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  1. Best of luck If the inspection is good, then... Do not (not) let them 'a' service it or offer to 'prepare it for sale' in any way!
  2. Hi, I had EXACTLY your symtoms a couple of months ago. I was busy fooling myself it was the wastegate actuator going doolally. I changed all the plugs (though the originals showed no probs when pulled). When i was putting the longer of the HT leads back on the new plug, It felt a little funny..... I pulled it off the plug and the crimp end of the lead was left on the end of the plug! This longer HT lead (nearest the cams) is the most 'stretched' if routing is not done with care. Under stress it had broken down some. Thing is,the point where it split was within the rubber boot. The boot is moulded to the HT leads insulation both sides of the break, thus holding the cable in place to arc away inside the boot. Were it not the fact the end of the lead had pulled out of the boot complete with it's crimp, then i'd have never have known the exact cause and known only that it was the lead. Car ran like new PS, Make sure you make a note of where the leads go
  3. Ahhhh! Yes it does! Bit of a 'stepping stone' way of moving around, but at least it marks 'em. Cheers.
  4. Not really getting it Am reading threads and clicking via the forum and not my PC's back button etc. But sometimes i have to read it twice to get it to show read. Now looking at everything and clicking 'mark all' before i leave. Am i doing something silly?
  5. Am pretty sure the Azure S4s they have is a known car previously belonging to a forum user. But as you say theres the premium on price, a high dealer premium can only justified by red carpet after sales service and warrantee. To my knowledge UKSC give three month warrantees (which did not cover my S3's 'consumable' clutch). Sportamotive seem to give twelve months on their site - worth a few grand if they are good on it.
  6. Paul C


    I don't really get a lot of the Hubbub at the mo either. Have been on seven forums today,Takes time so intergration is cool if possible but its sunday night so hey! Have only ever viewed 'on the web', and work in construction. So i do not appreciate or understand the usefulness of whole E-mail aspect of it. Yahoo is the only forum of that format i visit (and i visit cause the content is good), i can't help thinking those using it would get to like a thread based forum, as most of the bickering there is about too much chat, and i myself have been accused of 'Forum hogging' when organising meet ups for events... Also there is a staggering wealth of knowledge there attached to a search engine that is blind. Thats probably what bugs me most,you remeber someone talking about your problem - but can't find it easy. I think 'well it was before donnington' so go back and trawl through feburarys posts, not ideal! Man,if they fixed just that, how useful would it be!
  7. They should make a small toolkit that slides in the radio hole Could even have a fake 'stereo' front so no-one would know
  8. I have a whippy one! The PO put it on, still have the old one but will get it filled at some point.
  9. Could have written that myself
  10. Nice car. (and the one you're gonna get ) Something tells me it will be hard to let that go?
  11. The UK SE (mine) had it there, although it now has a roof one The S4 change all had the roof one as far as i know. Is yours a very early S4? (93/94) US models do differ a bit, Proved by your 93.5 model SE's...
  12. Glad to have you here Jim!
  13. Esprit is the only car i've owned that i don't use the stereo. Had a decent CD in my S3 but it was mainly for looks and used it a dozen times tops. The PO has put quite a decent sony in my SE and upgraded the speakers, but i have yet to use it Would swap the stereo hole for some more vents any day
  14. Thing is, If the car is new stock and they have not had any dealing with it, then there is no reason why it should be any different tyo any other used Esprit. I'd just sooner get it from the previous owner without paying the premium. There is a very rare SE highwing in the latest Club Lotus mag classifieds. It is a silk red example,cream leather with 60k miles for
  15. Paul C

    Esprit S2

    I like it. Id fix the oily bits and go! There is a silver S2 that i've seen around Abingdon and Oxford for the last few years. It's cosmetically shot, with no laquer left, all trim fading to grey, wheels needing refurb etc... But he uses it every day so must keep the oily bits in good nick. and it looks so mean and 'Mad Maxish'. A good mate of mine has just bought a dirt cheap 944 with almost matt white/pink faded Guards red paint. He street parks it and has no worries (and he has wanted one since we were at school). And theres me quadruple checking the Garage door and weather reports!
  16. Quite right you are too Mark! One of the late Audi redesigns with no wing or frills. I didn't notice! They did a really good job too, As much as i like the wings and that, the earlier Lambo models are the most striking (as are the early Esprits) For instance, the arches and kit on the 25yr editions completely covered over the slashed wheelarch of the LP400 - which was a great feature of it's design (copied years later by the fiat coupe).
  17. Cannot be much techie help, sorry! But if i was in your position (Looking to keep the car long term) then i'd look at anything else that is made easy by engine removal. Tanks spring to mind and the Manifold if its elderly too. Take plenty of photo's too. Not only will it help others in the future but it may help you put it back in! Good luck! Am waiting on a call from a guy near me to help him put the body back on his car ('85 turbo) am going to photo and post the whole thing if i can. There is something wierd about standing in his car where the engine should be and looking around at angles you would otherwise never see....
  18. A collegue of mine with an 'Orion Ghia' took a ford badge and rubbed the back of it on emery paper til the blue wore off (silver 'ford' stayed as it is deeper in). He then sprayed the back of the badge black - hey presto Black ford badge. It actually looked good (badge, not car )
  19. BTW, By coincidence a thread on Yahoo is discussing this... It's from a non domestic SE i snapped at this years donnington. The sportamotive SE has the same feature... Niether good nor bad,but i thought i'd share
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