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  1. Can I swich to 104 cams without changing the valves, valves springs, buckets, ect? Can I instal exel se pistons without changing crankshaft and con rods? I live in Warsaw Poland, but visiting UK often.
  2. I did so I know exel cams are better but but I still dont know if only for 2,2 internals or for 2,0 as well... and if Yes what would be the benefit.
  3. Hi everyone! I want some engine upgrade, hope You can help and share your expirience. I have 1975 elite with 907 engine. I want to upgrade cylinder head and do other upgrade for top of the engine. Im not looking for competition set up but for some increase power about 20+ and more smooth torque characteristics and overall better engine performance like: good start, reliability ect. I dont want to rebuild engine block and go for 2,2 and do turbo cause it looks out of my budget. Compresion is: 12; 12,8; 11,3; 11,2 (bar). Engine was cold when checked and 3 and 4 c
  4. I got elite 1975 and started to renovate. Looking forward to cruise around this summer! Hi everyone! Pablo
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