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  1. Not me mate......... It had the sold sign on yesterday but it is the car I blame for my current headache. Supposed to be working from home today. Instead I've spent the entire day working a calculator and re-reading every word written about or re-watching every video ever produced on the 400.
  2. We're lucky enough to be at similar stage in life and this is how my head is thinking. My heart is not so logical......
  3. No, not yet……Bear with me, it's a long reply. First of all a big thanks to Ken at Snows Lotus in Southampton. Spent a couple of hours with him yesterday talking Lotus, Evora’s, TVR’s and cars in general. He’s a true enthusiast and a pleasure to deal with. Ken if you are reading this, thank again, I’ll be in touch soon. The silver N/A is a very nice car and in lovely condition for its age and mileage. It drove well and as many have said there is not much difference in the way the N/A engine punts the Evora down the road compared to the supercharged S. Also loved the interior, the cream leather highlights really do lift the cabin. Unfortunately the silver car has a big problem, or rather I now have a problem – the 400. Despite my best intentions to go nowhere near either of the 400’s at Snow’s, in the end I just couldn’t help myself. The demonstrator sat outside looked nice but I’ve never really been a fan of yellow cars and I don’t get the whole black pack thing. It hides the lovely crease line in the sills and to me looks a little bit cheap (apologies to those who do like it). Add in black wheels and it was relatively easy to ignore. Relieved (as was my bank account) I thought there’s no need to worry about the new cars. But……… They also had a black 400 in the showroom. Holy crap that thing looked incredible and I began to wonder……. Ken was more than happy to take me out in the yellow one and fair play to him he did ask “are you sure?” I suspect he knew what my reaction might be. I have NEVER come back from a test drive wanting a car so much. James May occasionally talks about a fizz in his trousers when he likes a car? I never get that but I had, and still do have a tightness in my chest longing to own the car. The engine/exhaust note is perfect with the bypass valve open and the gear change is now in a different league. It’s very quick without being OTT and the ride/handling is just beautiful. Build quality etc. are very good. But the stand out memory is just how much confidence it gives you whilst communicating exactly what is happening at the tyres. I’ve never felt so comfortable driving a car so quick so quickly (if that makes sense). It’s a very, very special car. I have some figures from Ken to mull over and my head now hurts thinking about it. The 400 is doable but a big financial commitment for us. The N/A would be nice but I think I’d probably either regret it straight away or end up changing to a 400 within a year or two anyway. HELP!
  4. Thanks Tris... Good to know
  5. Interesting. Tris... is there anything I need to know about the car? I'm pretty sure it's an S that I want (having driven Dave's yesterday) but thought it best to keep an open mind. cheers
  6. That's the one, do you know it?
  7. Visit to Snows Lotus tomorrow to drive a N/A Evora. Note to self: absolutely must not be tempted by the 400 demonstrator they have in.........
  8. A quick note to say thanks again Dave for your taking time this afternoon to meet up and talk about Evora ownership and especially for letting me drive your gorgeous car. Just got to find one as good as yours now and I'll be taking the plunge. Pleasure to meet you mate, your're a gent.
  9. Lovely little car that one, had a quick look around it on Friday when I was down at SWLC talking Evora's with James. Enjoy!
  10. I think "be patient" is the most important bit of advice.........but might be the most difficult to follow
  11. Budget is flexible for the right car, but trying to keep it below £40k. Not a fan of the black pack on Sports Racers (except on white) but accept I might need to compromise. Watching Pistonheads, Autotrader, Lotus Approved, TLF classifieds - anywhere else to look?
  12. I had a T350c a few years ago, fantastic little car but just couldn't make it work as a daily driver.
  13. Thanks Dave, that's very much appreciated, I'll send you a PM.
  14. Evening All, Thought I'd say hello in this part of the forum as well since I'm hoping to join your ranks soon. Currently own a TVR Chimaera and love it but I'm just not using it anything like as much as I should. Some advanced man-logic helped me decide that an Evora (preferably an S) should replace it sooner rather than later. Problem is a lack of cars and as much as I'd love one of the many 400's that are available I just don't think I can justify the cost. Hoping to look at a couple (Snow's and Westover) when I'm working in Southampton next week. Also had a chat with James at SW Lotus Centre (only 2 miles from home) and he's putting some feelers out for me. If anyone down Devon/Cornwall has an Evora and is willing to let me have a look over their car and a chat about ownership it would be much appreciated. Cheers, Rich
  15. swanny71


    Thanks for all of the welcomes. I've been looking for a few weeks but finding one is proving difficult, this seems to be a common problem. Closest dealership car (a 400) is about 100 miles away, I don't even want to look at one let alone drive it since I really can't justify spending that much despite being a proven expert at man maths. I'm working on south coast next week so might drop by Westover's/Snows if I get a chance (whilst ignoring the 400's they both have in) I live about 2 miles from the South West Lotus centre (and have used them on occasion for small TVR jobs) so will drop in for a chat and see if they can help source a car or even put me in touch with an owner willing to talk Evora's. Cheers
  16. swanny71


    Evening all, Thought it polite to say hi and introduce myself. I've joined the forum as I'm seriously considering replacing my loved but under used TVR Chimaera with an Evora. Plenty of reading to be done on here and thanks in advance for answers to any questions. Cheers, Rich ps Is there anyone with an Evora down this way that wouldn't mind me having a look see?
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