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  1. Hello In uk Spoke to Steve at SJS, their next delivery window is april 20th Christopher neil/oakmere are closed Pnm answered my call but have had a message back about placing orders... I need front disks and pads for gt3 plus some balljoints/spacers/bolts/washers for my suspension rebuild but cannot find anyone still shipping parts in uk.. Anyone you know still able to supply parts in the uk? I have a list of original lotus part numbers and descriptions and money to pay!
  2. Haven't got around to fixing this yet... but noticed last month that the heater is not as hot as it should be... could it be related ?
  3. And just in case anyone is interested, same 1988 magazine, immaculate ferrari 246 dino, for 32k.. just shy of 100k in today's money, so a profit today of about 100k !... but if you bought a Daytona for 125k in 1988 you made a 40k loss...
  4. Researching another purchase i came across a 1988 magazine with this advert from bell and colville in Surrey, UK. An esprit III for 15k... that's 35k today accommodating 3.15% av per year. So if you bought that esprit in 1988 and stored it in a dry chamber, warmed it, serviced it diligently , but no mileage... it made no money at all...actually a loss if you count insurance and service costs... Lesson; drive it !
  5. My alpine in the mountains An amazing car, a joy to thrash through the mountains... but still love my lotus more
  6. Frolicking was interrupted by a corsa... now hidden by a hedge
  7. Hello it is part number GM 296 90 229 528 And I found one for sale in Germany! Mine is missing one roll pin and the spring... still works sortof...
  8. Esprit 1998 GT3 I am looking for a roof bag and deflector... also looking for a glass roof but will be happy with the bag and deflector for now... Missed the one that came up on the forum late last year, which reminded me !
  9. Hello A couple of years ago the plastic clasp/lock/latch on the glove box collapsed into a pile of parts in the footwell, I have pieced it back together to hold my glove box closed but I cannot work out how the torsion spring should be placed... anyone taken a lock apart can advise how the spring is oriented?
  10. Thought I would share some recent MOT experience. My 1998 GT3 has been MOT'd at the same place for three years, the first two times it had warnings about front "drop link" bushes... I pointed out that there aren't any ! But for two years they cut and pasted the warnings word for word... at the 2019 MOT they managed to bash the gear lever so hard without using the lift ring that the whole mechanism popped off... inside the central chassis rail.. they also jammed the drivers door closed... so I had them trailer it to me where I made repairs. I took it to my local garage who work on my daughters kia... and it passed the GT3 with no advisories... Just goes to show that an established garage with experienced "more mature" mechanics are the secret to keeping these cars alive and healthy...
  11. Red evora passing through pinner high street on christmas eve eve The evora looks so much better in person than in photos.
  12. Looks like I will be busy in the new year... Thanks to Bibs and @internets to get my pressie delivered before christmas.
  13. Yes ! It is in the diagrams as "refer to 17.07" which is the page for dashboard dials ! A bit "dan brown" in tracking it down... at least i didn't have to run around an Italian city.
  14. Freescan is showing temp is 80... dash temp is 65ish I found the ecm coolant temp sensor A910E6928F. Where is the dash temp sender ? I looked in the parts manual and it is referred to as 03a/A082N6075F but isn't shown in any diagrams!
  15. Working! The software was ok, it was a dodge cable. @Internets came round, diagnosed it and now I have a new cable and a working windows tablet and freescan dashboard..
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