on buzzer is a bit random, sometimes works sometimes does not. Also noticed rear fog tell tail light not working - is that just me or a general issue?
  5. Had a good play with the dash today, came up with a little fix for the indicators being out of sight for tall people
  6. Have you contacted Swindon Powertrain Ltd. I think they build some N/A V6 engines for the Evora race cars that made 400bhp or so. There were some crate engines knocking about a few years ago. And have Cosworth done some work on this engine too?
  7. @EldonZ Have you recorded and looked at lap data to see if the new uprights, and lowered ride height are translating into improved lap times?
  8. Thank you, on what tyres are you getting this ride height? Are the uprights something you have designed and sell?
  9. Delivered very swiftly and at an unbelievably good price
  10. Any update on this thread? What is the latest thinking for plugs on the Exige V6?
  11. Firmware updated to 02.32.66. A significant update which was very simple to apply. Looks like some really good improvements Good work. Thank you to AIM and all those involved with the development.
  12. @GFWilliams Did you notice the rpm readout is different on the digital/analogue screens. Both at 39mph, analogue reads 7100rpm - digital at 39mph reads 7600rpm
  13. which version are you running? How do you know it is "newer" that the version I am running? I would be very happy if a firmware update fixed the issue, but so far it has not. and now AIM have apparently said... This is a problem that has very sporadically happened on a limited number of boards of the first production. We have to substitute the board
  14. An update on the flickering screen issue I have. The firmware update has NOT fixed the issue. I will be returning my dash for replacement next week. AIM have not replied to my email regarding this matter, but I hope they will next week
  15. @NW76 has one fitted
  16. An update on this issue. AIM sent me a firmware update to try to resolve this issue. After applying the update the flickering has gone and the unit would appear to be in good working order. I am really hoping that the issue is permanently fixed, I will need to spend a bit more time in the car to see, but fingers crossed as I really like the new dash. Other observations were it looks great at night! But, in digital mode on the road the rev bar is virtually unusable, changing gear at 3-4k revs the bar has hardly moved. The talked about reduction of max revs to 7.5k is much needed. On track
  17. As long as it gets your subscriptions up on your You Tube channel.
  18. Chameleon paint - and it is not very nice. I'd bet on something with liquid yellow accents - otherwise the interior will need re-doing too....... Maybe green with yellow?
  19. The BC wheels on the orange car, but in black as you say would look great. Think they are correct offset for running 285 and 215 rubber
  20. I have a data hub and GPS plugged in. All installed correctly, nothing loose.
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