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    Would like a europa

    hello, if i had a chassis number do i verify it with the lotus club or lotus directly?
  2. Hello I have started looking for a Europa to restore.. I have an esprit and an elan.. Europa would fill the gap between a TC special in JPS would be lovely, but any Europa considered if complete, don't mind if it is in pieces...
  3. If you drive everyday, then yes, if occasional you are better off with touch up pen and polish I have ppf on my daily driver but not on my esprit... although after 100000 miles it needs front paint... not bad after 21 years
  4. Hello. I am looking for a Stevens wind deflector and roof bag.. mine have gone missing
  5. Laika

    Pyrenees trip

    Montig-les-bains to aix-les-thermes D14 D17 D118 D25 Epic Then.. if you have time los picos des europa Completed my roadtrip down there in December and saw one car every two hours...admittedly it was meant to be snow season so those roads are usually closed...
  6. Was watching petrolicious earlier. A 1960s porsche 718 reliving the targa florio in ghr handsof derek bell, and realised that what the a110 has done is exactly what the 718 did in the sixties. A small, light, lithe 4 cylinder beating all the v12s and v8s... but the reborn 718 is too big to live up to its own heritage... Having just added 2000 sublime miles thrashing through narrow, vicious Pyrenees mountain roads, light, small and precise is exactly the right recipe.. would never have got the GT3 through there alive.
  7. A few more days commuting, now by choice. I lost power to my nearside headlamp and offside side lamp yesterday evening! no banging or fiddling lucas joints got them to come alive again so i am going to investigate in the carpark now and my brake light switch is now "assisted" by a piece of wood to stop it popping out the back of the pedal box. I have realised that my fog/spot lights are opposite sides, I had fitted fog nearside but the lense throws the light to the right (I am RHD), into the faces of oncoming drivers..although they all drive faux-by-faux so not really their faces... their numberplate reflects it back at I am going to swap lenses. Speedo is accurate to 60mph and thereafter it gets very vague...recently discovered that 70 on the dial is 94 on GPS.... Elan goes back into storage and some electrical work to the high beam circuit over the weekend, Also have to work on the front suspension, the new top balljoints lasted 500 miles... don't make things like they used to...
  8. I am looking to take a chance on an engine and gearbox to rebuild. Shame it is somewhere lhd...
  9. image of radio if that helps...[email protected]/shares/2f7re7
  10. This morning I "deleted" my servo before the usual commute... I now have a progressive firm pedal. The variable pedal with sudden servo assist a the end of travel has vanished, the dragging brakes have vanished... Lotus is transformed ! I can now stop when and where I want ! Braking confidence restored. While I am here I thought I would share how a faux-by-faux parked next to me so the they could get out.. Notice how my roof doesn't even reach the windowsill.[email protected]/LQ4K7w
  11. I have a sonolor 1970s period FM radio in my elan plus 2. It has buttons FM FR.1 EUR.1 LUX. GO PO Left knob on/off volume. Right knob tuner. I have powered up and only get static out of the speaker.. As this is a French radio will it work in the UK ?
  12. My modern daily driver went in for "paint correction" So I figured... my elan is taxed.. insured...road legal... So all last week and so far this week the elan has been a daily driver ! Things I love: Noise: It sounds lovely People: Thumbs up from bikers, van drivers and compliments in Eastern European.. I think Interior: Love the glow of analogue dials and bulbs. Overall: It starts every time, it is a nice place to be.. everything works.. most of the time.. and some things suddenly repair themselves... the dash lights sometimes have a little think before they come on. The intermittent clock illumination has fixed itself... I had to remove the glovebox bulb as it flicks on and off on bumpy roads... the fog lights now work and the rear demister is better than my modern daily driver ! Snag list: Drive train rumble/bang , I think my transmission is touching the chassis somewhere... I had a ticking, which turned out to be the handbrake lever touching the ribs on the rotoflex (yes, i like rotoflex !), I had a weird squishing which was a loose spinner.. my radiator fan failed.. needed a new thermostat.. I still have an annoyingly variable brake pedal, and what feels like a dragging brake, I replaced the servo, master cylinder, vacuum hoses, return valves.. and rebuilt rear calipers over the weekend to no improvement (thanks to oakmere for next day delivery) I have very heavy steering.. my toe-in looks excessive... which may be contributing to what I think is wheel rub at full lock. Seems to pickup dirt like a sponge ! Overall a great daily drive.
  13. I confess to having an alpine a110. I still have my esprit gt3, which retains its crown despite being 20 years older. I have been lucky enough to drive almost every super and sports car apart from mclaren. And only one exceeded expectations... the GT3. One other made me think it was what ferrari and maserati were aiming for: a Porsche 997 classic.. which surprised me as all 911 I have driven were appalling... the evora did nothing for me.. it's lineage is too elise/exige. The alpine reminds me very much of a lotus. The steering, roadholding and performance are familiar... but it is the nod to its heritage, the clear design DNA from 1955 to the 2018 combined with the oldschool way it delivers is what won it hands down. It really does feel like a modern lotus more than a modern lotus does ! But writing this has made me realise that the 997 classic is in a similar vein.. a modern twist on the classic.. maybe I am a sucker for auto boxes, ESC and ABS... it is nice to drive in the rain without fearing a sudden turbo induced sideways moment... Or is is that I am sick of faux 4x4 clogging the roads... lotus should be embracing thier heritage for the next esprit and +2... never an suv. Maybe I respect the guts and innovation it took to bring the alpine back, true to its origin.
  14. Also used in TVR 1600. 2500 and 3000m Switches available from oakmere and sjs
  15. Gave chase in alpine a110... but you got way ahead of me
  16. Friday about 16.30 Gave chase.. but lost sight on bypass towards hillingdon
  17. ahaaaaaa.... i don't have access to my esprit, it is in storage, can someone tell me how long the stalk is from mount to ball ?
  18. Dropped off my non lotus for auction and spotted a white s2 due to go under the hammer at syon park on saturday Nice original car !
  19. Hi While in storage the rear view mirror has just "fallen off" . Basically snapped the stalk off the Base. I can see sjs do one for 110+ vat But i was wondering if the mirror is common to something more mudsne like an Austin allegro !! Let me know Thanks
  20. Thanks everyone. I now have the cable and software. .
  21. Hi. I have pulled together a laptop with a serial port ! And another with a usb to rs232 adaptor I now need an all cable. Should contact the suggested names as a PM ?
  22. Hi GT3 1998 with v8 style dash. Very rarely.. but fIive times over the past year.. while idling it just stops.. restarts everytime. If I am coasting at the time (to save my left foot) I can bump it in gear and it starts before we have stopped rolling Not really a problem... but it must be symptomatic of something not quite right... throttle sensor ??
  23. Hi I commute in my GT3 in stop start motorway traffic... not ideal ! during this recent hot weather in the UK I have been keeping an eye on my temp gauge. .. And noticed it never goes over 80 degrees ! Surely that cannot be right ... please let me know and possible rectification or tests
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