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  1. Thanks guys, Thursday can't come soon enough. Weather forecast is not looking great for the drive back down to Devon but I might take the long way home (through Wales) anyways..... @Mudge6 your's looks incredible on the diamond cut wheels! Anyone fancy swapping gloss black for diamond cuts?
  2. Thanks all. @cbaileyuk - Up for a run out if you're Devon/Cornwall based. @SteveO... - Been in TVR's for 9 years, T350c, Griff 500 and Chim 500. Like you I'm looking for a little more sophistication (and a bit more usability) with a similar sense of occasion and fun. I think I've found the right car.
  3. Spoke to Jim yesterday, he's very busy but called me back after I'd left a message. Said a valved exhaust with stainless tips was doable within a week or two. Got the impression the track version and anything with carbon tips might be a little longer. Fingers crossed - if not then I'll go to Komotec.
  4. Afternoon All, new owner saying hello to the Exige V6 forum. Started out looking for an Evora S to replace my recently departed Chimaera 500. Lovely, lovely cars but made the mistake of driving a 400 and realised one of them was probably the only Evora that could replace the sense of occasion and drama the TVR gave. Unfortunately the 400's are out of budget whilst their depreciation is still significant. Tried an Exige V6 Coupe and felt at home immediately, read on here that you can easily make a convertible out of a coupe and was hooked. All being well, I'll pick this one up next week. Interior colour and spec aren't exactly what I wanted but the price means I can change a few things. LOVE the colour.
  5. Thought I'd update this thread as I've just today put a deposit down on my new toy. Appreciate all your thoughts and advice, but sorry to say I've going over to the dark side............... Nope, not a Porker, an Exige V6
  6. The perfect Evora S - congratulations. Very jealous.
  7. swanny71


  8. Congratulations Jay, looks fantastic.
  9. Oh my! That is lovely and not a hint of black pack/black wheels - love it.
  10. Love the colour and the non-black pack look. Chuck in an alcantara interior and leave the stripes off for my perfect 400.
  11. Fantastic, look forward to watching it.
  12. Andy, please try not to take offence from a newbie like me posting but it seems to me like you've been overly harsh to Jay and others who have commented on anything to do with values/depreciation etc. (eg pre/post MY12 improvements) or anything that in your opinion might devalue used cars. Nothing I've read on this forum has put me off future Evora ownership or devalued them and I'm still considering all ages/models. Note: I've owned several TVR's so maybe I'm less easily spooked than most.
  13. Any update on this Bibs? Looking forward to your final thoughts and comments since you've probably driven and lived with more Evora models than anyone who doesn't work for Lotus. cheers
  14. I share your frustration Greido. Plenty of 400's to choose from
  15. Unbelievably it's actually sleeting/snowing down here at the moment so I'm out. BMW gets its discs and pads changed in a nice warm garage instead.
  16. Could be up for this, SWLC is only down the road. No Lotus yet but I might dust off the TVR if you don't mind another old, noisy, plastic British car joining in? (Assuming it's not pissing down as usual)
  17. I'll be there again this year. .......hopefully in a Lotus
  18. No drive this weekend, but I have watched all the videos and read the reviews a few more times ..........and still doing the man maths.
  19. You're supposed to put V-Power in the Evora, not drink the stuff!
  20. Re seat heights: I drove a 400 back to back with a N/A last week and the seat did seem a little higher in the 400 but as others have said this might have been a optical illusion caused by dash/sill heights. Great driving position regardless. I also drove a new M3 recently - nice inside but extremely dull compared to any Evora. I had a V8 M3 a few years ago which I much preferred to the new version but even that one just seemed crushingly competant rather than exciting (except the noise which was glorious with a tweaked exhaust). I said it on another thread, no car I've ever driven felt so immediately 'right' for me as the 400. I will have one at some point, just need to decide whether to spend a fortune on one now or get into an S and wait for 400's to depreciate a bit. My head hurts from thinking about it.
  21. Pretty much any car is an asset (assuming it's paid for), usually a depreciating one though. ETA - appreciate your thoughts guys, it's what my head is telling me anyway.
  22. Depreciation is my main concern. Although the money would be spent I'd still have an asset should anything happen and I need to release the funds. How much that asset is worth if whatever happens, happens is what I have to feel comfortable with. note: despite a string of relatively decent cars I've always been cautious with money, this would be the biggest 'risk' I've taken.
  23. I know and that's where I made a bit of a balls up - test driving the 400. In isolation the N/A was very nice but the 400 has left a big impression on me. More than any other car ever including various Porsches, TVR's, Astons, a Ferrari 355, a Noble and various M cars.
  24. What do you mean by that auRouge? Have you had a hard time with yours? For me there was a massive difference between the N/A I drove and the 400. Not just in a straight line but as an all round package. Such a different car!
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