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  1. Yes possible , to make a product to replace the existing cluster it would involve reworking an original cluster , and to do that an exchange system will be needed to get hold of the necessary Evora Clusters , but a lot of Evora owners would want to keep the original to revert back later if they sell the car or change their mind
  2. Yes, a 3 screen approach was investigated and it is possible to fit into the mechanical outline of the original. Cost was the issue here , 2 extra screens and an extra processor to drive the additional screens . below you can see the bulge where the corner of the 12.3 was covered over , there are videos and pictures of it before the retrim
  3. This has been developed already on the electronics and software side , the sticking point is the mechanical fitting . A suitable screen size is 12.3 wide , but this would be too large at the corners , Take a look at the electric evora with Tesla drive , he had a 12.3 in there and holes were needed for the corner of the screen . I don't want to hijack the thread , so if someone wants to discuss this further I suggest starting a new thread . ..... back to this thread , it is possible to correct the mileage in an original evora instrument cluster , I have one for bench testing all the canbus codes . And correcting the mileage is part of the instrument clusters canbus messages So if someone buys a used cluster the mileage stored in it can be corrected to your cars mileage .
  4. I will be driving a VX220 myself with one fitted, the vx will be driven every day for a long term test. I therefore expect it to be approved in the same timescale as Lotus cars
  5. Anyone in South Wales want to help me out by testing an LCD dash ?
  6. Question on aftermarket ECU's The current MIL, Oil pressure warning lamp on Elise are on the canbus in newer cars If an aftermarket ECU is fitted then these warning lamps are lost , how are you guys managing with this ? I have an emerald ecu and its working OK with the necessary change to my code to accommodate the 29 bit canbus but in integrating that it dawned on me that these warning lamps will be lost naturally pre canbus cars S1 S2 k series will have no issue
  7. Yes I remember checking the dash , I have one in my sample box I just forgot about how it fits in the car
  8. I forgot about the VX220 , It has the same cowl over the Instrument cluster as the S1 ? I just checked for myself , different but the same style and the 8 inch will not fit I will maintain the 7 and 8 inch
  9. Emerald support should be finished for first release, just waiting for a K6 to arrive on loan I have a question I'm hoping I could get an approximate answer on How many S1 Elise were sold ? It looks like an 8 inch screen could be squeezed into the S2 onwards, I have parts arriving soon to test this but it will not fit into the S1, so the option is to 1. maintain a 7 and 8 inch solution , (7 inch would fit all) 2. go 8 inch only and get a larger cowl made for the s1 3. cut into the s1 cowl to make clearance for the corners of the screen.
  10. At the moment emerald k6 will not work due to the canbus being 29bit the system is setup for 11bit at the moment . This took care of most canbus implementations out there . i.e megasquirt started as 29bit but then introduced an 11bit option later to keep inline with standard configs. i wanted to avoid the extra complication of using both , but since discovering emerald is 29bit and emerald is popular in the Elise it will now be introduced .
  11. I have tested the canbus messages it can be seen on my last video so EX.OPEN and EX.SHUT are covered and anything else displayed in that location. i don't have the full screen launch control messages yet as I don't have any data on that , if someone needs that feature I will add a logger to capture the data sent to decipher later About 8 min into the video
  12. £500 is the target sales price and that price is looking achievable as the first test batch of dashes has now come off the production line . Dylan's dragon screen will not be in the release version It's an extra screen uploaded to the base system , which is one of the dashes features Dash owners can upload new screens into the library to be loaded on demand when switching screens . Yes it should work in the v6 exige , and if there are any issues I will fix them . i believe one of the testers on my list has a v6 exige so it's to proven soon enough
  13. I believe this is a design fault which has been rectified with a spacer in production cars I'm at the autosport show in January and if I don't find a solution before then I will stick my head under an Evora , exige v6 or 3 eleven to see for myself .
  14. I have tried a high power impact wrench and also a big hammer on the back of the cv (no rubber gaiter fitted ) and I could get it in a bit more 15mm left to go this was extreme and I did it as a real test I needed a big hammer to get it out again soft mallet , amber hammer would not get it out so I ended up riveting the front of the cv getting it out . I knew I would damage it but I was willing to sacrifice parts to perform a final test to prove it will not go in all the way
  15. There is nothing in the manual to explain it , I got the drawing above from the manual How does one contact the factory mailto:[email protected] I guess would be my first place. Exige v6 has the same hub at rear I discovered . So there's another route this prompted me to cross reference thanks everyone
  16. I never took the originals apart the used driveshafts I bought of eBay and the new hub also if eBay so I have 5 hubs from 3 different sources and 5 cv joints from 2 sources . the torque setting is 300nm for the hub nut this would not make it very hard to remove , but it would need a tap the used shafts have no signs of overtight fitting (marks in the spline) and there are no signs of hammering to get them out . but the strange thing is the drawing shows the parts touching (bearing face and cv joint )
  17. I have just ordered a used evora hub as a last test i would love to see a picture of an evora driveshaft and hub mated as I cant see at this stage its even possible in real life
  18. Ok , now I'm really lost . i have bought a pair of used Evora driveshafts and a new Evora hub .....still does not go the last inch I cannot make any sense of this at all
  19. My avatar picture is a render of the cad model of the car I'm building
  20. Yes , it can't be an inch out like the picture silly for me to think otherwise , the shafts were built from the distance between hub face and gearbox flange . So unless they go all the way in they are wrong . I found the cross section view from the Evora manual and it's defiantly touching the hub.
  21. thanks anyway I found detail on the abs sensor ring , it is in the hub bearing seal. "The hub bearing unit, which is common to all four wheels, is fixed to the hub carrier by 4 bolts, and in -corporates a wide spaced double row ball bearing and a vehicle speed sensor ring integrated into the inboard seal, whose 48 pole signal is picked up by a sensor mounted in the rear of the hub carrier. This data is used for the anti-lock brake, vehicle stability, engine management and speedometer functions. "
  22. A spacer of some sort would explain it , cant find anything in the Evora parts diagrams , ive never seen a drive shaft like this before . The speed sensor is mounted behind the hub , but the driveshaft has no abs ring on it ? So a separate abs ring would explain the gap , but nothing in the parts diagram ? heres a pic of an Evora upright with the speed sensor
  23. Hi I'm building a car which uses Evora hubs I have customs drive shafts with naturally an Evora outboard cv joint When test fitting they slide nicely into the hub spline but stop 3/4 way in Are they normally tight at the end ? I have not tried tightening them yet....put the nut on and it wont go any closersee picture im beginning to think this is normal and its as far as it can go
  24. Boost is in the data channels as MAP it can be mapped to a canbus feed or analogue , if you want to monitor boost then for sure you have an aftermarket ecu already , and likely to have a canbus connection . It's a matter of graphics that will use the data . I will create a mini gauge that can be placed in the dark free space available on the road screens (original lotus) , upto 4 could fit in the free space. These can be used to display , oil temp , oil pressure , map , afr (o2, lambda) i remember now , vag 5cyl turbo with syvecs s6 ecu. when can we see it on the road ??
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