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  1. I'm in.......assuming the weather isn't a total arse.
  2. Been trying to get any kind of response from them for two weeks regarding wheels for my Exige - hopeless!
  3. I thought it was just me/my car. Spins up rears so easily even in 'Tour' (never seen a traction control warning type light flicker on dash) I'm beginning to wonder whether I had a problem with DPM. I'm not driving like a tool either, many years in TVR's taught me to respect winter/cold/damp road surfaces.
  4. I badly want a set of those wheels!
  5. Has a similar but not quite as loud noise appear after I changed the exhaust. Removed then refitted deffuser/undertray and the noise went away.
  6. Not a fan of wrapping either but that's not a standard wing.
  7. I like this wing, anyone know any details?
  8. Obviously I was talking about my Exige but if Lotus ever do an Evora 400 roadster I'll have one!
  9. PS4 on my daily driver, best tyres I've ever used. A set will be going on the Exige later this year.
  10. I think improving (modding) a Lotus is as common as it is in TVR land. Had an exhaust on order before I even had the car, first week of ownership I did a soft top conversion, soon followed by changing the wheels, interior etc. I love tinkering
  11. Welcome to TLF Benn from another ex-TVR (and HM Forces) bloke. When you get the greenlight proper for a Lotus and if the budget will stretch then I'd wholeheartedly recommend trying an Exige V6. All the drama and sense of occasion you got with TVR's but none of the erm..... idiosyncrasies. Handling and road manners are an absolute revelation, stick a 2bular exhaust on and I swear it sounds as good as any of the Blackpool cars I owned. Roof comes off to
  12. Changed mine to a 2bular because of the glorious noise it makes, getting rid of the pig snout look was a big bonus.
  13. As you're in Mallorca it might be worth having a chat with a few of the superyacht composite companies about repairs? (assuming a new clamshell from Lotus will take an age to source) We've used BMC Composites in Palma for a few jobs and been very happy with their work.
  14. Kept an eye on prices since I first started looking for one in April. Asking/selling prices are obviously two different things but they haven't moved at all in that time. Mine was the cheapest I've seen from a Lotus dealer at just under £40k - 2013, Nightfall Blue, 4.8k miles, Premium & Convenience packs, full leather but no Race pack which I don't miss. Negotiated £1k off advertised price in July. It only had a month of Lotus warranty remaining and blue leather which might explain the low asking price. Came with an aftermarket warranty and I'm not sure how useful it would be but I knew that when buying. Most of the 'cheap' ones now seem to be around £43k, I've spent those virtual 'savings' on a 2bular, a soft top and some alcantara re-trimming. Very, very happy with it.
  15. Lotus drop the PR ball yet again .........shocker!
  16. My previous TVR's had a very similar system but to be honest none of them worked particularly well. Easy to change back if needs be though.
  17. I like the ethos of the 380 but if I was looking to buy new I'd go Sport 350. Not a fan of the new wing, canards, the fussy add-ons just aft of the rear wheels - basically all the aero stuff. I bought my V6 as a road car (that might go on track) not as a track weapon. A 350 with the guts of a 380 minus all the aero faff would be of real interest however.
  18. Just enjoyed watching the 400/GT4 video, best one yet mate.
  19. I have every issue except the first (given to a mate after I first read it) and have been a subscriber for more than a decade. But I'm bored of endless £100k+ cars, the articles, even Fast Fleet and whilst I don't agree with the Porsche conspiracy theorists I am sick of seeing them in most issues. News this week that the two best writers (Jethro and Catchpole) are leaving was the final nail in Evo's coffin. I cancelled my subscription this afternoon and fully expect the magazine to fold within a year or two, which is a shame.
  20. Took the Exige to Land's End for an early morning leg stretcher. Idea was to beat the crowds down there, have breakfast and then back home. Unfortunately, I got there a little bit too early and everything was closed. Still, the scenery was nice and the roads quiet.
  21. Lovely looking blue Evora on A30/A39 round about at Carland Cross this morning.
  22. Small world, I'm working in STP Palma at the moment also on a yacht.
  23. 225/40/18 Super sports are popular in BMW 1 Series circles, lots of people moaning that the 92Y load rating version is no longer available. 88Y sidewalls are too soft for the quicker 1 series cars and cause excessive outside shoulder wear. I'm using Pilot Sport 4 on my 130i and they are exceptionally good tyres - might be worth a look?
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