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  1. Was not actually coming after leaving early the last four years and last years disaster!, but a turn of events mean I actually simply have to make it!!! Cancelled plans I have too. Hope the sausage wagon is there again...
  2. Happy Birthday Alex. I was in HK for mine, hence the late reply. Being immature from birth I decided it was best to bury my 40th in China then come home. Was in a fine tea house eating some of the best Dim Sum in the world on the day itself. We had a great time, saw Pandas and that. Weirdest thing? The avenue of the stars (where filmstars hand prints or in the cement like hollywood). All we know is I must 100% look like someone famous, because with other westerners around, they were queueing up, I kid you not, to be photographed with me. Beats me. the only downer? Despite preparation, Had post flight giddyness every day there and the flight back was longer so don't expect to be 100% until next week.
  3. Blue V8 with bell & coville sticker, Saw loads of times yesterday in the very cool wanchai/lockhart rd and red light district, saw you the minute we stepped out of our hotel, later coming over flemming bridge alongside yellow 355. also a black exige later on in lockhart.
  4. My stock 143bhp 111s was running 170bhp on an Emerald and then a DTA Mappable ECU. If I got another S1 Elise I would go for a non VVC every time and tune/mod that engine, there are loads of goodies you can get for the non VVC head and it ran to 190bhp in the Exige/Elise without a VVC. I say this because a VVC failure on my Elise bust shedloads of bits in the head, in general I'm not a lover of 'clever' engine heads that mess around with cams and valves, your pistons have no sympathy when that kind of stuff fails...
  5. Always loved the Montreal, especially those headlights! Love the green they did, is it a green one? My Elise sold to a UK guy in four days on Pistonheads, I could have sold the car four times to france, I put it up at a high price to test the water and within one day a French guy wanted to pay in full to my account. He was followed by about 30 mails from other French guys and three more ready to pay in full. I actually checked on the playground and found i was naive to how many S1 Elises were being snapped up by the French. Had fifty Emails in 7 days and sold £3k more than i bought it for. I put my SE on PH at a similar high price and it just sat there with me chopping a grand off every month or so and getting my time wasted until I sold easily at a low price via this forum, so I'd recommend putting a ad here as the Esprit is a much narrower market and people looking are likely to visit here, it will also IMO save you a lot of time wasters.
  6. The guy in the Picture is Indeed Paul Clugson from UKSC, I bought my first Esprit from him in the late 90's.
  7. Our long winters? The one we got two days ago has thawed now. Probably won't get another and if we do it will be for a day or so. Is the meaning of winter here being 'It's a bit wet'?, and then the next day it's dry?
  8. Bugger! Chances are this will be the only snowy weekend we get this winter, two other cars on the drive, and I did not splash out on a set of snow tyres for the Porsche. Bloddy UK with it's five days a year of snow!!! I'll just have to spend the money on something else...
  9. Paul C


    Hey, Did my regular snow thing this morning: 'Where does the cat go at night?' Love following his tracks and it's the only time you get to know, seems he went over the fence, up the road, and despite having a warm house, he spent the night under someone's car. Weirdo. No photo from me, just imagine everything white and a bit like the photos above...
  10. From failure list: 4.1.4 Compliance with requirements: (a) Lamp, emitted colour, position or intensity not in accordance with the requirements (b) Products on lens or light source which obviously reduce light intensity or change emitted colour © Light source and lamp not compatible 4.1.5. Levelling devices (where mandatory): (a) Device not operating. (b) Manual device cannot be operated from driver’s seat. 4.1.6 Headlamp cleaning device (where mandatory): Device not operating. 6.1.9 Engine performance: (a) Control unit illegal modified. (b) Illegal engine modification. (by 'illegal', it is assumed that they mean changed/programmed differently from OEM specifications) There will also be a new check on the general condition of the wiring: 4.11. Electrical wiring (a) Wiring insecure or not adequately secured. (b) Wiring deteriorated. © Damaged or deteriorated insulation and on the function of airbag and seat belt pre-tensioner systems: 7.1.4. Safety belt Pre-tensioners: Pre-tensioner obviously missing or not suitable with the vehicle. 7.1.5. Airbag: (a) Airbags obviously missing or not suitable with the vehicle. (b) Airbag obviously non-operative. 7.1.6. SRS Systems: SRS MIL indicates any kind of failure of the system. The thinking is, unless obvious (eg peek in an elise engine bay, see there is no rover ecu, a 2 second test) the car would plug into diagnostic and if the factory plug is dead or unreadable they will know instantly, or (harder) if it's live they can tell by tech info, byte? rate or something. One thing seems obvious, the test time will be up, therefore the cost. Any tooling they need will be more than covered in the massive rise in post MOT failure work they will have. It's going to happen so I'm not crying about it. was just wondering your plans/concerns, seems the 'make it MOT ready' is the most common across the car forums. But I have to wonder if the thousands of guys planning to make their cars MOT failures the day after they get an MOT, then planning to drive it a year, are going to get away with it...
  11. The guys on the 911 forums are bothered about the fact: 1, Catted Cars that are De-catted: Fail 2, Cars with non original HID, wrong colour or tinted lens: Fail 3, Original Airbag wheel missing: Fail 4, Non original ECU: Fail Same stuff you guys are bothered about? There was a big group buy on HID's for the 993 a year back so nearly all of them have those fitted, not so common on Esprits and Elise, but I think there are plenty of Elise running emerald ecu, and V8 esprits with non airbag wheels, and SE's with all the cat and emmisions stuff out and away. Seems most are going for the 'take apart and make MOT ready then put it back" option, or have a bullsh1t MOT, which is apparently fine as long as you don't crash your non road legal car and let the insurers/police poke around it. My Elise and Esprit would have failed, and the new section on wiring condition and warning lights might well have failed my first Esprit too.
  12. Engine number? If the car was repaired by having another cars shell dropped on it then the vin and windscreen would match because they are on the bodyshell, but there is no reason they have anything to do with the chassis, engine, and registration number.
  13. Is it me? A few years back we could all laugh at the boys in Supra's and the like, hanging round carparks with massive wings and splitters... But now the same kind of body styling is on a lot of very expensive new and exotic machinery. Maybe these guys were right all along?
  14. After finally cracking the week long dizziness I got after flying, I can now see it as a means to and end, but nothing more. I'm probably in the 'not being in control' camp, as I don't like buses, trains, planes or even being a passenger in a car. The only train i have been on in the last two years has been from an airport to the hotel, likewise the only bus I've been on in at least five years is the bus from the airport terminal to the carpark. We go to Hong Kong in april and it's the killing time that will do my head in, I've decided to do a minimum of two films each way, I can't sleep, and for some reason I can't read. Took a talking book to new york last time, i did not take in a word but the tones of Steven fry were better than the cabin hum drum. One thing... Have never had this before until November on our way back from Copenhagen on a mercifully short flight. We boarded to find the guy next to us was already seated (he had aisle seat we had middle and window). The guy was MASSIVE. When he sat back down a whole layer of his side spilled over onto me, his fat arm was in front of my shoulder the whole two hours, I could not ask him to shift as it was impossible for him, he just took that much room. He sweated through his shirt on take off and then ordered food and ate almost constantly, I ended up leaning onto Vic. First time I've felt sick on a plane. Should not be allowed, he should have been upgraded. He did not pay for one and a half seats and it would have been impossible to endure that for any length of time, why should I be 'cool' about being made uncomfortable for hours and not having the seat I paid for? I hate him for being there as it's now at the forefront of my mind as we head towards our 13 hour HK flights. I know in that case I would have to say something from the outset, maybe find a cabin crew person and see if there is an empty seat somewhere else (even if it means I'm not sat with Vic). I can't get it out of my mind and will be looking at everyone at the gate every time I fly now.
  15. £610 for 4 tyres, which is pretty good for the correct spec item. I could not buy them cheaper and even if I could there is no-one local I'd trust to fit and balance them. £475 for the wheel refurb. cheaper if you don't go 2 tone of course. Click the link to his site. Dave, I don't like the slanted spoke turbo rims to look at, and on the road the front is heavy and the car tramlines a lot. Maybe really good for motorway miles mind. They are a VERY popular upgrade though...
  16. Not Lotus related, but had to tell you of this guys great and unique service. Maybe he could do stuff for you lot too? My wheels had some corrosion, not much, this is the worst one. I needed two new rear tyres and the fronts while they had tread, were 7 years old so the compound would have been crap by now. Chris comes to my house and takes off my wheels, fitting a set of his. Gives me a chance to try out some 18's for the week. Chris then takes my wheels away to strip properly, paint, bake, everything the mobile guys don't do. I went for two tone with silver painted rims but grey centres. He's also going to do the centre badges and supply 4 new tyres, and wheel nuts etc. But for now I get to try the feel of the bigger turbo wheels on my car for a week. He comes back today with my wheels, they are just ace. I tried to fit one of the centres back in myself, Chris was "Noooooo!" and pointed out he could not have his work photographed if the badges were not correctly pointing at the valves, ah the Porsche anal-ness!!! Am very happy, it was deffo a good move to go for the 2 tone finish. Chris does several makes but obviously his service depends on what wheels he has. I know he has no Lotus rims, but if there is a set floating around then he would do this service for you lot too if there was interest. What I liked was I did not have to drive anywhere/leave my car/arrange lift back and I did not have to get some wheels, swap them for mine, drop mine off somewhere, pick them up etc. It was just so easy. http://www.exelwheel...ue-Service.html
  17. I love shipwrecks, Anyone visiting my house will find the cloakroom and guest rooms full of books on the Titanic, Bismark, scapa flow, guadalcanal, bikini atoll, red sea wrecks, german U boat kills of pleasure liners, scuttled fleets. I have to ask, purely out of genuine interest: Is anyone on this thread connected with the team involved in dealing with the disaster? Also, does anyone on this thread have any information that is not available from world news? I'd love to know more please. Anyone know someone who actually got wet? I'm especially interested in anyone who has an insight in what the captain had on his mind, even if it's just a worthless personal opinion based on what you have seen on the news, I'm well into hearing it, as there seems to be less and less new information coming from the disaster site itself. I'm turning the telly off and waiting!
  18. He's alright, He span his lamborghini, then carried on driving in his lamborghini. It's the fact he's got a lambo that people sneer at. It's not like everyone on this thread are the worlds greatest drivers who have never lost the back end of a sportscar, right? Christ, I'd have had my car taken away years ago if owning one was some kind of driving skill challenge, thank god it's not!!! Like I'd care if it was.
  19. You know, from where I live, I could ride my pushbike to leafield faster than I could read this thread, and Enstone too for that matter. Whole groups from the teams use the pubs in town, it's a massive employer round here, Dad even worked Benneton for a bit. Some of the guys I know have been at the same place for years, just the name changes Benneton/Renault/Lotus/whatever next. It's all in a differnet sticker on the car and someone's name on a door from what I can make out?
  20. Being good in the twisty bits is a great boast. As long as the cars that beat you in a straight line are not also good in the twisty bits! If they are, and people want a car that can do everything then you are stuffed. If they are not, then you have something original to sell.
  21. Those are of course £20k elans... But you have to do the following to your barn find to make it even close to the £20k cars you link to: New old stock chassis, new old stock bodyshell, ground up restoration, type 26R body conversion, engine overhaul with new pistons. Restore it to concors condition, new wheels, tyres, suspension, rebuilt race spec engine. etc... If you really can do that for £1000-£2000 then I totally agree you should do it mate, as a business!
  22. Optimistic. For less than £3k more you can get this baby with QED engine build, new paint and ace interior (granted it's a plus two): http://www.pistonhea...les/3547866.htm
  23. It's always worth a morning finding ALL the earth posts on an Esprit. Look in the manual and while the +ve wiring runs from a-b in most cases, there are earthing points all around the car. When you find them, take them apart and look, it's staggering some stuff worked at all, in fact you will find some have failed and a single earth cable a previous owner put in elsewhere on the car to solve a dodgy ground, could actually be feeding 10 other items due to their original earth being lost. 50% of the cars wiring is down to around 20 earthing locations, and when you find them, every one will need a cleanup.
  24. Err... I actually use guys. I mean I use the word 'guys' for both sexes. I don't use 'guys'.
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