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  1. Stop test driving the new gay 'lady owner' porsches mate! Go drive an SC or a 3.2, you don't have to have cup holders and driver aids, my money is you would love it, right? Thats what you are really scared of isn't it mate? I'm just off to pick up mine from service and MOT, then a drive maybe...
  2. It shares the (non PAS) SE heavy steering, in fact the wheel is much harder to turn at slow or stationary speeds. Both cars have bugger all in the front, the porsche has oil coolers, the Esprit has an aircon rad, a chargecooler rad and a coolant rad, but the porsche is heavier, maybe due to the metal body or the fact the fuel tank is up there too. The gearbox is really nice, it's the 915 and not the 'must have' G50 unit, but it's very positive. It only really likes first when stationary but if you read up thats correct, and 2nd covers from standing to 40mph which makes town driving easy. Handling is not a patch on the Elise, thats the best handling car i've ever owned. i don't think it's as forgiving as the esprit but thus far i've only felt it slipping once and that was on a shitty road to be fair. 100mph + and it's the most comfortable car i've had. road noise is almost non exsistant, and sound proofing makes a conversation easy. The seats are very cosy. Driving position is odd. I'm short legged and this is an issue here.The seat is so far forward that a 6ft'er has enough leg room to sit behind me. The steering wheel is massive and i'm sat up like a bus driver, lock to lock is much greater too, feels like almost one turn more than the Elise/esprit. Clutch is hard, as is the brake pedal. Acceleration is superb and while an N/A it feels as good as my SE turbo, but perhaps at 140 the SE would have it. The big plus is the character, it's like nothing i have ever driven and was exactly the change i was looking for. I feel EXACTLY how i did the first weekend i got my S3 esprit back in the late 90's. It will take many miles to get used to it.
  3. Believe it or not: Midnight creeps so slowly into hearts of men Who need more than they get Daylight deals a bad hand to a woman Who had laid too many bets ....comes from Boogie wonderland.
  4. Been out in it all morning, did not see another Porsche of any flavour which did suprise me. Common is subjective, over the last 13 years of taking my cars to meets the most common cars i have seen are Lotus cars, i've seen hundreds and hundreds of them, very often the same cars over and over again. Of course 911's are way more common, they built millions of them, i've just looked at less of them. Well probably millions, in fact i've got no idea. Vicki asked last night and i realised i have no idea: What BHP my car has. What it's top speed is. What it's 0-60 is. And i still have not looked it up as i type. Maybe i'm less bothered about stats than i was? Thinking about it i've no idea what the 0-60 or top end was on the Elise. God i'd be crap at top trumps!
  5. It's THE definative Esprit of a lot of people, including myself. It's when they got it bang on. The S4s and S4 did not come close to being more desirable, the V8's did not trash the 4cyl performance enough to eclipse it with any real credibility. I'd have loved to own a Sport 300, i liked the fact my SE looked more like it than later cars, but i'd have loved to have been in that exclusive club for even a short time.
  6. A nod to luke's pet shop boys... But as a smiths fan, most other stuff seems lyrically infantile to me. You need people lke Bragg and Morrissey writing lyrics instead of fishing for a ryhme. As a side note, i think the Beatles and Paul Mccartney wrote the most mindless, meaningless (for the sake of a cheap singalong rhyme) and cringeworthy lyrics ever put down on vinyl. But, that short arsed moron midget 'Prince' who has to ruin everything he has ever recorded by having a wailing orgasm in the middle of every track (alphabet street, the wan*er), really bigged out with this: "My name is Prince and I am funky When it come to funk I am a junky" Cock, but not as big a cock as the poeple that bought his records. I mean for f****s sake, why not just ram pencils into you eardrums and shred your money instead, Please. Neneh Cherry went to the same 'song ruining school' as prince, it was like, yeah, buffalo stance, great song Neneh, please don't, oh go please don't, oh god no!!!! Yep, another crap rap in the middle of everything she has ever done. People that enjoy the utterings of Coldplay and the chuffing Lighthouse family truely deserve an instant death sentence without trial. Stop me if i'm being too harsh.
  7. Christ, i was trying to work out the four levers, sensor and winding wheel, now i look and see as this guide suggests there are a further two levers between the seats!!! "For heat pull the floor levers up and all the panel control levers to the left to give you max heat to the floor. If you need heat on the windshield move the bottom (usually red) panel lever to the right. If you want a floor & windshield mix put the bottom panel lever in the middle.The floor levers also control the heater blower fan (in engine compartment). About halfway through the lever motion it will turn on the blower fan. Without the blower fan on you should get less heat flow. The top panel lever controls the fresh air supply and fresh air blower fan. Top lever to the left is fresh air fan off, to the right fresh air fan max on. If you have two upper levers the left is fresh air vent control and the right is fresh air fan control. (Both upper levers still to the left for max heat). The Middle panel lever (usually blue) directs the fresh air flow. Left for floor or right for the windshield and side vents. Close the side vents to maximize air to floor or window. I think this applies to heat or fresh air..." I did not have a hope in hell of sussing that out while driving (not that i've really got it now!), cheers for the info, i'll have to get and english owner book. Booking it in now for MOT and 12,000 mile service, it does not need that level service but it's the kind of thing i do when i get a new car, know it's mechanically alltogether. You guys have been pretty kind so far... 'pity the fool'? Nah! I've owned Lotus cars for thirteen years, if i ate my favorite meal every night for thirteen years i'd get sick of it and want something else, do the whole sweetshop i say!
  8. Have been covering miles and looking at cars. Came to realise that i'm looking at 25 year old cars with 100,000 miles on them, and to accept the 'things to look for' will be there, found this pretty tidy car just 30 miles away. Bit dark but thats how it was getting home. Plus point is the interior, it's ace, no money to spend. It will need a front wing/wings at some point but i've got that covered as the asking was £14,000 and i paid £11,500 to cover a bit of body fetting. I've got bags of history, new brakes and clutch, original tools, first aid etc. The REAL selling point is that Bob Watson, a very local specialist that i had already made contact with and visited, has been looking after this car and it is known to him. I was able to chat to someone who has worked on it and able to view the car while on the phone to ask how much various things cost. This enabled me to get £2,500 off asking, on the basis that i will genuinely go on to spend at least that on the car this year. Have possible found some original fuch's to replace the later rims fitted too. It feels great to be in a classic car again. My S3 esprit was always a classic to me but my SE Esprit and Elise were too young to feel like that (but in time they will be), the car has that kind of old smell to it that only G shape Esprits seem to have. Lovely change, but so different from Lotus feel, driving it is like wrestling a chimp. The thing i can really understand is how the 'in the wet' legend has come about. Tonight it was dry and i was STAGGERED how grippy the rear end was and how fast it would corner, the engine weight on those rear tyres just gave it so much grip. I am under no illusions what would happen if that grip was lost (try throwing a dart backwards). I'm absolutely buggered if i can work out the heater controls, there are about four sliders and wheel to turn, and some weird sensor thing. Need to get an english handbook. One of the good things is i'm back to owning a car i can get my mates wheelchair into so we can do stuff again. Well happy. I was really stuck with the 'i want a new car but it has to have a Lotus badge' thing, i don't owe lotus a key fob at the end of the day and it really limited my choice more than i would allow it too. I just know i'll never regret owning two Lotus Esprits, a lotus Elise, and an Air cooled 911. Bibs, you are right, i do feel i should pop over to north Eygpt kick and my grandads headstone over...
  9. Could be small, i saw John Otway play in the back of my local pub once, to about fifty people. He did crazy horses.
  10. When I saw this thread I figured it might be that Kimbers saw Yuri Gagarin down at his local swimming pool. No doubt to then exchange winks with the guy, chat about rough entries etc...
  11. Happy Birthday mate Hope you've given the staff a day off?
  12. Going through town, a red stevens with grey sills and one of those Irish reg numbers. Anyone?
  13. S1? If so thats rare. Thats gotta be a Sport 160, the SVA ones came in scandal and black, very low numbers...
  14. TBH mate the forum has helped me in that respect. When we were LEF (lotus esprit forum for any newbies) i felt that i needed above all else to continue Esprit ownership to be 'part of the gang', i f you are with me? When we became TLF it felt like any Lotus ownership would be ok so there was a wider choice, having the Elise made me less of an outcast. In fact the launch of TLF saved me much merciless pisstaking i am sure. But i found myself REALLY limiting my next car by applying the 'it must have a lotus badge' criteria. There is no model above the S2 Exige i'd want to own, and the S2 exige is to me really just a fat technofest of an S1 elise, i already had an S1 Elise with s2 running gear and 170bhp, i did not see what a low sill height, electric windows, aircon, traction control and that jazz would give me, i've driven the early and late S2 exiges but it think the S1 is THE definative model and all the ones thereafter just chip away from it, granted they add BHP, but at the expense of needless trim. alacantra, cabin trim, electric goodies, comfort, driver aids and weight. So what next, on the basis it has to have a lotus badge on the front? The inane and blind 'badge loyalty' i have seen in recent times really helped here, if i had a sheet of lotus badges i could honestly stick them on anything from F1 teams to leather jackets, to watches, to tins of beans, and there would be people buying them just because they were lotus related. I don't honestly know what image the Lotus brand has today, i know i love the cars they have made, and enjoyed owning them, but what they are doing now is to me no different from any other company feeding a clearly defined market. I feel like i have seen the best, if that makes any sense at all. I can look at an '85 G turbo and see a brilliance that i can't remotely see in anything they are doing now. However, i'm going to linger here like a bad itch. If you thought i could supply a F**k off reply to a topic before, just wait until i'm in an arse-farting-superbeetle, i'm going to take the world over!
  15. SOLD GONE EMPTY GARAGE The market for good S1 111s Elise cars is positively red hot at the moment, i had Nooooooooo idea. Patrick rolled off in his Elise about half an hour ago, it still has the forum sun strip so maybe he'll find this place and join. Cracking little car that, he'll have a lot of fun. I think the S1 Elise is and will be a MASSIVE classic, and dropping out of Esprit ownership to get one was one of the best things i ever did. In 30 years time you will really regret not having owned one of these little cars when they were new and cheap to buy. Now for something completely different maybe?
  16. I thought he was confined to an electric wheelchair with speech appuratus and stuff?
  17. 4 days. Deposit taken on an asking price offer. The guy will pickup this weekend once funds clear. I had several french people ready to pay asking price. I showed the buyer my inbox of some 30 french email contacts telling him that if he kept the car for the summer and stuck it up for a grand more than i did they would still bite his arm off. The only reason i let english guys view before commiting to a french sale is i KNEW the car would speak for itself, no. not like knight rider, but you know what i mean. A french sale would mean meeting at airports, tunnels and docks but i would have done that need be. If any of you are thinking of selling a 111s then i can give you contact info of two absolute gentlemen french guys who were ready to buy at asking and i'd have had no issues selling to them. It's tucked away in the garage here still so still with me but no more driving for me, Just have to wait until saturday and wave goodbye to the best Lotus i've owned... Then think about shopping!
  18. Question then you guys with later ones: Why is it that when you look at '78 -'89 year 3.0 and 3.2 litre 911's (in the £10,000 to £16,000 range).... Why are there so many 1998-2000 year 996 cars at the price or less, all with half or even a third the mileage? How come 30 year old cars cost the same as 10 year old tiptronic cars with less wear and miles?
  19. I'd love a Pantera Mark, I used to have this thing about the GT5 but now i like the cleaner lines of the GTS. Love the Mangusta too. I really have a thing for the Longchamps as well. Find a good one and you need twice my budget though, and whenever i see a pantera engine i think 'it would never look that shiney if it were mine'. I don't deserve such shiney stuff when i'd ruin it by driving it.
  20. It's hard being the ugly twin. People stare. Children can be cruel. Buy i try to help Alex as much as i can. (happy birthday mate)
  21. Johnny Herbert? He won the british GP in a better car.
  22. Cheers, have fixed it to read 2010. Maybe i'll put 'new tyres in 2012' on the ad? Totally with you on the newer Porsches Jon, i'd rather eat glass.
  23. Just went PH by habit, it's the main place i look myself as it's a car candyshop of all brands, its free, has a big audience from all forums and people on mars read Pistonheads classifieds, and people in France too it seems... Yeah, figured the corrision was why (there is none BTW), it's just funny i've sold two Esprits and nobody ever asked for underbody shots. Will take some when it stops hailing (yes hailing). Just found a thread on seloc about all the S1 elises being snapped up by the french, talk of a 111s bought here for £12k and sold there for £20k They figure its a combination of the Euro and rarity, sound right?
  24. Tentative ad really as i'm in no rush to sell really, it is genuinely the best and most fun car i have owned (including my Esprits). If i still have this car at christmas i'll not be sorry. As i hinted on the 911 thread i might leave the marque for a bit, i don't feel there is anywhere to go Lotuswise for me that will feel new as i don't want to own an Esprit again, have no interest in the Europa and would not want an Evora at any price. Have been looking at S2 Exiges as they are the last car Lotus have made that i'd actually want to own, but i'm not really wanting another elise derived car otherwise i'd keep this one as it has all i want without being techology, complex or trim heavy like the later ones. I just don't think an Exige will be change enough and on that budget (£17k+) there is other stuff i'd enjoy more. I'm not ruling an S2 exige out, it's just not ringing as the change i'm looking for. Maybe if i'm without a Lotus for a few months i'll feel different and get one again? I can only have one car, i've had 13 years of lotus and love them to bits, but i would like to experience owning other cars or at least consider doing so. Had 3 Emails on the car from France and the ad is not even four hours old, whats that all about??? They nearly all want photos of the underneath??? Anyhow thought i'd give you guys a heads up as the last two Lotus cars i sold went to forum members and the 111s is rare to find now in this state.
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