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  1. Can I swich to 104 cams without changing the valves, valves springs, buckets, ect? Can I instal exel se pistons without changing crankshaft and con rods? I live in Warsaw Poland, but visiting UK often.
  2. I did so I know exel cams are better but but I still dont know if only for 2,2 internals or for 2,0 as well... and if Yes what would be the benefit.
  3. Hi everyone! I want some engine upgrade, hope You can help and share your expirience. I have 1975 elite with 907 engine. I want to upgrade cylinder head and do other upgrade for top of the engine. Im not looking for competition set up but for some increase power about 20+ and more smooth torque characteristics and overall better engine performance like: good start, reliability ect. I dont want to rebuild engine block and go for 2,2 and do turbo cause it looks out of my budget. Compresion is: 12; 12,8; 11,3; 11,2 (bar). Engine was cold when checked and 3 and 4 cylinder have spark thread issue to solve so it might be better. Fuel presure is: 1,2 bar (before carb) Exhaust diamension is: first bigger one 1 1/2 ” after spliting each 1”. What are the pros and cons of lotus Exel 180Hp cylinder head direct swap to standard 907 engine ? Is it a good idea ? Any ideas for 907 Cylinder head rebuild? Not like huge budget but my friend do so some metal working on sport cars so he may help if needed. Is there anything worth doing with carbs components appart from rebuild and good setup? Is there any resonable option for upgrading ingition system? Any thing more to take care regarding top of the engine? Thanks for help. Paul
  4. I got elite 1975 and started to renovate. Looking forward to cruise around this summer! Hi everyone! Pablo
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