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  1. Witney (my town) a bloke of any age is referred to as an 'Old boy', it's so familiar to me that i hardly think about it and i use and accept all of the below... For example: I saw your brother today = "I saw your old boy today" I saw your Father today = "I saw your old boy today" You're a good bloke = "You're a good old boy!" He's an old bloke = "he's an old old boy" He's a young bloke = "he's a young old boy" He's not an old bloke, he's a young bloke = "he's not an old old boy, he's a young old boy" Probably looks stupid, but it works round here! Ask my mum the time at 7.35 and it's "Five and twenty to eight" Ahhhh! Cotswold market towns....
  2. Great Yarmouth pleasure beach is a must! Forget the fact it's made up of twisted and rusting metal structures that look a bit like the flashback scenes in the Terminator films, it's an almost perfectly untouched and unrestored example of the kind of 1970's windswept and delapidated seaside resort which holds many happy memories of my youth. And while most attractions will sadly be closed at this time of year, the arcade (with toilet facilities) will be open for any visitor to fire a tenners worth of 10p's into the penny pushers in the whimsical hope of winning that fiver that's almost certainly glued down. Venture outside and find a fish & chip wagon and stalls selling everything from candyfloss to toffee apples, and of course, the sea, should you fancy rolling up your trousers and having a dip! In it's day, it was Norfolk peoples 'Disney'.
  3. Due to the age (Doomsday book in some cases) of the buildings I work in, I've found coins under floors that are older than the United States, the gunpowder plot, from times where we still publicly hung and then pulled the guts out of criminals, burned witches etc. Were the people who first carried such coins and lived in those times on this thread, then they way they talk would be equally odd. It is indeed a work in progress. Take yourself a hundred years either way and you are talking and writing it 'wrong' in the opinion of someone or other.
  4. Yep! Sleeve, sex, female, whatever floats your boat.
  5. I'm not taking the piss, we call these 'sexbolts' at work and you have the female end there. Also known as female bolts if that helps, here's some here: Used a lot in office furniture. Good luck!
  6. I was told to disconnect the battery first because (on porker ecu, am sure the lotus will use a simpler unit) if I pulled just the airbag connector (my first idea) then it would set the airbag light off in the dash requiring dealer reset. So I pulled the battery, gave it a few minutes, unplugged the airbag dead, did my stuff, plugged it back in dead, reconnected the battery. Disconnecting the battery is easy, just two wires, so I just did that.
  7. Paul C


    Ahem... BING - BONG!!! 'CLICK' "Everything's shite thread calling Kimbers, Everything's shite thread calling Kimbers, thank you." 'CLICK'
  8. Pull the battery for a few minutes before you unplug it mate. Unplugging it live on some cars means you get a warning light in the dash that a dealer has to reset, not sure the V8 is that tech heavy? But I needed to do it on this '93 porker.
  9. TLF used to be an Esprit forum. the playground had bugger all to offer compared to the massive Esprit forums, and when you visit there and see the 'big posters' followed from thread to thread with their gang of mates that agree with everything and everyone they slag off, you see a pretty dire playground that's as bad as pistonhead's at times.
  10. I could easily wave the flag! It's a 12 mile drive to Oxford, and I could spend £17k on a slightly sporty mini, keep it six years, and sell it for £8k. All flags and upbeat, hell, they will even put a flag on the roof (for a price). Or I could do as I did and spend £17k on a Porsche that last changed hands six years ago for £17k. You can wave the flag, but you would be moronic to be upbeat about it if it means you are throwing money away and ending up owning something that, in the blink of an eye, is just another two-a-penny used car, worth not that much to anyone, and a casual glance at autotrader shows that hundreds of folk are selling the same car as you for bugger all money, as there are so many of them... IMHO there are not enough makers going to the wall, for the high priced, highly spec'd, yet inherently worthless stuff they flog folk who just want 'the new civic' in their office car park for five minutes and a dent in their credit history. A guy I work with just bought a highly speced Quashqui (sic) Nissan thing for £19k (Nineteen thousand pounds sterling). It's shit, it always will be shit, and if I was to take £19k and I flushed a TWENTY pound note down the toilet every week it's on the road, then in ten years time I would be £9k better off than buying the Nissan, the Nissan that will always be a shit car. I know its a lot of jobs, but this kind of cash-cow-for-crap is so rife I think some makers really do deserve to go, as all they give to their customers is a legacy of debt from buying expensive tat that turns out to be worth nothing very, very quickly.
  11. Masserati's look like pisspoor Passat/BMW lovechilds, have hated on sight every one I have seen for the last few years, and I'd assume by their rarity that buyer's are the same. To me they are like Italian Saabs for the retired and slightly addled. Like Saab. Bin them, bulldozer the factory, and remember the cars they used to make. IMO
  12. My Dads obsession is his family tree, Since i got him online last year, he has gained skills and is now on ALL THE TIME... He's gone back to the 1600's. Each time you cross someone else's tree it is added as a branch on yours. He has thousands of people now. My point? I'll get to it. My family were piss poor and from the workhouses went on boats for a new life in America and Canada, many took bugger all with them. Turns out we also have a convict branch in Australia too. My dad has all the family photos, some with the people written on, some not. He has added them to the profiles of various people on his tree. This means people (that I'll most certainly never meet) now have pictures of their families. Likewise, these (previously unknown to us) people were able to confirm identities of pictures my dad added... When photos are that old there are hundreds of people, from branches of the family before and after the photo was taken, people you won't even know exist, that will be related to the people in the photo, and as it turns out, actually have the same hundred year old photo that you have, just with a name on it. It's totally consuming my Dads life...
  13. Gordon, I know you will get some daft replies with people unconnected to the police talking utter rubbish. I can 100% put your mind at rest though. If you are sure it was actually a hair drier then you will be fine, if it was a speed gun you would be stuffed.
  14. Great stuff, in the time it has taken last years meet not to happen... I've changed cars three times, Christmas has passed, and Bibs is busy organising this years meet! Maybe you should start referring to the meet you are organising as 'next years meet', give yourselves a head start?
  15. As internet forums have now become several years old, soon ten years old, this is becoming rife: Dead pictures and links. Was reminded of this again when looking through the 2006 factory trip picture thread. So many dead pictures and links. In time, old threads, especially technical ones, will be rendered useless and many threads (based on posted pictures) will be pointless. Reasons for this? 1, People changing picture hosts and letting the old one expire. 2, The picture host going bust/ending. (my case, all my pictures on forums from 2003 to this year were on which suddenly died with no warning a couple of months back, i had a paid and enhanced account too!). 3, People having a 'clearout' of their albums and binning stuff linked to in posts. Will all stuff (before uploads and upload limits) eventually become dead links? Aside from uploading directly to individual sites, which host do you guys think is less likely to vanish? I'm using photobucket now as they have been around for as many years as my last host. I guess no company/host/forum/even PC is incapable of just folding or failing, so will links and pictures ALWAYS have a shelf life? How many of us still have any of the first 30 digital pictures we took? Was film better??? Will there be no Jpeg's for the grandchildren to look at?
  16. Yep! In the lotus place, 6" above a puddle of oil and coolant! Peace! Seriously, I'm looking forward to a factory weekend focused around a new car. Was not too Bothered about the new Europa or the Evora really. Had owned all the Lotus cars I wanted to and lost interest, hence the wheels, but I think, If it's good, the new Esprit will up the image by a million percent, I really do.
  17. Kimber's farmer must really hate Kimbers if he puts a clump of Manure on his sirloin, one can only wonder what this guy put in the Turkey... You can chop the stalks off and throw them on your own manure heap, then you can dig that into the soil (great time of year for that) and grow your own carrots. No waste. Unless you pull your own Veg out of the soil and send the peelings, stalks and heads to the compost heap and use that to grow some more... then there will be waste. The waste you pay for someone to trim off before you buy it. Whats next Kimbers? The birds and the bee's?
  18. I'm taking my Porsche to the factory! I'm taking my Porsche to the factory! I'm taking my Porsche to the factory! Na, Na, Na, Nah, Nah!!!
  19. 48k spectrum. The kids that had Commodore and Amstrad's tended to wear glasses, be better and school than me, and have posh talking parents. So we had a spectrum so I could actually swap games with my mates. I remember having about six different joystick interfaces so I could run all games, and loads of copied games on tape with two numbers next to them 1, the number on the tape counter the game starts, and 2, The volume on the tape player it will always load on. It remains to this day the coolest and best christmas present we ever got from our folks.
  20. My dad gave me sound food buying advice years ago, probably when I moved out: "Beware round food in square boxes" Of course sometimes the box/tin shape does not matter, for example a tin of Cadbury's Roses/Quality Street. They are always full to the top as the contents are small items with no inner packaging... ...apart from the wrappers. Has anyone else noticed the ones that used to just have a foil wrap (eg: the caramel barrel) now has a full wrapper with big twist up ends? The tin still looks full though, it's just the ones that used to be wrapped small now are wrapped twice the size. Go look.
  21. Hope you are moving to another fun set of wheels, regardless of marque. There's nothing new in doing the same thing for too long. All the best mate, keep in touch.
  22. If the thread showed enough interest I would write (Bibs refers to my previous contact with Cadbury and Mars confectionary), but I do think, like the crisp quantity, and how 'topics' have shrunk, that we just take this on the chin and pay a gradually increasing price for a gradually decreasing product size, like the flat Wispa, it's like. yeah, I'm so glad it's back that I'm naive to what you have done here... It will be three fingered KitKats next. Yorkies have less chunks and they are not as wide.
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