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  1. There is one on ebay finishing soon 250755741097 A staggering £360 so far! Note that it's not currently working and the wear described does not show on the minty library pictures used. I've bought and sold used Rolex, Breitling and Omega for that much, and in working condition without numbers worn off and that. Hope if any of you guys are bidding that the actual used and worn watch described turns out to look ok, and that a battery change gets it working.
  2. Sorry mate. It's just with all the'Bond stuff', and the 'Lambo door' stuff and the 'messing around with the rear light cluster' stuff popping up over and over again every two or three years, i'm unsure of what year it is, or if the people posting the threads are new people or the original posters using different names. If i woke from a coma there would be no way for me to determine the time, day, month, year, or to accurately observe colours sounds or shapes. It's like the matrix (but without that boney faced rubberclad black haired bird that looks a bit like an emaciated pale faced boy). Indeed, i feel there should be someone i can grab by the lapels and scream "Is this real?, Is this some kind of test? Am i as insane as GKP implies?", only to collapse into a corner and wait for the next 'electric chargecooler pump' thread to begin... But to stay on topic, the gun held here: Is actually a Walther LP53 Airpistol. I had one for a while purely as it was 'bond related' but sold it because it was not actually very good and the cocking mechanism was as rubbish as it was over engineered. Quite accurate though having a very long barrel due to it's breach position, but the trigger guard cocking lever idea was old hat twenty years before it was made. looked a bit 'luger like' though. Was never sure why on earth it was pictured with bond, as it looked f-all like his gun.
  3. The spy who loved me (1977): Featured a Lotus Esprit. Fact: While this car was a white 'S1' Esprit, to this day (a staggering 33 years later) there are still owners of lotus Esprits, regardless of the fact their car is the completely wrong model or colour, that claim some spurious 'bond connection' or other. For your eyes only (1981); Featured two Lotus Esprits. Fact: With the flagrant disregard for accuracy already established, the 'Bond related' claim now goes beyond model or colour. Anyone owning a Lotus product with a chassis number, number plate, or fuel receipt with the number '007' in it can claim a 'bond connection' to the point of absolute nausia. Pretty woman (1990). Fact: While not technically a 'Bond' film, it features a Lotus Esprit and therefore is 'bond related'. In this film the car is silver, my Elise is silver, so by default my Elise is 'Bond related'. Erin Brockovich (2000). Fact: Starring Julia Roberts, who drove the Esprit (for a bit) in the pretty woman film. While this film has no real car or motoring connection, her being in it makes it viable, and the fact the year it came out has a '00' in it makes it 'bond related'. The Bourne Ultimatum (2007). Fact: Clearly 'bond related' in it's own right just for having '007' in it's year, but it also stars Albert Finney who (despite having not been in a bond film or pictured on screen with a Lotus Esprit) starred in the film Erin Brockovich with Julia roberts, so thats a bit bond related too. Born free (1966). Fact: Ok, Born is not spelt the same as bourne and it's a bit 'liony', but it's made in the year we won the world cup, and the word 'world' appears in the title of the bond film 'The world is not enough', ergo: Bond related. Build Me Up Buttercup (1968). Not a film, but a song performed by the foundations. The word 'buttercup' contains the word 'cup', as in world cup, as in 'the world is not enough'. And pinewood studios were built on foundations: Bond related Butter (dairy product). Fact: Hold a buttercup under someones chin and if it reflects yellow they 'like butter', or so it's said, never got that myself, but it must be in some way 'Bond chuffing related' for sure. etc...
  4. Happy new year! Hope you all had a good one. Had to cut short my pub time last night and come home to be with Vicki (who has been sick as a dog for days), i had the full 'pass out' and was looking forward to being there until 4am+ like most years but was not the same and i could not stop thinking of new years turning and Vic sat on her own, and me ten minutes away living it up. First new years eve midnight i have not spent in a pub for at least 20 years, No party, no band, no food coming out of a pub kitchen at 2am, no walking home in daylight. I felt all middle aged, will make sure i revert to normal next year, or all life will hold for me is sunday evening telly, clarks footwear, online wine club membership and M&S sweaters. Oh the horror!!! Gonna have some beers later, reset the balance.
  5. /\ This is IMO the most important post on this thread. Some of the first quartz watches made by big brands are very rare now. I have an old quartz breitling navitimer as my 'pub watch' at the moment and they are getting harder to find working, from time to time batches of the japan source movement they used in the 70's appear and they are almost the cost of the watch, hence they are dissapearing. The movments then were slightly more bespoke than todays superquartz, and the coils and resistors could easily be shorted out and ruined by a careless battery change. But the big killer was being put away in a draw with the battery still fitted. Modern batteries are better. But if you are planning to mothball a quartz watch as an investment then leaving a dying battery connected to it for five years only invests in trouble, at best it will only leak and ruin the movement, at worse (depending on how the watch was laid) it will completely ruin the dial. Some of the very first branded quartz and LED watches are very rare due to being put in a drawer and let leak and ruin. The good news (now) is the movement will be a generic japanese module. The Lotus watch by it's sub £200 cost will have the same movement as many non branded 'fashion' watches out there, find another quartz chronograph with the same dial/date layout and you are probably looking at the same unit. A decent watch repairer (ie a company, not some guy in a kiosk) will be able to find a module or even have one in stock. There is nothing odd about shared movements, i have four breitings and an omega that share the same movement as Bib's Heuer, and rolex have been using valjoux and zenith movements in their flagship daytona model until only very recently. The thing is, the Lotus chronograph is essentially a non branded fashion watch, and as such it falls into the same basket as bib's mass produced Quartz tag - it's not worth the sum of it's parts when broken and costs more that it's worth to repair, remember also the movements might not be as easy to get in, say, ten years. Example being this one, it's a replacement module for my navitimer and costs £250 just for the part and around £400 fitted. The watch cost me £350. The other solution is finding some no mark brand that used the same movement at the time and swapping the guts over: One other thing i'd do is not go for the pressure test. ANYONE can do a pressure test, the watch just goes into a pressurised air tank and raised to the atmosphere required (any loss of pressure is air seeping into the watch). The thing is, without a stripdown and change of seals it's meaningless. The Seawolf i am wearing right now is rated at a massive 3000m/10,000ft and would no doubt pass a pressure test right now, but next month it's seals could break down. So unless i had the thing properly opened up and (all three) seals on the crown done along with the caseback and then given a 12 month certificate i'd be taking a chance just swimming with it. I say not to get a pressure test done unless you absolutely have to because they will need to change the seals on the crown and the chronograph pushers too. This will require removal of the orange bit, the crown, the movement and the pushers to replace the tiny 'o' rings on those parts. Thats a lot more than a battery swap and do you really want that done every time? Especially when the waterproof guarantee will probably only last for 12 months whereas the battery might last two years longer, ergo you will always end up wearing a watch that has no waterproof guarantee, even if you have it done right. Where my company v man in kiosk bit comes from: there is a massive difference between a man in a sideroom doing it and a superclean, static and lint free enviroment if you insist on a proper reseal and test. That tiny bit of lint under the glass from when the movement was out will do your head in. There is no snobbery here, your £200 Lotus branded watch and my £350 used Breitling have a repair cost more than their worth and it's only money and enthusiasm that will keep them in exsistance. It's just like cars, any car around in fifty years will have cost it's worth to keep it there. Oh, and don't leave the battery in.
  6. Thnks guys, Have not missed this thread.. I have no opinion of either party to offer, just a complete apathy for everyone involved. So unless either of my cats learn to type, there will be no further post from the C household.
  7. Based on your own chosen image perception that followers of fashion cannot also be motoring enthusiasts? Every Lotus thats fitted with clear light clusters and bit's of add on aftermarket aluminium interior trim is victim of a fashion newer than it's design, yet it's still owned by an enthusiast. I would never own a pink VW beetle convertible, and thats entirely based on others perception of image, and nothing to do with my enthusiasm for cars. Hey Chris, have you considered a pink beetle?
  8. No mate, i'd rather burn. But i guess if you lose all your sexual and social identity, and all trace of self respect, if you no longer feel there is a place for you in the human race other than going through the motions, if you can mistake look of pity and disgust for those of kindness, if you don't care about being one of lifes 'also rans', if your word is unlistened to and means nothing of value to anyone, then you need to drive something. I'm not saying for one minute there is not a place for these cars, in fact if you made one for every coldplay album or v neck sweater sold then i'm sure you would sell every single car. There are enough people like that see, the question is: do you want to be one?
  9. They say that owning an Elise is akin to nudging at the backdoor of being a lady. So as an Elise owner i'd like to state that i would get myself casterated, have my eybrows permanently removed and my lips tattooed cherry red... before i would even get in an Audi-chuffing-TT. IMO, to ask such a question would suggest you require some serious psychological assessment. I absolutely pity you for the judgement EVERY SINGLE bloke that see's you driving it will make of you (including the ones that wink and follow you home). Seriously, keep this to the internet, don't mention it to anyone out there in the real world, and get some help. Unless i've grossly misunderstood your situation and the TT was part of some 'coming out' process, in which case i sincerly apologise for the above.
  10. I agree, and despite my dislike and almost total apathy of the new Europa, this really is a big cough in the face for the people that liked it, continue to like it, and actually bought one. It's like being reasonably happy with an 'ok' hotel room, only to get back and find the maid has shat in the bed.
  11. Wahey! It has not snowed! Have spent this week walking around town with a spade digging, salting, and then redigging and resalting my drive, then my parents drive and my mate Rich's drive. I can feel it in my back. But it's all coming together today. I'm off back to the pub (was there six hours ago) for a lunchtime pint, then i'm coming back home and my folks are coming round and i'm cooking them dinner, just me ,mum and dad this year. Vicki will go off to her folks for lunch and we'll meet back up later (ten years together and our folks have never met!). An added bonus this year is that dad is going to skype my brother this morning and have a christmas video call with my brother and his kid, which will make the process of getting him online very worthwhile. Tomorrow they come here again and my mate rich is coming round and the five of us have a boxing day indian takeaway. Two years ago i suprised my folks with an indian takeaway and it's now a tradition for boxing day, my mum had never had indian food before, and dad had not had any since the 1960's when a waiter in stratford upon avon served him with dirty fingernails). Then tomorrow night we're meeting up with a gang of local people and old friends in town. Hope all you guys have a great day, and a safe drive if you have to.
  12. Cheers for the thoughts, BTW that was Dads first time ever in a convertible car. I have not put the roof on since i got it back from Steve in October. Bang on mate. You HAVE to want what the computer can bring you, otherwise you'd quite rightly not want to start. Waiting six months for a reply to a letter sent overseas or getting a reply within hours, and with photos? Just that alone is worth the cost of his laptop to him. If you have a relative he can chat to on skype you might get him hooked. The best thing about that is there is nothing for them to do, i just called my brother and connected, all mum and dad had to do was sit with the thing on their laps and talk, while every now and then exclaiming in amazement "and this is free?!". Their first computer usage required not having to touch a single key, and they enjoyed it, thats the trick i guess. My dad has a modern TV and DVD. This means he understood highlighting and selecting things, and going through basic menus, my task would have been much harder without this. Having said that, this Email will represent my spare time this evening: "Thought it might be a good idea to try to file one of the Lake pictures that I couldn,t move with Zip. I decided to move it singly, as if it was alone as an Email attachment. Went through opening stage & pressed O.K. on the first box, but instead of an enlarged Lake picture I foumd an animal;s eye looking at me! That is also one of yours but I was certainly NOT dealing with it right then. I am now going to hazard a wild guess - the 2 Lake pictures are very small images compared with the picture of Vicky with which you made them into a trio. I wonder if they are simply too small for Zip to pick them up as a group? The picture substitution remains a mystery UNLESS the Zip method somehow recognised that 2 pictures were missing (they were!) and substituted 2 of its own choice in place of the Lake views? This might also explain the malevolent eye - which I could easily believe was that of a were-wolf and not what is probably one of your cats! Dad." It's worth a go Ian, but you make a rod for your back as once you have started you cannot walk away, i estimate i've spent between 10 -20 hours a week with Dad on this in the last month, as you can see we have gone from nothing to him talking about creating zip folders, and see also he's working out some images (the ones he refers to are mobile phone photos) do not have the same properties and have to be treated a little different. But we still have miles to go. He'll have logged on many times today just checking for a reply...
  13. Thats great news, Rob was so gutted not to have a lotus anymore that i suprised him by insuring him on my Esprit and chucked him the keys for the last oxford meet we did, the enjoyment he got out of it reminded me why i bought it in the first place and it was very clear he was missing having a toy. For someone that had to sell his car, and with a young family no doubt putting it on hold for some time, it really could not go to a nicer guy, practical enough car to keep too.
  14. Am still here. Just not as much. I do pop on and read the board, am just not interested in spending as much time on it as much, although i was very tempted by kimbers gas and electricity prices thread, and the one with the same old faces bickering about the Lotus name in F1. I'm a bit 'forumed out' and feel i've read the same views over and over again, stepping out for a bit. In seriousness i'm spending a lot of the time i usually waste away on the Forum and the Internet (Weekends, evenings) with my Dad at the moment. My younger brother is in manchester and had a kid in may, this is my folks first grandchild and travelling up is not easy for them for various reasons. So... i set up a Skype call to my brother on my new laptop (first time i've had a webcam) and Mum & Dad spent an hour chatting to him, mum holding things up to the screen and Alans kid reaching out for them. While dad was still in a state of amazement i got him to type an Email to our cousin in vermont, he was stunned it could get there instantly, and stunned more by a near instant reply (dad normally sends paper letters and waits months for a reply in the post) on this occasion our cousin was away in italy and replied from there, this was very significant as had he sent a normal letter it would have sat on a mat for a month or so. Then i showed dad google earth. When they left, vicki said "your dad will want a laptop now", i said ,"maybe sometime next year he might come round to the idea". Next day i got the call "I want a laptop". So we got him a laptop and broadband sorted. My Dad is 75 and has never used a computer in any capacity, I picked him up in the Elise (roof off) about a month ago and we spent five hours getting used to the mouse and selecting things. A few days later i bought his laptop and did all the initial setup here, added family photos to it, created an email account for him and some folders. Then i took it down to their house. I spent five hours that saturday morning showing him how to find and view his pictures, then returned for about five hours again on the sunday. I left him with it over the next week, just the laptop and no internet, calling in every now and then to help out (there is only me, it's just me, mum and dad here and alan in manchester, so i have to do it, it's something i have taken on). The next week we got the modem/router delivered. That weekend was devoted to Email, and that week the evenings were spent sending various successful and unsuccessful Emails back and forth. Each evening i write a guide and Email it him, on subjects like 'how to forward an email' and 'how to put a deleted email back into your inbox', each broken into so many simple steps it's tedious albeit clear. I've spent an hour so far with him tonight. I know there are books on this 'laptops for dummies' and 'computers for seniors' and the like, they are crap, they assume to much. It's not just clicking on the thing you need to, it's what to do when you click on the thing you don't (as that happens far more). The last two weeks have been about sending and recieving pictures, then how to make a new folder to put them in. After two weekends i got an email from dad saying he had got some photos of alans kid in a email, and that he had created a new folder, named it, and saved them there. It's hard (in light of how simple that is) to explain how proud i was of him for achieving this. We have not got his Skype going yet, and he has not properly used google or the internet. The thing is, the whole Email, folders, saving pics, sending pics, putting them onto a card and taking to get printed, is getting him more and more fluent with menus, windows, tabs and the like. I figure a few google/internet sessions should be possible over the christmas new year break. TBH it's not that interesting and i would have not mentioned it here, as if there was a thread of 20 other guys talking about their dad and the internet i'd probably not read it, in fact if you have read this far you deserve an award IMO as i could have walked to the pub and got a pint in the time i've spent typing so far. For me the reward for the time i am putting in is obvious, at a time when their respective illnessess made a grandson in manchester seem like a million miles away, he's suddenly close, and pictures and emails arrive daily. The laptop has been to visit elderly relatives and dad has taken pride in showing off slideshows. My dad is not like me, i HATE being taught anything, but he's very eager, and this helps bigtime. It's still very slow, as i type this i have just got a reply from him, i sent him a screenshot to illustrate how to open a menu and he's confused that the buttons on the screenshot are not clickable, but when (not 'if' as he's doing so well) he's cracked it all this will be the most important thing i have ever done for them both, ever in fact. Its real quality time. And thats it, veiwing and replying to this topic represents all the time i'll spend on the forum today, and the time it's taken would be better spent right now: I'm off to explain what a screenshot is... Cheers guys.
  15. Has anyone checked on Kimbers? Is he OK? This is a proper 'Goverment/country going down the pan/ decline of a great nation' thread and he's not here, which makes me worry as he loves this stuff. He's not with Jon as he's found his way here fine. Can someone ring his phone and see if there is an answer please? The man could be curled up at the bottom of the stairs or something. Ahem... 'CRACKLE' "KIMBERS TO THE CURRENT 'STATE OF THINGS' THREAD PLEASE, KIMBERS TO 'STATE OF THINGS' THREAD, THANK YOU" 'CLICK'
  16. So true mate. When Diana Princess of Wales Funeral was on, i spent a couple of hours firing my Supra up and down empty dual carrigeways, it was like the start of 28 days later... When the Queen dies i will honour her by dovoting the whole time the funeral is on telly by firing my car around the deserted oxfordshire countryside. It will be repeated endlessly anyway.
  17. Christ, i'll still be in the pub at 5am new years day! I regard being legal to drive on new years day as an epic social failure, what am i supposed to do? Stay in drinking orange juice and watching jools holland like some sad sod, just so i'm sorted enough to join some pre-arranged traffic jam the next day? Nah! my plan is better, so i'm out. Crap day to plan any driving event IMO.
  18. The crisp thing is great, i like Frazzles bacon or Cheesy Wotsit corn puffs, i like to stuff a mouthful in and then drink some milk, let them dissolve into a corny bacon/cheese goo. Yummy! PS, To go off topic if i may, have any of our UK members noticed that film four are showing all the Star Trek films back to back today and tomorrow? The first 'Motion picture' is on right now.
  19. I never see traffic as i'm at work an hour or two before it starts and i leave an hour before it starts again in the evening, in fact i would not settle for a job/life that had rush hour traffic time to offer me. But... I need two stepladders, several drills, materials, test equipment, parts, steel pipe, plastic pipe, trunking (all 3m long) cable, etc, etc... So i see open roads, both dual carridgeway and rural b roads, every morning and evening, but i'd need a Lotus carlton estate with a roof rack to do it in style. ...or that £120,000 bus they are threatening to make.
  20. Fair point mate, we are all (even though some of us make a noise in the hope of being different) exactly the same. I can 'just' about hack that.
  21. Thats exactly what i just said. It's just that there are more cars than people that prize them, hence so many turn into unfinished projects and wrecks. Thats what actually happens.
  22. In November 2008 i took a train from Oxford to london. First time i've ever took a train to london, because trains suck and it's cheaper to drive there. Trains are sh!t, they have not changed in any way since i was little. If they halfed the cost of train travel, if they doubled the cost of train travel, it would still be a crap way to travel, and everybody that has to travel that way would just take it on the chin like they always do. Ok, there WOULD be a bit of internet moaning, but they would all be on the platform the next day, you know it's true. Thats what people that travel by train are actually like, thats why i never do. I would however like one of those tiny little scale steam trains that you can sit on.
  23. When there was an Elite/Eclat section there was a post almost every week akin to 'Save this Eclat!', normally linked to an Ebay listing. These cars have had over thirty years to be loved by the automotive world, and loved they are not. And yeah, it is sad. Thats why there are so many basket cases with leaf clustered birds nest engine bays, pictured next to some tarpulin that's casually chucked over bits of ruined damp trim and the top half of a shagged engine topped with rusted and buggered carb, Etc, Etc... And the ones that are not like that? The runners? Well they are cheap enough for people to buy, chop to bits, and then bin. Even though they are rare cars and there are not many of them left, clearly the cars that are left outnumber the people that care about them. Hence the car this thread is about, hence all the 'save this car' topics. The surplus ones that remain will all get chopped up or scrapped and eventually only the enthusiast owned ones will remain. And even then, on that day when only the good cars remain, the world that did not care about them before will not be queueing up to care about or attach any value or new desirability to them. Enjoy your Elite and Eclat, accept you can't buy all the surplus ones that will die a slow and drawn out death, and move on. Oh, and try and keep yourself cheery.
  24. Think i might pop along to that, weather and friday night permitting.
  25. Horses for courses i guess Pete. I saw Joe Bonamassa supporting Paul Simon and found him to be an endless and repetative whine. Paul simon followed it up with the laziest piss poor live performance i have ever seen. Then it rained. I have a photograph album full of hundreds of gig tickets, the ticket from that day found itself in the bin. So yes, i could open my album at any page, pick a ticket and say 'that was better than Joe Bonamassa'. Sorry about that mate,
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