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  1. RE: UKSC Jumble those letters!
  2. You gotta (it's the law!) have the badge. I think the Lotus badge is so desirable that i've peeled the 'fiesta' script 'Lotus' letters off the back of my SE. I plan to get a smooth number plate plinth and have a badge instead (like later models). Go for a black badge maybe if you wannit different?
  3. I know Brother Nick has dealings with them, if that helps
  4. What if the battery is flat Or you lose the key Or there is a fence? Dogs? Have your considered this properly?
  5. Paul C


    Yeah Mine took ages to make and it be tiny!
  6. Will you be able to 'remote stop' it, if the doors won't let you in?
  7. I'm gonna buy one at Stoneleigh and whack it on there Somewhere near center of course If you're lucky,right way up
  8. Hi, Derek Bell? (Think that was his name). Anyhow,the guy who gave the gearbox talk at the oxford meet, talked about the stress related gearbox failures. From what i remember, he seemed to think that the 4cyl cars did not overwork the gearbox 'too' much unless they were modded 400bhp plus. He did say that the V8 with it's higher torque as well,could push the 'box to the limit and any mod took it beyond that. Again,from memory, it was a stress/fatigue related failure based around a thinner section on the input shaft which would be impossible to see (until it failed). If i was looking for a doner 'box for my SE, i would assume that one from a 4cyl would be preferable to one from a V8. But i might be wrong....
  9. I still think we should do the Porridge Pot and the big carpark. The small amount of space inside the venue and the bit outside will fill up before we get there. We could get 50 cars together in the big carpark, all arriving at once Then we could draw people to us....
  10. The chat section is ACE. Vicki looks at it every day and finds it very entertaining. Chat is Soooooooooooooo Important!!!! Pre Owning a computer (less than two years ago), I had only Club lotus. I'd turn up at shows and always pick (like the first day of school) the most uninteresting Tech driven trainspotter -straight back from his recent Charisma bypass operation, And end up getting stuck with him Club lotus told me the Internet owners were yobs and weirdos who are up all night on their computers. I remember seeing 20 or so esprits turning up at Supercar Sunday one year and wondering how this could possibly be arranged. I had no idea the community was already out there Being ignorant of all computers older than my 48k speccy, i thought internet chat rooms were the haunts of kiddie fiddlers and the socially bankrupt. The Chat gives us a Persona. We meet for the first time with a real idea of each others mindset and character. How often have we seen guys on forums ripping each others hearts out and getting all personal over tech issues? Maybe a chat section stops this and strengthens the tech section as a resource. I like the Chat bit most (mind you, i don't have SKY)
  11. Yeah, i agree. Not sure as it's just cause it's new to me though, but i do see what you mean.
  12. Thanks Sorted. Never knew or noticed the no-entry/eye thing before
  13. Have bookmarked while logged on. And have ticked 'remember me', but every time i come back i have to log and password. My cookies are fine as Everything else i'm a member of sees me fine... Is it something i'm doing?
  14. Paul C


    Der... Just noticed all the other avatars are that size... No worries.
  15. Paul C


    Looking good Shedloads of features i don't understand yet... ...but that goes for anything with buttons! If i got this far and have an avatar then it must be pretty user friendly Now off to put this URL onto one of me programmable keys. PS, is there an avatar size limit? (Mine is all tiny,can i make it larger?)
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