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  1. That picture is on 5th, just up from 60th, near where the paddys day parade ended. i took it between the guggenheim and the apple store. I love NYC, will find it hard not to go every year now. Only the touristy stuff grinds, i could spend a week in the bleeker st, greenwich, italy, east village area and not go near a tall building, in fact i probably will next time, there are some great bars there, ace cheap places to eat and interesting music/record shops and 'stuff'. My favorite bit's are the villages, i figure you need one trip to tick boxes on the sights, then another to actually enjoy yourself, lose time wandering. I could never go there with someone who had never been and wanted to see sights, i'd happily go on my own just for the freedom of walking about. Watched the england ireland rugby in the red lion on bleeker. Got there at 10am for breakfast and man u V Bolton, stayed there all day. aside from the pogues on st patricks day night it was one of the best days of our stay. Best car i saw was a ferrarei 360 on canal street in china town. I saw one 360, two 911's, one corvette, and one aston, And that was it, just cabs and boring cars.
  2. You can still see the fixing points, until you deal with them it will always be a winged car with the wing missing. It will always be 'where is the wing', you need to deal with that, i'll explain... Condom machines. I'm really going somewhere with this, you know the pub bogs? the Johnny machines supplying flavored novelty cheap non branded rubbers? For about 15 years my local was a pub called the hollybush, it was a kind of rock/biker/scruffy pub which all pubs should be (otherwise they are 'bars' and therefore shit) . the ladies bog was a single cubicle so on friday and saturday nights you would be stood having a piss with a queue of girls right behind you waiting for the gents cubicle, in fact some nights there were always more girls than guys in the gents bog. There is a point to this. Eventually Barry and Irene gave the pub up. Two great people, i will probably see her in a couple of hours when i go to my current local for lunch, and i see him all the time, he's just got back from bonneville speed week where he's been trying to crack some 200mph+ turbo nitro road bike record. I digress further. The new owner of the pub turned it into a wine/food pub, painting all the dark wood white, making everything clean and nice. We eat there a lot (food is excellent) but i don't drink there anymore, there is only one bitter and it's keeping is hit and miss. I was out drinking with the landlord of my local last night and fear he won't be good to open his kitchen today so i'll end up eating at my old local later i'm sure. There is a point to this. Anyhow, despite it's fine scallop starters and incredible array of fish mains on the special board, the refurbishment of the place kind of stopped at the gents bogs. OK they painted it but nothing more, the girls got a new toilet but it's still the same in the gents, terracotta tile floor, green piss corroded pipework, the constant stink of piss from grouting that has not been dry of piss at any point in the last 20 years. If you needed a poo and tried to go there is absolutely guarantee your nipsy would shrink to the size of a lentil the minute you tried to crimp one off. There is a point to this. Whenever i go in there i always find myself looking at the same thing. On the wall in front of the urinal is a sapce where the condom machine used to be. They have painted over where it was BUT not filled the fixing holes. Now you get it. I stand there having a piss and i see the ends of four rawlplugs jutting out from the brickwork. even though barry's novelty condom machine bit the dust many years ago, it's still there for me because i can see the fixing points. See. IT will always be a wall thats missing a novelty johnny machine until the fixings have gone. Likewise, that will forever be a tailgate missing a wing until the fixing holes have gone. err... If i squint i can still see the condom machine, if i squint i can still see the wing. The two are exactly the same by any measure.
  3. The room / jacuzzi thing is alien to me as i want to spend as little time in my accomodation as possible on holiday, i'd swap rooms and give you my jacuzzi in exchange for a pint. But the flight thing? Have you phoned the airline direct (the desk at the airport) and asked if you can switch flights? I have limited experience flying to be fair, BUT even with a full package holiday with hotel, flight, transfers from the same supplier (expedia), i phoned the airline direct (continental in my case) and moved to a different flight to our sceduled one. So thats do-able. It's also 'subject to change' by you too. ?
  4. Just found this in my photos from last weeks New York visit: Manhatten is crawling with such a vast array of generic 'nothing' cars, car ownership/storage is expensive, roads have 6" deep potholes, every parked car is dented to buggery, people wisely leave their nice cars at home i guess. I saw this parked on central park and all i could see was an S1 Esprit in it's top half. No idea what the car is (US guys?) obviously it's hideous, but do you see what i mean?
  5. Love this one: I like the idea of being filthy rich but cruel and crass with it. I'd use this car only on rainy days "I say Jeeves, you must be getting f***ing soaked up there old boy, jolly good".
  6. I love 'stuff' Have picked up loads (often literally) over the years, from under floorboards, from lofts, basements etc. Often saved from demolition. Also i like old and interesting things, because they will always stay that way. Phone, original. My mate Liam liked it so much i bought a knackered one and rebuilt it for his wedding present. Fire Extiguisher, acid/soda type, 1941. I saved this from a college loft, in situ, with instruction label attached on how to put out incendery bombs. The builder would have just chucked it on the skip (Sun reader). Boxed Webley Junior circa 1950's Pistols, Various webley Juniors, Seniors and premiers from the 1920's to the 1970's (all using the same patent). Black museum. Stuff i've found at work, varous coins dating as far back as 1603, clay pipes, fag packets, door funiture, human jawbone, carved wooden elephant etc... Invader 1000 game, circa 1980ish Webley Service Mk2 Rifle, circa 1945. Fuseboard circa 1920. It was still actually running and installed when i took this out, it's in my hallway now, but not live, obviously. Dog, policeman and golly steal a girls doll, boy plays knight and stabs policeman and golly to get it back. Pears christmas annual 1915 Hand Drill, disguarded under a floor. Chitty. Cadbury advert used as envelope, with victoria stamp on 'punch' magazine 1883 'Megger' brand electrical insulation tester (wind up coil). I currently use a modern insulation tester of the same 'megger' brand. Breitling quartz navitimer circa 1980s. Recently aquired, been after this model for ages. Note the wings are not the Brietling 'flying B'. These are the wings of the Iraqi Air force, and this was not civillian issued. These are getting harder to find now, this is the best nick one i've seen and was probably sold by the pilot soon after it was issued. I got it from a guy in Israel complete with it's issue box. I like things that could tell a story, if they could.
  7. Look mate, i've never been less interested in what Lotus are doing or making. I think the car designs and perception of image are embarrassingly 2nd hand and in no way new or different to anything else, plus it seems they would stick the badge on a turd if the sponsorship money was good enough. If this was a company that started 5 years ago then it would be a company i would not notice or care about. However, you CAN'T take away the good they have done and the cars they have made in the past. There are G - turbos out there, Elan Sprints, Type 72 JPS, Twin cam Europas etc that are there to be enjoyed. It's very much like Gary Glitter. People were sickened when porno pictures of kids were found on his computer, when he was charged with underage sex, jailed for owning pornographic images of children, fleeing to cambodia only to be deported to vietnam on child sex charges, and then being jailed again for more child sex offences, then released to live a life of shame. But we all still enjoy listening to his hits from before all that. Right? Tune in next week when i compare the life Jonathan King to the 2006 Europa.
  8. I've gone out of my way not to have ever owned a german car. There's something about the 'self serving - boasting bigheaded - look at me - judge my success as i judge yours - c**t faced - load mouthed tosser' image of such machinery, that makes me wince at the thought of ownership. However... Despite crying out 'i'll never own a german car' more times than hats i can eat... There is one. Only one, than has been there since i was a child. Every bit as much as an icon as the G Esprits were to me at that time, and an itch that needs to be scratched ever since. Pretty much exactly like that, Red, Coupe, 3.0 or 3.2, whale tail, Fuchs. impact bumpers. IMO The roof line flowing smoothly down to the rear bumper and the rear 'capri' quarter window is THE shape of the 911, the targa literally loses that completely by dispensing with the rear quarter and making the roof a horizontal panel, losing the flowing curve and then needing a sharp drop in the rear screen to make the rear of the car. It's not that the targa is a bad car, and value wise (they are always cheaper than the coupe) it's a lot of car and still a classic 911, it's just lost the 911 shape for me. I have no interest in the 996 and the 'modern' plastic bumpers and alloys that went with it, nor do i have any interest in the later water cooled cars, they have never been desirable or iconic to me in any way and they never, ever, will be. It's everything from '89 back that is what i think of when i think '911', but the SC era of the mid seventies to the late eighties is the 911 of choice fo me. It's not beyond the realms of possibilty you will see me in one in the future, hence i've posted here to soften the blow.
  9. Happy birthday mate, have a great day and a great party tonight.
  10. I think when anyone joins a car forum and is looking to buy one specific model then there is always an instant 'best model' debate, pointing to other models or the advice that a grand or so more would get them in some newer variant or other... I think the S3 is an excellent choice, it's really light and nimble, and half the things i had problems with on my SE did not even exsist on my S3. Sure, a turbo might be in your budget (not that you are looking for one), a grand more and you might get a new shape (not that you asked), and a couple of grand or so might get you into a chargecooled stevens (that will be miles apart and not in any way like the car you are looking for). Blimey, ditch this years holiday and grab an early V8!!! The N/A S3 is a fantastic car, i kept my first one for five years and enjoyed every minute. All the issue's of the S1 and S2 smoothed out but with none of the later cars tech and complexity issues, if you have a swiss army knife or a leatherman then you can also cancel your AA membership and fix it at the roadside with disgarded lolly sticks and pine sap. It's the only Esprit thats come close to the Elise IMO.
  11. Paul C


    the Archery is interesting Ian, I did archery for about 15 years, starting in target but then getting bored of marked distances and doing woodland field archery for about ten years, shooting compound bowhunter class. Shot the NFAS world championships when they came to bury st edmunds about 20 years ago, i came 17th in my class (out of 20!) but at least i can genuinely say i have competed in a world event as 'Paul Chandler England', and there was a great atmosphere each night in the bar. Had a big falling out with some really rude south african shooters though, not sure why they came out to socialise as they pissed every countries table off by the end of the week!!! Gave it up. I got in a loop as i could not practice enough, i ditched clubs and joined the associations as an independant, entered shoots to get my only shooting time, broke stuff (drove 150 miles andbroke 3 arrows each shoot at £20 each) through lack of practice. Did enjoy it though and if there was a good field archery club close i might pick it up again sometime, i was just driving as far as devon some sundays for a practice. I have a guitar: Took it up in june july last year. I'm really fat and slow handed, and in truth will never be a guitar player, but it's by the TV and i pick it up every day. I can now effortlessly switch though chords i initially thought were impossible but am miles off any real playing skill, howevr each month gives my something i previously could not do. It has given me a good appreciation of good guitarists though, and i notice more when watching bands live. I use '' online tuition, it's as much as i can bear as my own fault is i HATE being taught anything, i'm not kidding, one real life lesson and it would not get picked up for weeks. My idea of fun is simply spending time with old friends, either at ours, theirs, for lunch, at the pub, for breakfast, whatever.
  12. Blimey, Kimbers eats the same as my grandparents! (and they are all dead) where is the tripe and onions, pigs trotters, brawn and tounge on that list matey? Got a dleivery of 'Payday' bars from my USAF mate this week. If you don't know, Payday is a peanut/toffee bar (no chocolate) but with salted peanuts, really works. Kimbers list of the classic british stuff reminded me of this funny sketch 'going for an english' from the show 'goodness gracious me', highlighting our love of almost totally bland suet, bread and pastry based dishes...
  13. Just try and veer away from the same old, 'everything is crap: discuss' theme, you are creating a library of it that Oxford Bodleian would be proud of. Discussion is fine, but it's glances at stuff like this that can keep me (and has) off the forum for days and weeks sometimes, i'm not kidding. There is no other aspect of my life i'd choose to listen to such sad indulgence, well apart from when i do fire alarm work in old folks homes. I have no grandparents left now, so i admit there IS something comforting about it, i just wish you had lived though a war, then you'd have some stories...
  14. Waste of money. All you need is a big hall with music playing and a basket of roller skates of various sizes, the kids just put on a pair that fits and then figure it out for themselves like in the good old days. Jobs a good'n. In fact i think any other leasure activity the council offers that has a similar risk of head injury or broken limbs should also have no training or guidance. Paying someone £7.50 an hour is a cost you will never get back, the person would have to have ten (yeah right! TEN in a roller disco, i should coco) kids each paying 75p for an hours roller disco just to break even. Fat chance of that in todays climate, state of things the way they are. Lifeguard wages is something else you could tackle, on the basis parents should make sure their kids are accomplished roller skaters then it only stands to reason that they should have them swimming like fishes before they visit the swimming pool. Why pay a coach or suprvisor when you can simply dismiss their role as needless and do without them? After all, they were no lifeguards around in the good old days when my dad and his brothers had to learn to swim in rivers and fishponds. The best thing about this is that you cannot lose Kimbers! Cause once the first inexperienced skull cracks itself open all over the gymnasium wall, you get to moan about cuts, the state of things etc,etc and create one of your signature 'state of things' threads about it.
  15. Yep, I'm pleased! I really thought that the future would be a tech heavy range of super-comfy-Porschalike-gadget-littered-psuedo-german-wannabe cars that all look a bit like something else. The image will be far better when it's back to young people in daft hats and shades whizzing all over the place again in cheap, brilliant driver cars like this. No-one really gives a stuff about some sweaty, tubby middleaged fella paying £70k for a luxury drive to the office or golfclub, thats not cool no matter how hard he worked for it. Everyone wants to be biggles, not lord chuffing Kitchener. It's a welcome return to genius IMO
  16. Paul C


    Bang on. There is nothing to stop someone joining E-bay tomorrow with no money in their bank account, bidding, winning and paying though paypal on a £1000 item (it will take five days to bounce), and as a low feedback bidder it's very unlikely they have gone through the complicated paypal process of confirming their address with paypal (this links their ebay account to their bank account to their delivery address to their feedback) low feedback members generally have none of this, many are actually naive to the process and can't understand why there is a problem. The solution? Delay posting every item you sell by at least a week to ensure funds are good, make everyone that buys your items wait. OR Simply deal with established proven members and post on payment seeing them 100% positive over many purchases. The Breitling i sold on Friday (my new york holiday money) was sold and paid for at 3.30pm and posted at 5pm due to the guys solid feedback (why i accepted his offer). I ran it as best offer purely so i could vet who i accept. People with bugger all history, unconfirmed accounts, no selling history, and unconfirmed delivery addresses can cry all they like but they don't get to choose how i sell. If you take up running your first race won't be the olympic final after all. It's all very well saying 'you have to start somewhere', but when some prick in singapore joins ebay today and then five minutes later clicks your £1000 buy it now item, will you be skipping happily down to the post office? Of course you bloody won't!!!! We live in a world where trust is not handed out like candy, you earn it or have proof of it.
  17. Paul C

    GMT + 1

    I get up at five in the morning and go to bed at midnight, where the light in the sky starts and ends during this time does not mean anything to me at all really. It's still dark when i wake up and dark when i go to bed regardless of what they do, where's the issue for me? Is it the short hour office workers that are scared of driving in the nasty dark or something? It can't be the 'kids going home from school in the dark' thing either, as go anywhere at 9pm and there are kids hanging round town without a parent or cycle light in sight. I think the real issue is why we have not done it sooner?
  18. It's a bit like the guy in the insurance thread saying all the women drivers he knows are morons, at the end of the day thats clearly the kind of woman he either attracts or that forms part of his social group, it's more a reflection of him than them. By miles. Likewise, the woman that can siliently hold a grudge for years about you 'jangling keys when you were late once', only to snap decades later and plunge a breadknife into your gut, merely illustrates a poor choice of pertner on your part. I once woke a sleeping Vicki by throwing back the sheets and chucking a pint of cold water on her. Granted, i locked myself in the bathroom until she calmed down, but she was awake and i'm still alive. Had i made the wrong choice of partner i would be 'one bollock les's and have eyes out of sync, however THAT would have been my mistake. You choose your lot in life and make yourself little by complaining about it IMO.
  19. Nope! My friday night beer buddy 'American Rick' is ex US air force and holds a card to the remaining bases and the stores within. He gets me my babyruth and Butterfinger bars. I care nothing for the military importance of these UK american bases and their associated stores, but i will weep like a baby when they are gone.
  20. I'd let it go, forget it and put it in the 'what about the time you...?' bank. Sooner or later you will do something dumb yourself.
  21. Ebay tickets have never been a problem for me, just stick to the good old 'buy the seller' and it's fine. Look for post gig feedback like 'great gig, thanks for the tickets', a lot of people wait until after the gig to leave feedback. Also remember that you only have 45 days to raise a dispute on Ebay, so if you buy tickets for a gig two months away then you will be well outside the window of getting your money back by the time of the gig, so the above advice is all the more important (you don't want to be buying £300 tickets for the Rolling stones next year from a ebayer with a feedback of 2). There are some good ticket sellers on Ebay with long and established feedback of selling just tickets. My best experience was some Morrissey tickets i bought, we went to the gig and poor old Morrissey sang one track and collapsed, off to hospital, end of gig. We went home, and when i woke up the next morning the Ebay seller had fully refunded me, simply because selling tickets was his game and he knew he'd get the refund himself. Price is not always over the top too. I bought tickets for The Specials on ebay last year, it was the sold out last show of their 30th aniversary tour and it was in NYC. Each ticket had a face value of $38 and i won them BOTH for $42.
  22. There was this fella at stoneleigh one year with a very late white SE higwing. He said it was S4 prototype and it had S4 doors and door cards, SE interior, solenoid for the tailgate, AND (why i mention) Guages in the A pillar. He said there were factory fitted but did not turn up on the S4. Obvously bugger all to do with this car.
  23. For once i wholeheartedly agree, this is the beginning of the end. In time they will start taxing threads that are there for no other purpose then to whine about the state of things and have the same people agree with you. And after that they will make it illegal to have big rants about 'the state of things' to a captive internet audience. When that happens i'm leaving the country i swear, i mean, well, i mean it this time, i really do, i'm going to one of those countries that has everything right.
  24. I'm not joking, i REALLY like that. Is it a wrap? I'd actually consider doing that. Very nice. Some of those Esprits pictured make me think the subject has a very fine line between the ones you can laugh at and what people are doing with their Esprits at the moment, one mans mod will be another mans pisstake the next week. Like those clear alternative rear lights in that recent thread, it's a differnet look for the Esprit for sure, but in reality it's no different from the clear aftermarket rear light mods that (ten years ago) were fitted to the back of every spotty 19 year olds hatchback, in every mcDonalds carpark, in every town, up and down the country. When everyone has seen it and it stops being 'different' and 'new', just how cool will it be?
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