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  1. Laika

    Emira lite

    I love the Emira, I will get an i4 and make it lite ! Before they stuff it full of batteries and then it doesn't matter anymore.
  2. Laika

    Emira lite

    I agree with @iwantone, the emira interior is great, and bibs is right, it probably controls all the trickery... But I bet it has some useless graphic of the gearbox or trackattack timers and gforce mode all of which are pointless. No touch panel covered in fingerprints, no speakers, no outdated GPS mapping, rip it out and put in a knob for heating and air. Take out the electric seats too...Save 50kgs...
  3. Laika

    Emira lite

    As many of you are more informed than me, will there ever be a GT3esque "lite" Emira, specifically an Emira without a tablet stuck to the dashboard like a 1980s cellphone. I hated it in my alpine, and desperately hope there will be a headless version of the Emira..
  4. Agree with @ICW Earth across UJ. I also have another earth between the column bracket to the bulkhead that goes to the chassis bolt behind the dashboard. I think I put that one in as you can't have enough good earth's on an Elan !
  5. On hindsight (at the time it seemed ok) I have done some bold work on cars.. but even that I would have avoided, that is some proper no way back dedication
  6. S2 body (white) S300 chassis Lexus LFA v10 Porsche G50 gearbox Late binnacle momo steering wheel interior with 2019 alpine a110 buckets with the cross stitching and alpine branding removed (most comfortable seats ever)
  7. I have used: On the market Anglia car auctions Coys On the market were a bit vague and didn't sell my car. It did end up with the highest bidder oddly enough, when I sold it through a dealer. Anglia are a bit "cash deal mate" and whenever I have been there the stock seems a bit tired but priced accordingly, some good deals can be had there. Never ever ever ever using Coys again.
  8. Possibly, I will call them, I didn't follow up on them as they are sport 300 brackets
  9. Hi, I have a GT3 with the V8 "comfort" seats. I have come across one bare bucket and can make it a pair.. I have a trimmer lined up to trim them, and I can paint them... but I am missing the brackets. I am hoping someone can send me dimensions for the brackets so I can get them made. Thanks in advance.
  10. Three key things to look for: Full documented service history with no/few gaps... These cars need regular, annual care without skimping. Large pile of receipts for the things that need doing like bushes, springs, brakes, Aircon leaks, fan replacements, clutch hoses, clutches, oil radiators and hoses etc.. as this demonstrates taking care of the things when they come up rather than when they break something else... Frequent use, this is the key for me; 104k miles and never fails me...
  11. Car cover makes it worse, but I have no choice Foxes chew on my aerial when it is uncovered !
  12. If you're using a folded chassis your engine will be slightly higher than mine, I am using a Spyder chassis which has an additional cross brace behind the gear lever location which fouls the T50 gearbox lever relocation mechanism. That cross brace is not present on a real chassis. I wanted to ensure that the engine and box were perfectly level in the chassis , the only way to achieve that was to clear the brace by lowering the engine slightly. The clearance engine to column is fine, the clearance could be an issue with the alternator in its original position. If you use an ECU you no longer require the distributor so you can relocate the alternator to the opposite side. I kept the distributor so I made a custom mount to lift the alternator about 40mm from the original position.
  13. I agree with sparky,79, and it will not fit in a "modern" garage, the gap is just too small to get through without needing paint every month. Once in a standard garage you cannot open the door enough to get out... Hence my GT3 lives out doors By standard garage I mean the kind of garage built on modern estates in the UK.
  14. But only via boot port, passenger... and of course the convenient port, is totally unresponsive... any ideas ?
  15. Just fitted one of these this week in the engine bay: 2mtr Plus a 50 second firestick fitted by driver seat and a 2.5 kg powder in passenger footwell.. That should cover it.. Both links for example only, so you know what i am talking about.
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