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  1. did anyone save the silk red esprit ?
  2. Laika

    No esprit ?

    Only one yellow esprit at the club lotus event at goodwood today... Lots of Elise, Exige, Elan, elan +2, Europa vx220, even new Europa and Evora... but only one Esprit, No esprit on the track...
  3. Mines now done 105k... and about half as bad as that, time for new shocks, springs and arm bushes..
  4. You need a proper toy :
  5. A blue elise s1 near Salisbury A modern blue elise between Salisbury and Bath A red m100 near Bath A red Ferrari 360 modena with a white stripe near Epsom who waved me...not sure why.. maybe 360 Ferrari owners are civilised enough to appreciate an esprit A boy in a blue debadged Vauxhall corsa with wings, an ironing board, some bits a pieces from a cycle helmet and farty exhaust gave me a nod... which was hilarious A thumbs up from a boxster driver... A youth in a Subaru tried an exhaust battle in Bath.. and lost miserably
  6. Ahaa , I actually downloaded it earlier.. will be a while till I get to test it as I dropped the esprit back in storage this morning.
  7. Found boot aldl. Exactly the same result. Tried on another laptop, same result. Could but be my cable ?
  8. Yes, esprit mon cfg is set to 0 I cannot find the boot connector, I have searched around the battery and fuse box without success
  9. Spent another couple of hours on this today, Freescan says P.00 - Finding start header When ignition is on or engine running. This is the only response I receive. I have tried to force data on interact, with no bytes sent or recieved. Espritmonv4 is not showing spark... it is showing a response in the spark table but the engine isn't running ! So I downgraded to espritmonv3.... no spark junk data anymore.... but no data whatsoever
  10. Hi. 1998 esprit gt3 I am using an aldl cable from the forum and free scan 2.1.0 Freescan is set to 100ms Com1 USB configured Com 1 Baud 9600 Press start and nowt happens... it tries to start but no data is exchanged I tried different baud and went up and down the speeds in freescan and made no progress , including setting baud to 8200 If I use espritmon all I get is the spark, which does change with revs...
  11. So I bought the Ebay item recommended by rs blu... Only to discover that there is no way to extract the broken shaft from the rear of the existing mirror ! So instead I used epoxy and repaired the original mount... So now I have a spare mount !
  12. Laika

    Would like a europa

    hello, if i had a chassis number do i verify it with the lotus club or lotus directly?
  13. Laika

    Would like a europa

    Hello I have started looking for a Europa to restore.. I have an esprit and an elan.. Europa would fill the gap between a TC special in JPS would be lovely, but any Europa considered if complete, don't mind if it is in pieces...
  14. If you drive everyday, then yes, if occasional you are better off with touch up pen and polish I have ppf on my daily driver but not on my esprit... although after 100000 miles it needs front paint... not bad after 21 years
  15. Hello. I am looking for a Stevens wind deflector and roof bag.. mine have gone missing
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