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  1. So what's the actual price of the full kit, V1 and V2 before any group buy discount?
  2. Took my seats out yesterday ready for a retrim - no Probax stickers/labels.
  3. Morning Bibs, I'll have one of the grey "Lotus Graphic" T-shirts size XL and one Lotus leather keyring if you have them please? Cheers, Rich
  4. See you Saturday James. Rich (from up the road)
  5. Valve always open in Sport mode on the Exige isn't it? I don't have Race mode or the exhaust override button (yet) so mine could be different.
  6. Fitted a 2bular recently which was supplied with a longer length of hose and it all works as normal. Is the hose you used rigid enough, if not it could be collapsing as the vacuum is applied and not opening the exhaust valve?
  7. Thanks for the info, I have spoken to a trusted local wheel place and they'd send them off to a specialist because it's not an easy job. I was quoted about the same price. Still hoping to do a swap or buy a set outright. Either way it'll be on diamond cuts soon - love them on dark coloured Exige's.
  8. They do get dirty quickly, I've done less than 100 miles and my stainless tips are the same colour as the carbon version. It now looks as mean as it sounds.
  9. Must stay away from SSC website. Must stay away from SSC website. Must stay away fro............
  10. Nice pic of the underside Mark, I was crawling around under the car in a cramped garage so all of my 'how to' pics are useless. Like you, I think the car feels a little more perky than before and throttle response is definately quicker. Love it.
  11. Exhaust arrived today as promised. Very nicely built, easy to fit and sounds absolutely fantastic. Well worth the wait.
  12. Well, patience has paid off and my valved system is on it's way. Parcel Force tracking details received. Fair play to Jim, communication has been really good over the past couple of weeks with regular phone calls and txt updates. Can't wait to get it on
  13. Wanted: Diamond Cut Exige S V6 wheels. Currently have gloss black wheels on the Exige but would much prefer a set that are diamond cut. Anyone fancy a swap to gloss black set? (cash either way depending on tyre/wheel condition). Or does anyone have a set they fancy selling, with or without tyres? Cheers Rich
  14. I used The Wheel Specialist in Fareham for two sets a few years ago and was very happy with the results/service. This was for a normal painted finish, not diamond cut. They are relatively expensive though compared to the guys I now use in Exeter.
  15. Lucky bastard. He'll be making future Olympic champions tonight with Trotty.
  16. Loving the track cycling. Seem to be developing a bit of a cyclists crush on Laura Trott, she looks invincible (and very cute).
  17. Did you ever manage to get these sorted Ray? Pretty sure I'll be taking mine off soon for a re-trim and any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  18. I also tried a Cayman S, 997S and Evora before gettting an Exige. By far the best drivers car and the most special. Had an e90 M3 for a while a few years ago and never really bonded with it - crushingly competatnt but not special enough for a weekend toy and not practical enough as a daily. Fiesta ST + Exige S seems a good mix. Good luck and enjoy the process of finding the right car(s) for you.
  19. Spoke to Jim again on Monday, mine's also on it's way 'next week' Fingers crossed........
  20. I've pretty much given up on a 2bular. First asked to be put in the queue for a valved system back in May before I even had an Evora/Exige because I'd read about the long lead times. Was told it would definately be ready for mid-June. Have twice since spoken to Jim and been promised "a week or two" but heard nothing. Don't have a problem waiting for a quality product but it feels a little like I'm being strung along with no real prospect of getting one anytime soon. Will look into Kome Tec and Larini systems instead. Shame.
  21. Went for a run out Saturday evening..........4 hours to get fish n chips
  22. Cheers, did the intro thing back in March. I'll give you a shout if I do Dave.
  23. Did the soft top conversion today which adds a whole new dimension to the car. Also today is the first dry day since picking it up - Holy fcuk this car is good. Think I might have fallen head over heels for this little blue Exige already
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