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  1. With injection dont you also need to replace the pump, add a swirl pot, add a fuel regulator and a return to tank ?
  2. thank you all for your rapid responses, i have contacted the admin
  3. Hi, I am looking for an elite, must be original spec, ideally a type 87 with power steering and aircon Dont mind needing work, or just a recomission, or a lovely original much loved classic...
  4. Hello Does anyone know how I can contact the moderator at My account has existed for years, but I cannot get authorised, probably because of my email domain. I would like to contact the mod to assure them I am a genuine enthusiast !
  5. I used to store my esprit at a facility. They used to kindly wash the car when I returned it. Over the months i started to miss trim parts, the trim around the mount of the wing mirror... the plastic trim around a wing mirror... for months I suspected that they were knocking them off when putting covers on and off... then I went to pickup the car to find all the lacquer blasted off a front wing... then I realised they were muppets with a water lance..
  6. Wheel skates like these Or I bought 4 oil barrel skates and welded plates on them for my tyres to fit on... but proper skates didn't exist then...
  7. Someone dug a groove into my new alpine a couple of months ago, no witnesses or cctv, had to suck up 1500 in repairs and another day for detailing...
  8. Hello GT3 later generation. I need to refresh my springs and suspension generally. After pricing up various options I find myself needing your guidance: I want to go "standard", so i don't want adjustable perches, knobs and bells etc. Options: LOTAC suspension from shop above, described as: 4 x Springs, 4 x Dampers from the Lotus Suspension Refresh Programme. or Individual Dampers and Springs from SJS (or other vendors), which end up looking exactly the same but cheaper I did call around the vendors and they could not supply "Lotus suspension refresh Programme" sets, only individual parts. My Gut says go with the refresh programme items, but is there actually any difference ?
  9. Laika

    +2 seats

    Apparently the jaguar xjs recaro manual (not powered) seats fit in the elan +2, but I haven't tried.
  10. Would love to save this one looks like uk vat on it could be as low as 5% !!
  11. Followed shortly after by an ac cobra, a 1930s rolls Royce and an mgb... Just a sunny day on the island...
  12. If you saw the way they "restored" the body of the lotus elan, I am not surprised if their cars turn up in a sorry state.. read the same story about a Jensen on the owners forum... turns up a couple of years later needing new metal..
  13. I used an autopod to restore my classic elan, even painted in it, it survived a year with no adverse effects.. but I am nowhere near the sea ! It has guy roles and a metal frame so should survive well.
  14. Laika

    No Lotus

    I did an esprit road trip london to edinburgh via windermere, tewkesbury, glasgow, loch lomond... not in that order and didn't see a single lotus for 5 days....
  15. lotus elan +2 near chertsey on 21st may
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