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  1. B. Keep them, but get dealer to do a colour change - so it is all done when you collect.
  2. ohh Christ, this reminds me of somewhere else
  3. Anyone going? I will be there with a few mates.
  4. That’s what I fitted after the red lotus one leaked twice
  5. I have a pair of carbon wing mirrors I have not fitted, if anyone wants them send me a PM
  6. Imran - why all the fuss and hassle about making your own intake? Why not just get the Komotec carbon one and have a re-map too?
  7. They say.....First impressions of our new EX530 performance level for Lotus Exige Sport 410 and Lotus Exige Cup 430. Complementing this vehicle with sequential 7-speed gearbox and newly developed paddle-shift system. Note the respectable acceleration value of 100-200 km / h of 5.6sec (0-100 has not been determined) The new kit has performed up to 565PS / 600N in bench tests, indicating the potential of the conversion. In the series variant, we have decided in the first step for 525PS and 575Nm
  8. I see Komo-tec have a new website Also some new power phases - 475 kit for 430 Exige and a 490 kit for 3-11. All on stock internals and manual gearbox.
  9. Anyone got the service notes for fitting the clutch master cylinder? Or can anyone offer any advise on the procedure? Thanks.
  10. Yes. It has been discussed on here. I will try to find the link. Apparently ok except at tight lock.
  11. I had exactly the same thought process and drew the same conclusion.
  12. I know of a set of virtually unused BC forged wheels for sale - especially ordered with correct offset for an exige to run the large Michelin Cup 2 tyres
  13. looks like they are on sale too
  14. Mark - I left mine out in Medig for a few weeks. Early start and drive out to Mendig, spend the afternoon chatting about the upgrade, looking at parts and do a rolling road run or two. Flew home to Stanstead and train home all in a day. Went back with a mate who drove out there, so could collect the old parts. Then spent a day on the local roads and Autobahn, then a day at the Ring giving it a good shake down. I highly recommend the trip.
  15. Thanks Dave @ I now have the part
  16. @Bibs Are you able to check if Lotus have this part yet? Many thanks - I appreciate you help.
  17. I'd take it all off and return for a full refund. If he doesn't play ball I'd make a big fuss. If you are a big fella perhaps go and stick it all up his arse. I certainly wouldn't want that shit in my car.
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