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  1. France: I was driving into Europe to speed legally, meet friendly people and drink great beer. Esprit: Re-read, I said I had fun in all my cars, my Lotus ownership and experience was ace, please don't wish it otherwise. 996: Yes, you can buy one for £10k, and if you are not one of the unlucky 1 in 10 (Porsche's own failure figures) then you have a bargain. But the failure threads are now almost daily, Hartech rebuilds with the upgrades that stop it happening again are near £10k, if you keep that as a contingency fund then it's fun motoring and you are covered. IF I had to have a 9
  2. Yes, in Scotland it's a pretty bad word, I did not know until a Friend from Northern Ireland told me. To me it's what our family called the Germans and something from my 'Warlord' and 'Commando' comic, but as a slur it starts with sectarian links, today is strong in Scottish football terrace racism and in Ireland and everywhere else for that matter it's an anti protestant slur. There are people not even born yet that will be arguing over the word long after I'm gone, the world is littered with modern people looking for something histor
  3. True to some extent mate, but the last air cooled models (964 and 993) are rising like crazy. Turbo variants are mad too, when I bought mine a Turbo was £50k, have a look today, they are £80k-£100k or more... I think much of this is the watercooled cars engine failures, google 996 and the first page is full of IMS bearing failures, bore scoring and engine rebuilds. Whereas the model before it (993) has a bulletproof engine and excellent reputation. A 1998 Porsche 993/911 Carrera will set you back £35k-40k, the next years model 1998 Porsche 996/911 will be £10k for a very good example.
  4. It was a great three years mate, I so wanted to keep the thing, it sat there for months without use, unplug the charger, no prep, no fluids to check (no fluids at all apart from oil and there's a guage on the dash for that), start it and drive 11 hrs straight to Berlin. Incredible motor. My initial plan was to keep it, use it for days out, stick a kiddie seat in the back, it was the only car I have owned since 1997 that was suitable for family use and even at 130k miles it felt like new, plenty of these are at 200k miles now and engine builds are virtually unknown... But we have a fami
  5. Cheers guys Who dicked around with my thread title?
  6. Well, was struggling for a title then... But hey! general chat topics today are death, fishing, depression, council tax, religion and scottish independance... Just a quick hello to say what I've been at, spoke to Bibs yesterday and said I would. We have been enjoying Porsche 993 ownership more than I have enjoyed any car. I bought it for £16,500 three years ago and have not looked back. They are amazing cars. We have been taking it into Europe and generally having a great time. Here's some highlights, if I may indulge, which I intend to... Last year we did a 2100 mile week, we got o
  7. Paul C


    Looks great mate. Vic told me she'd seen on the facebook. They are great when they are new, they can piss on at least two really important things before you get angry with them.
  8. Fair enough mate. As the Cayman and Evora are daily choices and it's all about choice, from cars to the jars in the sweetshop! But... Your drive of the Cayman means nothing compared to the 'older' less tech heavy, raw and twitchy 'driver' 911 cars that gave the 911 its name. That would be to say that driving an Evora gives you a good enough impression of what an S1 Elise would be like. The Evora and Cayman to me are capable and controlled daily drivers from companies that have a history of making wildly impractical Sportscars. Given the choice of the two, I'd buy
  9. Absolutely right. Go to pistonheads and look at a late '97 Porsche 911 (993) for price (£35k), then look at an early '98 Porsche 911 (996) for price (£10k). You could buy three, maybe four early 1998 cars for the price of one late 1997 car. There are very few used production cars where a jump to the new model means you pay 75% less. The early mass produced water cooled cars are now hitting a value lower than their engine, While the low volume air cooled cars rise and rise... I have no real love for any modern Porsche, Lotus or pretty much anything come to that. In fact all
  10. Paul C

    new yrs day

    Indeed! Don't miss the Wellington Hanger! My dad was ten during the second world war and lived near rugby, they used to play on planes crashed in local fields, I took this video of the Brooklands Wellington to show him. Him and his brothers nicked loads of machine gun shells from a badly guarded wellington crash...
  11. Paul C

    new yrs day

    Tip: Update any road angel/sat nav/warning system you have. Those roads: Stow, broadway. Moreton, shipston and fosse way are my playground. In the past few months they have been installing DS2 speed traps under the road. If these are new to you, then the DS2 is a trap under the road that the van parks up and logs onto: there is nothing for you to see, by the time you have seen the van you will have already been over the trap. Three months ago the updates on my POGO started to add these, and if it's quiet and I drive slow enough I can see the fresh loop of tarmac where they h
  12. Been watching this thread... Take care with that. If you go up the gears my 6 speeder can see 120mph at under 3,000 revs, the engine is not even slightly working. 14 years of Lotus and I get my first points in the 911, and Vicki is watching the letterbox as we speak after her last drive. It's almost fluid the german thing, from zero to whatever speed you want, cutting through tarmac and MPH like butter, it's a world away from that (extremely fun!) noisy, gripping the wheel bump-fest of wind noise, wiper lifting, front end lightness and occasional check lights you get used t
  13. A late Happy Christmas and an Early happy new year to all of you. Hope you have some drives over the holiday, weather allowing, and I look forward to Donny and a night out with you lot next year.
  14. Paul C

    TLF Christmas party

    That's a bit expensive for a drink? £7.50 a pint and you only get to sit down when you are on your eighth? What time we meeting?
  15. Paul C

    TLF Christmas party

    As one of the '3' that did, I'm happy for you to take my dosh, and the other 2 if they agree, and buy the man a bottle of something please. I don't want it back.
  16. Paul C

    TLF Christmas party

    Weather looks great next weekend, here, yours, and all along the route! Kent is looking like it will not have it's early December snowfest, the saxo can stay home and a few hundred miles of pork might be on the cards. Why are we not green, I paid yonks ago.
  17. Paul C

    TLF Christmas party

    It's a crazy angle, It's big but more subtle than it looks: Breakfast at Brooklands last week (I'm on the left) we had sixty cars turn up on a wet day. Porsche meets are always an absolute rainbow of bright colours! As you can see, I'm out and enjoying myself still. Switching brands is like starting a new school, everything is new, great fun. It's still nice to catch up with old friends mind, and I'm looking forward to seeing you, yer dad, and the rest next month.
  18. Paul C

    TLF Christmas party

    Who'd have thought it? Four months between posts! Looking forward to this guys, and the place we are going is a real treat too, I am very much looking forward to their selection of Belgian beers which will keep fans of both the fruity and the dark very happy. Was at Bibs and Laura's lovely new pad again only the other weekend with this wing in the back of a Saxo having picked up from Tonbridge. So for those that wondered how my Porsche ownership was going, here's what it looks like now matey!
  19. What little I know is the display cars are not the kind you or I own and enjoy, the Porsche allocation was a handful of very rare and expensive classics owned by tweed wearing pipe smokers and everything else was refused. You should have mailed them as Andrew Bibblebetts Farquar, and told them you were arriving by helicopter while your men trailered the car over from the museum. IMO this was an oppertunity lost by Chris Evans as he could have had fields and field of petrolheads and their cars AND hundreds of people wanting to see them and get a bit closer than the 'don't touch' signs on
  20. Greeting my small and leaky engined friends! If the weather is nice I'm up for the miles. Will bring a selection of local sausages of course, and my papers will most certainly in order. 1 & 2: Bibs & Laura 3: Moxie (in absentia) 4: gt111 5: x27eve 6: Paul C Cheers for the invite mate.
  21. The best that you have is a complement indeed. Many thanks. Had a lovely drive this weekend, went from CC down to Wales and then came back today. Have not owned a car with working aircon since 1997 (Esprit S3, Esprit SE had broken aircon, Elise had none, first 911 had none) and I must say it made a HUGE difference in how much I enjoyed driving in the sun. I hate being hot. Rock solid, 3.6 litres of aircooled engine purring through hundreds of miles effortlessly, accelerating fast lag free and silk smooth, burbley overrun, icy cold cabin, and the most comfortable seats I've ever had.
  22. Popped in early afternoon on my way to Wales, nice to see familiar faces again, and a welcome back for some guys I've not seen for a while, nice Aston GKP! Sorry to miss Mark B, guess I got there to late as I arrived two hours after I'd normally have packed up and gone. A castle combe Lotus day with no rain? Took a couple of photographs:
  23. Take care in that area guys. I got caught by a mobile camera near that A34 junction last month, northbound A34 some miles before the M4. It's crap now it's little tripods you can't see and not big vans on the bridges. The one that got me is not on any of the mobile camera sat nav updates, it's not on my Pogo, not on the trapster app, It's not on any of the camera maps online. So I could not see it and nothing onboard could give me warning.... Have lived a charmed life. But I now simply won't speed under a bridge. Which TBH just makes for fun acceleration moments in between, so I still w
  24. Which model? Is it a diver? Chances are I've owned/bought/sold that model at some stage or other. As a rule, full size autos are worth more. Then mid full size quartz/mid size divers. Then mid size quartz, nobody wants them much. (got a fair bit of this all typed out ready to paste) Box and papers are not everything IF you know how to use macro AND you know what to photograph. Be aware how many seconds the watch gains/loses in 24hrs, you will get asked. Plus if it's impressive add that info. Measure bracelet length and be under rather than over. Measure watch size. Phot
  25. If only you knew the power of the dark side...
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