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  1. Seems like a good idea. Dunno why but i was wandering all over the sperate sections anyway, finding facination in the 'Essex values' thread thats nudging ten pages without bearing any fruit, and i read all the 'PLEASE SAVE THIS CAR' Eclat Ebay threads too. As someone who always clicks 'View new content' and then clicks on anything that does not look too boring, i rarely notice the forum area i am in anyway.
  2. Paul C

    15. Singapore

    Ok, I'm going to beat Ramjet to it and get an early Lotus result prediction in, also if i do it now people will see i have not doctored it after the race: "One car will not finish, the other will finish between 16th and 18th" I know this would be a shock result, but based on every other race (apart from when they both did not finish) i think i stand a half good chance of being right. Actually, thats too easy so i'll add: "one red bull car will not finish" There, that'll stuff it up for me.
  3. Best to stick to the facts i find. You can be sat in a nice cafe, in one of the best parts of town, paying too much money for some mediocre food and an 18euro pint of Heineken (true story). Glance out the window and there is a smartly dressed french lady letting her tiny dog take a shit on the path and then walk away leaving it there, wait long enough and you get to see someone step in it! Ah, the city of love!!!
  4. They film in Oxford LOADS. Yesterday we had 'Lewis' filming outside Oriel and Corpus colleges again, i have seen him and the late John Thaw more times than i can remember. The film crews get on my tits bigtime. yesterday morning at 6.45am i had one foot out of the van and my arse had not left the seat when some tw4t shouted: "how long are you going to be there mate?" I said "as long as it takes me to open the gate" Him "It's just that we want to park some of our cars there, how many other people need access to that gate?" Me "Oh about twenty contractors, a skip lorry, the college staff, the laundry van, the estates pickup" Him "that could be a problem as we are blocking this square off to film" These guys have no legal power whatsoever but the amount of times i've been stopped in the street by a raised hand "stop there, we are filming" with no manners and no friendliness at all. I got so pissed off being held up by (very tall but very old looking) Martin Clunes filming in Radcliff Square that in the end i walked into shot and accross to Exeter college, as the "Oi! Mate, we are fffing filming!" was no more or less freindly than the "stop there and wait" i got while waiting, unpaid while going from one college to another. These guys think they are like the police or something, but they are not. Yesterday the crew were there from 6.30am to 6pm to film what one told me would be 10-30 minutes footage, it costs them a fortune to film this stuff. If they are filming near me i always drill, i have known many tradesmen that have been paid to stop, when they were filming in merton street yesterday i was on full hammer hoping to get home early with a days pay in my back pocket!
  5. Paul C

    Essex 007

    Staggering how long this thread has gone on! But a fair point made there, maybe all you guys SHOULD have a bet. For example: £16,000 asking price If the people that have viewed this thread 2682 times gave £5 a view then that would be enough to buy the car. If the 117 people interested enough to actually post on this thread gave £140 a post then that would also buy the car. This of course gets cheaper if you can run the thread to, say, twenty pages, and get some different people on it. But you could in theory all do it. Just my 2p (or £140!)
  6. You know, if it means that they only ever made cool cars then yes, i think it just might be!
  7. Paul C

    Moved House

    And my MP is the prime minister! I'm not kidding, there is nowhere i'd sooner live, it's like butlins every day.
  8. Keep it Proton. At the moment if you say "i own a Lotus" then it means you own a sports or performance car, as thats all they make. Once stuff like this has a lotus badge then they are no longer a sports and performance car maker, no matter what they revert to they will always be the ones that also made that 'battery powered wendy house'. Sh1t for the badge IMO.
  9. We went 18 months ago and it was about £300 for both our return tickets in advance. Tip: We were at the terminal an hour early and they asked if we'd like to leave on the next trian rather than wait for ours, which was nice. Within an hour or so we were sidestepping the train station beggers and dodging dogshit on the paris pavements, in the rain, trying to find our hotel with a wet map. I hardly noticed my first pint was a tenner!
  10. Twice what you bid! Two piles of steaming animal guts! Cheers for the interest though.
  11. £50 Via PM from a very generous forum member, who by the nature of his bid i assume wishes to remain secret. He gets the book, oxfam gets a fiver, the forum gets £50, i pay the postage, it really was that easy! Thanks very much Mr mystery mate, please PM Bib's and arrange payment to the forum, and please PM me with your address. Cheers to you other guys making bids, the interest made it worthwhile. And Jon wins a special prize for the most amount of posts without making a single bid (other than a pile of steaming animal guts that is).
  12. Truely we are a bunch of like minded individuals! It's amazing we have over 8,000 people that are neither interested in a period Lotus F1 book or in donating to the forum... 3 hours to go...
  13. Christ! I'm buggered if i'm counting them up! I went for the null vote option! Whats up with you man? Are you on a mission to find the badness in everything? Never, ever, count, ever.
  14. I think i have one, but it's from a 111s VVC S1 Elise (no good if yours is a standard lump?), i was going to Ebay it at some point as my car has a DTA ecu in it now.
  15. Is this going to be like Ebay when everyone bids in the last seconds?
  16. $30 (thats about £19.30p in non monopoly money folks) Many thanks John, Yes, i was wearing gloves when handling the BMW pictures. However, these particular cars pictured are to me actually special and proper racing cars from the days when BMW were not hell bent on making making 'traffic jam ingredient tanks' for bottom feeding morons in their millions. These older racers are no way associated to the 'two a penny' people in my street that all have some silver or black generic german saloon yet claim to have bragging rights sort of 'prestige' by having exactly the same as everybody around them, loving the fact that they do, and seeing no irony in being no different to anybody else in any way whatsoever. I'd honestly pull out my guts and cook them for breakfast before ever owning a car with that badge on the front, seriously, don't ever stay at mine and accept breakfast... I do however welcome your generous bid, this is what it's all about, forum donation and goodies to boot!
  17. £15 Cheers for that mate, A forum donation is always handy, but how often can a donation get you a bit of 35 year old lotus history for your trouble? Thanks again. Jon, seems you just have too many supercars, thats not the same as being skint!
  18. £10 so far from MPX Cheers for getting the ball rolling mate! Jon, fair enough mate. Owning two Esprits in bits all the time is never going to keep you far from the land of skint, but there is hope! This auction runs through to next payday so you might be able to post on this auction thread with a real bid yet!!!
  19. Paul C

    13. Belgium

    Great result for Lotus! Shame about Trullis spin as it meant that every team apart from HRT finished higher than Lotus, but good result having a 16th place all the same.
  20. Wahey! Some interest! How much is your bid Jon? My purchase price of £4.99 would be a fair start.
  21. (This is a auction for a book, see how to win it at the bottom of this post) Yesterday i saw this book in my local Oxfam bookshop, it was £4.99 and i just knew someone on here would like it. It's a 1975 first edition hardback (with jacket) of Alan Rees book: 'Ronnie Peterson grand prix racing driver' The book is mainly packed full of photos and details of the lotus era, as well as his career at March, racing BMW's and chevrolets later in his career. Have taken a few photos of the many in there: Want it? Here's how! Nobody loses here. The charity already has a fiver for it. It will now go to the highest bidder with... ALL PROCEEDS going to the forum! I'll even post it anywhere in the world free! (RM special delivery/international signed for fully insured) That means i'm already a tenner out of pocket myself! Two ways to bid on this: 1, Post up a bid on this thread and let the world see how flash you are and how much you are giving to the forum. 2, PM me your bid, i'll post the amount but keep your name secret. (be aware i'm not online all day so your bid might not appear until later that evening). Terms: Auction will end on Monday september the 6th at 9pm GMT. If there are two high bids of the same value then the one that was posted on the thread or PM'd to me first will win. I will try to be online for the last hour to update the thread with any PM'd bids. Posting will be made on payment. Payment will be to the forums Paypal account, Bibs will provide the Email address. Here's you chance to grab a nice F1 lotus related book (sorry but the ISBN number is neither 007 or essex related), a chance to donate to the forum, and a chance to beat the other guy. Nobody loses but me!
  22. Oh god the irony!!!! "did you bring me an opinion with my chips dad?" If i wanted to cast iron prove my point i could not have begged for better. If you must come here then like everything, just like everybody else, or you are a little moaner. Right? FFS thats pathetic!
  23. If they honestly claim to like anything Lotus ever do? If their ability to like or dislike something is rendered useless if it happens to be made by Lotus?. Then you can call them what you like mate!
  24. While i like this car a lot (as i have said)... I do agree with Rog in the sense there is a real overwhelming 'Clap and applaud like retarded sealions' stance at anything rolling out of the factory or onto a track with the name 'Lotus' on it. The amount of people that claim to all agree on these things don't ever all agree on anything else, so the love it 'cause it's Lotus just smacks as being totally false and tiresome sometimes. I swear that if i wrote the word 'Lotus' on a tins of peas and shook it, there are people on here that would dance.
  25. So how do you think the Exos will go down with these folk?
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