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    Link for exhaust, be warned Jim always seems very busy and it might take a while for the exhaust to arrive.

    Hardest part of the conversion is actually finding the soft top, £1000+ from Lotus if they have any in stock. Keep an eye on all classifieds, I got lucky on the playground and found a good one for £400.

    Then buy this and swallow some brave pills as you take a Dremel to your lovely Lotus - it's quit simple though. Measure twice (maybe 8 times) and cut once as they say.

    Search on here, there's a few threads on the topic.


  2. Congrats on the new car, enjoy!

    Mods I've done, listed in order of how much more amazing the car feels to me.

    1. 2Bular exhaust, simply the best thing ever for a V6

    2. Soft top conversion - adds a whole new dimension to the fun, you also can hear more of mod 1 above.

    3. Forged Lotus wheels and new tyres. Never really thought much of the standard P-Zero's and having tried Michelin PS4's I'm glad I changed. Wheel/tyre combo has improved ride comfort, lowered road noise, given better steering feel by reducing tram lining and unwanted 'chatter'. Also increased ability to get the power down, though the rears were down to 3mm.

    4. Ticking indicator relay - unless of course you've done mods 1 and 2 above, in which case it's pointless.


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  3. I used "Full Dip" cans from these guys:

    Cheaper that Plasti-Dip and in my opinion better, seems to give better coverage, is easier to apply and gives a much better finish. 

    Durability wise it's good, no signs of peeling or chipping in approx 500 miles. However both silver wheels have been stained slightly by black water/brake dust mix that I should have cleaned off but was too lazy to do so. The anthracite wheels still clean up perfectly.

    I used their matt grey as undercoat (3 coats) followed by 3 or 4 top coats. Finish is a satin effect. 

  4. Well, two months on and I've still got odd coloured wheels on the car having failed to make my mind up. I think the wheels look best in silver but anthracite wheels look best in the car - if that makes sense?

    Thinking somewhere between the two shades or maybe a shadow chrome (like the old e39 M5 wheels).

    Seems to be a split decision amongst TLF users which hasn't helped much but I appreciate your thoughts :thumbsup:


    ps Only one person has noticed the different coloured wheels without being told so maybe I could do 50/50.......

    Oh and the car is Nightfall Blue

  5. 20 minutes ago, TonyKL said:

    True but I understand they are made in a very different way.

    Did you run Corsa's previously, if so how do the PS4 compare?  (noise, conform, grip, etc)

    Came straight off a decent set of Corsa's onto the PS4.

    Less noise, more comfort, better 'feel' through the wheel and a percieved improvement in grip. I say percieved improvement in grip because it's been so long since I've been out in the car when the roads weren't soaking wet or covered in winter shit/grit/leaves etc.

    Note: Corsa's were on standard V6 wheels, the Michelins went onto a new (to me) set of forged wheels so some of the improvements (feel and comfort maybe?) were due to the lighter wheels. 

    Either way, the car feels even nicer to drive now than it did when I bought it back in July. I also fitted PS4's to my daily driver (BMW 130i) last year and felt similar improvements.

  6. 37 minutes ago, Gashead1105 said:

    The thing is though that I've run PE2s and PS3s on a number of different hot renaults that were tracked. They've all had too soft sidewalls for even occasional track use, the tyre basically folding in on itself under heavy cornering loads and running on the sidewall - and I'm always sharp on track tyre pressures as well. No doubt they are great as pure road tyres, but I'm just not convinced. Leaning towards the Yokos again actually. 

    I've also had PE2's and PS3's on my 182 Trophy but not on track.

    PS3's briefly on the 130i when I first bought it 6 years ago and although memory fades they can't begin to compete with PS4.

    Considered AD08r on the Exige but for the way I use the car they're too much of a compromise. 

  7. 30 minutes ago, Gashead1105 said:

    What about Corsas? Noting Arun's comments about the AD08s being almost semi slicks, I'm leaning back towards the Corsas as I prefer something a bit more road biased. 

    PS4 fit the bill perfectly for my needs which seem pretty much the same as yours - heavy road use bias, only occasional track day use.

    Tyre tech seems to have advanced rapidly over the past few years and the PS4 is bang up to date (fair bit cheaper as well). I've also got 12,000+ miles on the set on my 130i and they've been exemplary so far.

    I'm sure either will do the job for you though.

  8. Put PS4's on mine a couple of weeks ago. Only got about 80 miles on them but first impressions are very, very good.

    Grip seems better (even on brand new rubber), they are quieter and ride has improved. I'd describe steering feel/feedback as more detailed because some of the harshness of the Corsa's has gone. 

    For me/my car (so far) they are better than the Cora's.


    ETA - some of the improvements I've noticed could be due to the lighter wheels. Also I've not driven it particularly hard yet.

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