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  1. Not sure about the Brian May / Lotus link. One Peaked in the 1970's and 1980's with some of the most admired, original in style and famous work being produced in that time... ...and the other is Brian May.
  2. So, what is more likely: A, The other nine thousand members all have the same position, and it's just down to you to be an opportunist full of courage. Or B, The other nine thousand people have views of their own, just like you, and you are in no way any different to anybody else. You can be a small part of something big, or make a big noise and make yourself look small.
  3. Paul C

    Essex 007

    Any idea how much it sold for, or how much one of these is worth?
  4. The factory won't be reading this, why not Email them and actually ask? Pretty nice folk up there every time i've been so it's worth a try, why not request the build sheet for your car? That would answer it for you i would think. ...or stay guessing.
  5. It's not always a bad thing. The postive side is that Lotus have not made a car that interests me since they launched the S2 Exige. This keeps every Lotus i'd want to own affordable so that can only be good. However i have never felt less interested in the badge, the cars shown here could be anything, the F1 is meaningless. I don't want to only drive Lotus cars forever, i did not sign up for that and TBH that's very limited and very boring. For me anyway there has probably never been a easier time to buy another marque, and if the badge and the company becomes something i'm not bothered about, AND i've had my fill of the great cars they have made already, thats what i'll do. I am entirely unconcerned with how well these cars sell, if they make them, and who buys them.
  6. Really nice car mate, am sorry you are forced to sell. If you look to the huge 'Essex' thread you will see that what people consider: Good cars to be worth, Their own cars to be worth, Cars for sale to be worth, ...and what they actually sell for. To be figures sometimes miles apart! The CL value seems fair starting point for offers IMO, i've bought and sold a good S3 for way less than that, people do like S2 cars and the interior looks fine. Why not just whack up an ad on the valuation price and see what interest you get? You will get daft offers of half the price you advertise anyway.
  7. Paul C

    Exos Evora

    I'd go for a different colour from black at the back though. Looks like its had an engine fire at first glance.
  8. As much as i find the idea of owning a BMW as mind numbingly average and unindividual as a human being (if you could still call yourself that) can ever be. I have never suggested they are anything other than well built. I suspect the recall is because the brakes are only as good as every other car on the road. Remember they recalled the 7 series once due to the fag lighter not popping up as fast as the rival Mercedes.
  9. I think it will always be the 'new' esprit. Like the 'New' mini (or BMW mini). It is so disassociated from the original that i doubt they will not share so much as a wingnut, so it does not (as don't any of the new concepts) appear to follow any series or model placement before it. IMO they fff'd up the series anyway by going. S1 S2 S2.2 S3 ...err, the new stevens shape for a few years forgeting to cal it the S4 and then... S4 (S5?)
  10. Why does everybody buy/ and /or insure cars for their kids now? My folks did not pay one penny of the purchase price of my first car, or it's tax, or it's petrol, or it's insurance. And they have kept that stance since. Whats that i hear? "But it's really expensive now!" Bollox. My first year of work was £28.50 a week and i managed (was made to by my mum) to save a small amount. The 2nd year of apprenticeship i was on £55 a week and halfway through i bought my first car for £1250 and paid £750 to insure it. Having a car meant i could do bugger all else. Of course, if i still wanted to go out all the time, buy loads of branded clothing, have laptops, the latest mobile devices, go to parties and go out every weekend, go to uni but not get a job when i'm there, then i'd have needed help with money. Sadly my folks were not utter mugs, so i had to learn by the "you can have this but you can't have that, and you pay for it yourself" rule. Which is a very easy rule to grasp when you are skint and looking at an empty fuel needle and empty wallet!
  11. Paul C

    15. Singapore

    Bugger, i should have gone with my gut instinct of both not finishing and i should not have pushed it with the red bull bit . Your position is quite safe. Next time i'm going to guess they both fail to finish and that hamilton finishes below 7th, i think you have to add another team guess so you don't look 'anti Lotus'. Tell you what though, you know the pub pundits and office cocks that have been quoting L.O.T.U.S for years, taking the piss out of Lotus's for breaking down all the time and catching fire? They are oddly quiet, lets hope they have not noticed or we face another few decades of pisstaking and innuendo.
  12. It's Andrew's (obione's) S3 pictured as he watched it burn, was very much similar to my old S3 that car. Was a nice car and covered thousands more miles between breakdowns than the current F1 cars can manage.
  13. Lets figure you pass your driving test at 18 years old and stop driving when you are 88 years old. I think thats a fair, if not perhaps too long innings? If you can drive for seven decades you have done well. I have owned Lotus Esprits for ten years (one seventh of what i can ever dream of being my life behind the wheel), thats enough for me as i can't afford a fleet of cars and don't want to drive just one model until i get bored of it or die, if you are genuinely into cars to limit yourself this way would be daft. Maybe you should buy a different car every year? Everything else in life from choosing a meal/ holiday/ chocolate bar/ kitchen/ curtains/ whatever gives the chance to make a change and the chance is always taken. Will i ever own an 80's 911 turbo? A Jaguar V12 XJS? A car with a big V8 engine (thats not just another Esprit)? Am we doomed to move from Lotus model to model trapped by a sense of 'brand loyalty'? Is the 'it's a Lotus' enough? Do i have to spend my life in a loop where i claim to be a '100%Lotus fan' and have to follow and cheer without comment the repetative F1 failures, nasty concept cars, new models i don't care about despite having veiwed and driven? Do i have to join in the laughing on threads about some other brand of sportscar catching fire, crashing, or meeting some other nasty end? How long can i maintain this with enthusiasm? And more to the point, why is every other brand so crap in the eyes of lotus owners? Maybe i am in the best car in the world? But how do i know if i don't own others? Kimbers. You are going through a life crisis, buy as many cars as you can before you die.
  14. Excellent comparison picture mate! I'm willing to wager we have a 12 pager here, anyone up for a bet? Common! the 'will it raise values of the original Elite' question has not even been nibbled at! Who knows? In thirty five years time Ebay might be full of basket case 'new' Elites, all pictured by some caravan, static home, or random and rusty farm machinery, all needing saving again.
  15. Paul C

    Essex 007

    The Essex ad was very shouty big letters and miles away from friendly, in fact its almost confrontational. When you constantly trim edit and relist items you just copy the same stuff until it sounds like a lecture. If it's relisted i'd write it again because even if i wanted the car i'd be put off by the ad, nobody has mentioned that yet, but the ad is really awful. Here are the highlights of the listing in the order they appear, when you stand back and read whats there then it's not in any way inviting,even if you are being kind, which i actually am. Enjoy, (or don't!): You bid to buy not to haggle non payers or no shower's will be reported to Ebay non compliance will result in... Relisted for the final time plagued with dreamers timewasters and joyriders serious buyers only if you haven't got the money don't bid valued at £20,000 this is your last chance Valuation £20,000 (Second time, thats £20,000 in case you missed it) It is valued at £20,000 (Oh, there we go again, thats another £20,000 again for those at the back) I urge you to be quick (Ok mate, we have had a 'final time' and a 'be quick' already) valued by Club lotus at £20,000 (£20,000 you say? Golly!) This Essex has been valued at £20,000 (Blimey! it's that £20,000 again! why is it listed at nearly ten grand less then?) this is the final chance (what? another final chance in big letters?) £20,000 (No f**king about here man, just another big £20,000 in big letters, is this guy OK?) I repeat this is your last chance (Christ i must be quick then, how much do you think it's worth again?) Stops just short of offering to tie up any interested parties with piano wire and scream 'Last chance' and' £20,000' at them until they cough up, but only just. Maybe the ad did not help, thats all i'm saying.
  16. For the record, USPS and EMS are the fastest to me, trackable all the way. EMS from Hong kong is unbelievable, always 4 days and sometimes less. Last buy was on a tuesday and got to me thursday morning. Sometimes HK items get to me faster than the tracking info makes the website, i have had the item here while it is still shown in the international hub in coventry on the tracking. Plus i very, very, rarely get customs bill on HK/EMS items (i do on USPS though). In fact it's my favorite place to buy, especially as most UK people think watches from HK will be dodgy so that keeps the prices nice and low too! Some of the best sellers i've dealt with.
  17. Thats fine mate, if you are 100% sure your post office will be the default final delivery service and it's not sat on another couriers shelf. I post using Royal Mail International Signed for, have not lost one item in over 150 worldwide postings, have never paid more than £10 and that insures for £500, £40 is mental unless there is a car on the end of the wheel. Some UK Ebayers charge £20+ to send a watch when you can insure a 1kg packet for £2500, fully trackable and signed for, for less than £10...
  18. Have you called your local depots/parcel delivery firms? I have had to chase too many items down now, many insured to four figures but lost in the 'system'. It's always worth a shot mate. I include that advise in my own Ebay terms as i'm really sick of 'Where is my item?' only to fire the tracking number i gave them into the internet to see it's been waiting in their local depot for the last three weeks. This is getting more and more common now and often not the buyers fault. Parcel services often don't leave 'you were out' cards, i have had DHL, Royal Mail and parcel force with items for me that they left no card for and i had to ring up and see. Also with some items they won't even attempt a delivery if there is a customs charge. A £800 watch send to me from Germany via DHL was then passed to Parcelforce and spent a month on a shelf 12 miles away until i found it by ringing round various parcel services until one said 'we have something' only to find another item i was missing sat there with it! Disturbingly i have also had special delivery signed for's (insured £500) left on my doorstep. It bothers me as i have to chase it on behalf of the buyer: If it sits in the depot too long without collection then it goes return to sender, i lose my listing fees, paypal fees, etc and have to relist or repost. I frequently log onto overseas postal services websites to track my outgoing item, see it's awaiting collection or customs charge, then email the buyer to tell them. Buyers tend not to do all this as they can just claim if it does not arrive at their door, in their hands. If i send someone something and they make no attempt to collect it, change their mind and let it get sent back or they refuse the customs charge, then it's sent back to me and paypal will refund their money. As long as the buyer does not have the item it's an almost default refund regardless of whats said in the despute centre. If you are unhappy with your item it's hard to win, but if you did not get it, and especially if it got sent back to the seller by your own choice (or fault), you win every time.
  19. Thats mindbending stuff mate, i'll stick to Murphys law and figure if you butter one side of an essex and drop it then the buttered side hits the floor. £120,000? I actually missed that as the pics were enough for me, will people really spend that on a non supercar Lotus? That would be quite something if they do and good i guess. What would/could they buy instead?
  20. This Elite is almost totally unappealing to me, but it's class, type, and market always will be (whenever i need a four seater i buy a cheap as chips used car then sell it or bin it when i'm done, i can't spend real money on a bus!). I actually feel fortunate. By this i mean the last car Lotus have made that i'd want to own is the Mk2 Exige. As i would not want even as a future used option (regardless of how good they are if you like that kind of thing) a Europa, Evora, 2Eleven, and this Elite (if they made it). This means that until they bring out the new Esprit, everything i want to own by Lotus is within grasp and realistic. ...err, apart from an Essex Turbo, as their value, apparently, does not stay still long enough for you to ever know or agree what it is.
  21. As Bibs will testify, there used to be a weird dead mans land in the middle of my town, It was where the Witney Town FC ground was before it moved to the outskirts. Half the site was laid down to tarmac as a carpark, the other half gravel, and half of what was once the pitch just a muddy bit for overflow parking. In one corner there were some bottlebanks, on the other a 1960's public toilet. In the evening the area was badly lit and used only by the boy racers, chatting to each other as they chucked McDonalds wrappers here and there, no doubt going on to fondle some barely nubile teen, albeit with a hand still covered in burger relish and spittle. It was a shit area that really let the town down. NOW it has been developed and we have a five screen cinema, shops, restaurants, cafes, housing and a completely hidden and free multi story carpark. For the first time in my life i can walk to the cinema (4 minutes!), and i have no reason at all to go to the traffic jam tourist hell of Oxford to do any clothes shopping, or any shopping come to that. An area that was a vast dump has become my new walk into town and something that brings people from the surrounding villages in on a saturday. Despite this, there are people that say "I don't like it", and i heard some lady on radio Oxford say "I think they should have kept it just the way it was".
  22. Brian from the 'Jericho' area of Oxford has a V8, but i think it's the calypso red.
  23. Paul C

    Essex 007

    Bang on. Everything i sell on Ebay (mainly watches) has bids in the last ten seconds as the automatic snipes are entered, these can often double the price or more. To accept an offer to 'end early' means i would never get to see those bids, and to finish early in fear it will not go high enough would mean i don't get those bids and that i have set my start or reserve price lower than i'm prepared to sell for, which is an inane thing to do when you think about it really! I have not bid manually on anything on Ebay for about five years now, i always set a snipe for my maximum and it goes in with six seconds to go. Bidding when people have the time to see your bid and try to outbid you guarantees you will pay more if you win, thats just a fact. If someone is winning an item at £1500 then my £2000 bid goes in with five seconds to spare, it would be mental to bid with a minute to go, still win it but watch the other guy panic bid your winning price to £1800 before your eyes. I figure now that my listing duration time only serves for people to see the item, add it to their watch list, and then set a snipe or do it the scary old fasioned way with screens open and trying to refresh until the last few seconds and then bid (this is fine if you are awake, but a snipe set on an item finishing in america at 3am gmt is a panic free win you don't have to stay up late for). Not letting it run full term is akin to running away from the fruit machine while it's still spilling out money. My tip would be on selling anything... Set a start or reserve you are happy with, then people know what your 'lowest price' is and won't plague you with offers as much as they will if you start at 1p, also it shows a knowledge of the items value, which adds the all important seller credibility to the listing. Keep auction private (hide seller ID) so if the winner views the car and is not happy with inspection/condition etc then his ID will be hid and when you list again potential bidders won't contact him for the info. Don't end early, not only as you will never know what it would have sold for but people watching tire of this and have no faith in it ending properly next time (i don't).
  24. Paul C

    Essex 007

    My total lack of any faith and any afterlife is the only thing that keeps me going, i mean imagine living forever only to find out there is no end to this thread? If there are any believers out there, admit it, You'd be really unhappy with god for that one.
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