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  1. This kind of thing has been happening a lot recently, buy a pack of biscuits and you have bought a lot of air and vacuum formed packing. This was only my second chocolate digestive from 'Crawfords Family Circle' selection, a selection that boasts '12 biscuit varieties to enjoy with all the family'. Just look at the cleverly hidden void under my second chocolate digestive: See how the cheaper shortbreads go down all the way: I DO have more important things to worry about, lets face it, we all do, and THATS how they get away with it, they think we just shrug and move on. The void is as deep as three more chocolate biscuits, with both layers then thats 6 biscuits taken away with this trick. This happens with everything now, how stupid are we? Had there not been Smiley faces as well as Jammie Dodgers on each layer then the whole experience would have been ruined for me, Christmas, New year, the lot.
  2. What plans do you have while sorn? Was showing a mate my 911 tonight, it's had such good owners, pull back any trim/carpet and everything is clean and mint, I just can't use it on wet salty roads, get it all crappy and have no fun from the miles. It's not sorn so I can use it on those lush dry Dec-March days that we DO get (cold air, early morning ace!). But it will sit up more than anything else I have ever owned. I have it parked in gear, trickle on, half a tank, heated, and it's not going to sit on the same tyre spots. My MOT (and service) is March, which to me is a perfect refresh ready for the year and all those agreed miles I'll have saved up.
  3. Cost, desirability and point. When you do a 3 day course in optic fibre termination and your free pen is identical to the one in the factory shop??? When you go to a national trust country house and see their branded mug is the same as the Lotus one? The difference is a worldwide brand that sells and a brand that whacks itself on anything non bespoke, or has something cheap made to badge as unique in the hope of sale. It's not the same, that's the point, the embarrassment IS that it's not the same. It DOES NOT ADD ANYTHING POSITIVE to the brand. You've carried enough lotus branded stuff from show to show, it's 'hot potatoes' , I've seen the rush and the queues that make me a liar. Not. The cars are, and always have been, good enough not to require really crap 'seaside rock' quality 'lifestyle' stuff, I still like lotus cars despite this stuff, so it surprises me lotus owning people still buy into it. It has forever been the worst part of the factory tour: the 'stick them in the gift shop for half an hour' and leave them bit. The desperation sucks. The first time I gave it 2 minutes then went outside (with many others, mainly smokers i freely admit), to look at the ducks bobbing about in that concrete gully outside the shop, I like ducks, they can swim, fly, walk and go underwater, personally I'd come back as a duck, but I digress... The next time I dodged it, left the group and chatted to Brian Angus* in the carpark while some girl shouted 'we're going to the gift shop now' until she gave up on me. *I should mention here that a 20 minute chat with Brian is worth missing anything, even the factory tour. I count myself Very fortunate to have owned an Esprit when He and Geoff were still at Lotus and driving the factory Esprit test mule. I think I owned Esprits in the very best times possible in respect of factory support and interest, and I am very, very grateful to have done do.
  4. If you want an Xmen Wolverine jacket then you can buy one that's more accurate, costs less, and better quality, from anywhere on the internet. Unless you are actually going to MAKE stuff that is unique, rather then some buy-to-order pen/cup/mug/jacket combo that a hundred other companies brand with their logo, then you might as well be selling tacky trinkets on some out of season seaside pier, and throwing the unsold tat into the sea I have a rack of leather jackets, including a wolverine and the Tom Cruise 'War of the worlds' i was wearing today, but if something on offer is a half arse'd, innacurate wannabe, looks a bit like something else, but not enough to infringe any copyright, inanely branded, but still sells (if somemone will buy it). ???? Clowns, catering for brand led cash cows. You are not alone, there are people that would buy turds if it had Lotus/Porsche/whatever brand on them, as long as it comes from the maker (even though it's bought in from the maker and F all to do with them*) then that's just fine. Go to any car show and there are guys strutting round in this aftermarket but sold by the factory tat... *see also those hideously dire quality 'Lotus' not made by Lotus fall apart caliper jap movement quartz throw away wrist watches, how shit are they? Has anyone opened the back of them and ebayed the quality movement? ($5 HK), go on, do it, buy a caseback tool and see what you have in there, utter valueless, non durable crap. A month ago I stood at Hans Christian Anderson's grave in Copenhagen, and I swear the Emperors new clothes has never been more relevant then it is today, the man was a genius. Tacky 'branded for the sake of it' sh1te. It's so easy to leave the brand, lets hope the investment in new customers extends past that corporate badged merchandise that has 100% nothing to do with the brand. Any lazy company can rebrand the same pen that 100 other companies have before them. Don't get me wrong here, porsche design do Exactly the same. This all started well before I sold up, transfer on Parker pens, it's embarrassing and keeps Lotus down IMO. There's enough history and enthusiasm to make this stuff pointless. It's an amazing company. Burn the gift shop. Sell the history.
  5. Glad you sold mate, have been there selling an SE for exactly the same money. Bargain for the buyer, sad day for the long term owner selling. I remember and count my ten year Esprit ownership in fun miles, if I'd ever counted it in cash I'd be in the nuthouse.
  6. Oh god... You know, turning 40 next year does not really bother me. If for any reason it does not turn out for me, then I'll be back to join you guys on this thread. I've already got white hairs in my eyebrows, maybe I AM just one post away from hanging up my hopes and rubbing my thighs at internet pictures of, pretty, pretty girls... Paul C Thirty nine and three quarters...
  7. I'd walk away. It's possibly worth more if you threw the engine in the sea and sold what's left for parts? Plus, all the running gear, plumming, pumps, radiators, exhaust, gearbox, clutch, brakes, suspension, bushes, hubs, bearings, heater, aircon, chargecooler, turbo, seats, motors, tanks... ...Will all be as tired as the mileage, yet you will not be able to test many of them. If you were given (for free) a busted, high miler Esprit for free, it has the worse case possibility of costing as much as a good car to put right. Of course, if you don't want a car you can drive, and you can do all the work, have the funds and want a project then it would be good fun as something to do.
  8. Happy Christmas to all of you guys/girls on here. Twas a time Christmas was about me and my brother, but now it's about us looking after our folks. For anyone planning get togethers over the next few days, may i share with you my joy of having good weather making it possible. All the 'standby plans' I have made will not be needed. I can go the whole holiday without driving and still see everyone i know, but for those of you needing to drive everywhere I am so glad it has not been like previous years. Walked to my folks and then up to the local today to see everyone in town, old school friends, family, locals, am now waiting for my folks to wander up and have Christmas dinner with us, and tomorrow my brother will come down from Manchester to join us all for boxing day curry. It's my favorite time of year in this town. All the best from us to all of you and yours.
  9. That's very Kind of you, and it's not mere reciprocation on my part to say you are the single person I would like to meet, in many ways you are like the man behind the curtain when Dorothy finally gets to Oz, is there a man behind the character? Is the character behind the man? Can you see the join? While most peoples online persona's are as important and real to them as they are incidental and one click of the 'close screen' away to me, your's stands alone, a mystery that makes stonehenge akin to lollypop sticks, stuck, casually in the sand.
  10. Paul C

    Bye Scotland!

    Four types actually. The type that come from Scotland. (or anywhere around Newcastle or north of it as they are all the same to us) That live out their lives in the south of England, endlessly going on about how great it is where they are from. Constantly banging on about how great Scotland or the north of England (same thing) is. But they never move back. They just live out their lives here, grumbling to an audience that does not care. Make the money they would have to beg for back home. Wear a kilt at weddings and new years. And. Never. Ever. Shut up about the place they could move to anytime, but never do. Retarded hard to understand immigrants. We should get a fleet of diggers to create some kind of wide sea/estuary, big enough to see from the moon, that separates us from these ginger haired piss poor cannibals.
  11. Saab were like a sad old pet that needed putting down. Speak to anyone really passionate about Saab and they will 100% always be talking about: Cars they used to make. Not the 'deputy headmaster' also ran crap they have been churning out for the last few years. Saab are like Woolworths, it's like 'Boo hoo, it's so sad they are gone'. But at the time of death they were hideously sh1te and not like the 'good old days' that the people that (no longer shopped there) lament about. I'm glad.
  12. Bugger, it's a wish list. I thought you had to answer with a car on your drive you would actually get in and drive on the road... Assuming (like the F1 cars people have already opted for) it comes with full transportation from it's current useless position on your driveway to a place you can actually use it. And that you can get to use it whenever you want, regardless of setup cost. You can shove your F1 cars. I'll have the apollo rover: And i'm going to the moon, thanks. D
  13. From Snap On wiki: Racing sponsorships Since the early 1980s, Snap-on has been sponsoring Penske racing teams in the NASCAR Sprint and Nationwide series as well Indy Racing League (IRL). Snap-on is an associate sponsor of the Team Rensi Nationwide team featuring driver Eric McClure.
  14. All that is in Esprit chat, the pistonheads article goes way beyond that, did you read this bit: "While many brands, BMW among them, have declared their entire petrol engine ranges fine for E10 there are some exceptions, including 993 (and earlier) Porsche 911s. First generation FSI engines used in VW, Audi, SEAT and Skodas typically between 2000 and 2006 are not E10 compatible but all the group's current petrol engines are." The Esprit had a build total of about 11,000 cars, so no legislation is ever going to car about that. And the hundreds of thousands air cooled Porsche cars are not safe either. I say just enjoy your cars while you can guys, when the petrol runs out and we are all forced to drive electric bio stuff, at least i can say I got to own a few excellent Lotus's and that I enjoyed a 3.6 litre air cooled 911 while the more retarded simply scoffed 'beetle' and never did.
  15. Woke up yesterday and the radio said the A43, A34, A40 and god knows how many smaller roads around me were closed due to accidents, was crazy, it seemed everyone with a car went out and crashed it. Drive as careful as you like and some idiot in a passat/vectra thing will still write off your car in seconds... I can handle not being 'hardcore' and only using my car when I enjoy it. You are only safe pulling yourself along on your arse.
  16. I was on my arse just walking out to breakfast this morning. You could not have paid me to drive anywhere mate, bet most folk felt the same. Would have probably gone to the goodwood breakfast today, but i'll save those 200 miles and the petrol for a day i can actually enjoy the drive and give it some.
  17. I've seen lacquer peeling on loads of Lotus cars including both my Esprits. IMO unless your car is pretty new then covering it in a big sticker and then peeling it off could cause damage you can't blame the vinyl company for. I removed wide vinyl stripes from my elise and even slow with a hairdryer it was a good old pull, and it was VERY hard to keep the stoneguard it ran over the top of. If you are 100% sure all your paint and lacquer is 100% secure then go for it. But ALL of my Lotus's had either cracks, peeling or gel crazing that i would not want to put to the test by pulling at it. Also you would need two full sets of decals, one to put on the wrap, and then one to put back on the car once the wrap has come off, taking all your pinstripes and decals with it. When i was shopping for the 993, there was a turquoise car (i really like that colour), wrapped white that looked really good. I'd have removed the wrap immediately but as I could not have been sure what the paint was like underneath, I did not even view it. IMO wraps are nothing 'new' and are best for the purpose they have been used for the last 20 years -taxis, vans and buses. IE crap things that are not worth respraying.
  18. While i make no apologies for scan reading a page of word heavy alternative energy bile accessible to anyone in the english speaking world with a PC and google... This is pure gold: TV room. Ladies and gentlemen, Please put your hands together, For... ELVIS PRESLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TV room, for f**** sake, we have one telly in the whole house. If you wondered why we need all this energy then look at spoilt kids and people with 'TV rooms'. Jesus, it's like those council house kings with hot tubs and Spanish holiday villas but knocking 'all these' foreign workers coming in. Word to the wise, if you have 'TV rooms' and such luxury, keep quiet about it, you lucky,lucky rich, luxurious playboy studs... TV room. God that's cheered me up, how utterly crass.
  19. On topic is why the turbine blew up, that's the original question. Off topic is chatter about various alternative energy solutions, their cost, and how good they are. Off topic is also how anything moving contributes to the rotation of the earth at a cost of it's intended function. Neither more valid than the other, being both off topic and failing to answer the original question. So back on topic, is it me, or just below the turbine, does the firey bit falling look like a helicopter?
  20. To be fair Kimbers, we all think so much of you that nobody filmed it or even took a photo. Until you do something else, it is how I currently picture you though...
  21. Our sun is dying. These panels don't take power FROM the sun, they actually transmit power TO the sun from the national grid. How do they fool people? 'Give them a meter to look at' People love looking at meters, I mean who would not like to look at a screen telling them how well they are doing and how much money they have saved? It's not connected to anything, it's just there to pacify people. Just like those fuel economy 'computers' they put in cars, people take the readout as the truth, totally blind to the fact that as much as 30% of the cars wheel rotation is being used to turn the earth. I'm telling you, now i've blown the whistle, everyone is trying to silence me, I'm a bit like that Jason Bourne actually.
  22. OK, I have had several PM's about the lorries going all in the same direction. Think about it guys eh? yes you DO see them on both sides of the motorway, BUT, are the ones going the other way in a forward gear? Eh? EXACTLY They knew this as far back as 1969 when JFK had the idea of the 'Sky Anchor' (later to be renamed 'Apollo'). The idea was to get a chain fixed to the lunar surface, then attach the other end to a big lorry (again) on the earth. The lorry drives forward to take the strain and then all the wheel movement goes toward earth rotation. The project was scrapped when it was realised that once in place the chain would cut through the atmosphere like a big cheesewire and both halves of the atmosphere would then drop away like coconut halves, making it a bit hard to stay alive. Stop me if I'm getting to technical.
  23. Ever wonder why the front of lorries are flat and not very aerodynamic? The front is a windbreak designed to create drag. This means that the huge amount of torque and power does not drive the lorry forward, instead it actually rolls the earth backwards. Thats why lorries always point in the opposite directions to windmills.
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