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  1. I've kept quiet on this one, but as I actually know more about it than anyone on this thread (or perhaps forum, or perhaps even the world?), I'm going to tell you what's actually going on. Firstly, they are not 'Windmills' or 'Generators' of any kind. The chilling truth is that they are in fact Propellers, not MAKING electricity but powered BY Electricity Some time ago the Earth's rotating molten core started coming to a stop; without its movement, the electromagnetic field around the earth started to disappear and the earth started to stop spinning. This would eventually expose the surface of the earth unfiltered solar radiation and will incinerate anything or anyone exposed to it. Basically all the worst parts of the bible. Judgement day. Feel free to throw up, I know I did. These propellers are actually making the world go round. And as the earth is a bit heavy they will sometimes buckle under the load, such is the case here.
  2. Great night out. I am still stuck with the chilling memory of a 40 something guy shuffling around a kitchen floor in white grundies with his trousers round his ankles, am sure it was just a bad dream...
  3. Is that not the case of all mid engined 2+2's? Look at the Mondial and the 308GT4 for example, I'm sure todays owners love them as 'entry level' (meaning cheapest) Ferraris but at the end of the day they are the unloved runts of the ferrari mid engine family, that's why today you can pick 'em up for less than the cost of a sporty fiesta. Has any maker of mid engine cars actually succeeded in making a 2+2 mid engine car that ten/twenty years down the road is as desirable and holds it's price as well as the 2 seaters? There must be at least one? It's a really awkward thing to get right without making something with sills as long as a bus, like the RX8. Lotus did very well hiding the +2 in the Evoras lines IMO
  4. Don't know (and would probably get turned away from) the best... Me and Vicki had a lovely meal here: It's just across Brooklyn bridge and looks towards manhatten Island (get a taxi there, we walked but it's not a romantic kinda route). I had some ace lobster there and at $200 it will be the most expensive meal i eat this year! I was in adidas with a leather jacket and i think i was the only guy without a tie, i was almost certainly the only guy the staff did not know, but we were treated damn fine all the same. Offset it with a $5 mexican meal on Bleaker street that evening...
  5. Mmm... Had forgotten this thread as quickly as i left it, but Vicki said Kimbers was upset at being called a Cretin so i've come back, although as my previous lack of interest or belief in the content may have hinted, i have not read any of the long multi paragraph posts since my last, and intended only visit, all partial and well informed stuff i'm sure. As you can see, I said that if I started such a thread then in fact I would be a Cretin, i did not call you a Cretin, but said that I could be, had i done the same as you. Did your teachers not teach you to read? Like you fairly (and very wisely i might add) said a while back, it's a 'pub for people that can't get to the pub', which as someone that goes out, i'm really very happy about, as nobody really wants to finish a days work then stand at the bar listening to long 'stated as fact' opinion driven speeches, clapped by a small gathering of guys that meet up to 'put the world to rights', there are pubs like that in town - pubs i don't go in! There has to be a reason for me to want to sit at the laptop, log on, and read this stuff. Anyhow, i did not call you a Cretin, i called you Naive, but then went on to call myself Naive. See, Two negatives is a plus! Honestly mate, you are nearly as big a w4nker as me...
  6. Yeah mate, Not those little vinagary piss poor things that Londers claim to be the best thing they can offer you to eat, yet your cat would lick it's bum rather than eat one... No. These fella's have a waist as wide as your thigh, and are cut down the middle and filleted into two halves. With white meat at the front and skin at the back, were you not told it was eel, you would think it was white fish. oh, and one of the best this i saw in copenhagen:
  7. Me and Vicki just had a nice long weekend in Copenhagen, lovely city and one i'd go back to having ate some great (not all in one sitting): Goat, prawn, crab, lobster, crayfish, muscle, eel, oyster, beef, fish, as well as some excellent brunch's, sausages, curries, chillis, and some damn fine beers in some great bars. Was great to meet up with Yasuo in town on two of the days. Sorry for the poor focus (waitress!!!), but our first brunch: And some wandering...
  8. Bang on mate. Vicki gave up teaching despite it being what she wanted to do. Kimbers, i have heard you moan about the NHS (as well as everything else in the English speaking world), but while you angrily wait for your information bypass operation... Every weekend was marking A Level work, you can't speed through it, it's someone's future, you have to read the thousands of words written by hundreds of pupils and grade them. Of course you could always do this in one of the many 'free periods' you have during the school day, but they are all spent covering other lessons, very often of subjects you don't even teach. In the end it's all done during half terms and in the summer. What's half the weekends of the year, working, unpaid? 50 days? Then all the half terms that everyone slags you off for having as holiday? another 20 days or so working? Then the days in the summer too? Yet again the truth does not fit into the blinkered vision, where do you go from here and not look dumb? It's your right to be Naive Kimbers, I'm naive about many things myself, I'm just not about to start a thread on them as i'd look like an absolute cretin. Once again you make visiting the forum an absolute joy mate!!!!
  9. Am very much looking forward to this, sorry i've been so late with menu choice mate. It was the fact i was agreeing with Kimbers on something, but dammit, that's my choice too!!!!
  10. I just hope the people on site investigating Seans Death take the time to read the internet forums, as they seem packed with 'off site' ideas on exactly what may/may not be the cause of his death. I'm not saying these enquiry guys do not know their job but i have read such detailed accounts on several forums of what might have happened that, despite the authors being hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles away from the incident, and none of them being on site at the time or having any access to any on site information from the enquiry team, it would be sheer madness for the investigators not to read this stuff before coming to any conclusion. FFS, really! Seans last post on the 911 site was promoting this: http://uk.virginmone...Url=RAFATrider3
  11. The guy that died was called Sean Cunningham, like us, a true petrolhead. He was a member of the 911 forum and owned a 997 C2...
  12. I think the fact that bits of people, dashboard and the road surface itself are all melted together in a kind of big roadside crematorium is what makes it a bit difficult to move quickly. And i'd assume the road underneath all that stack of burnt up petrol and people won't be in exactly tip top condition. It's a weekend, if it's shut until monday does it matter much really? Any one of the people dead or injured would have gladly taken the diversion, given the chance.
  13. Paul C


    I found one in Berlin, but someone has put a towel in it....
  14. He did manage to roll it onto a soft section of shrubbery mainly made up of marshmallow and cotton wool... Like i say, the world of lightweight cars made of thin metal or plastic panels and capable of speeds over 150mph... a world where crash safety is not a premium issue, right?
  15. At the end of the day there is a big panel of glass in front of your face, anything from a wheel to motorbike to a deer can come through that and kill you regardless. Likewise you might end up being speared by the extra metal supports you add where you would have survived had you not fitted them. Look at my 993, big chunk of german metal, and consider how much better it would be in a side impact: Ownership of 20 year old sportscars (plastic or metal) drops your crash safety by a huge margin. Then there was this SE, the guy walked away, fella called Dictys on pistonheads, the back just stepped out and car went into trees, not fast either...
  16. Bless you guys, not like you ever will, but please, say the same stuff and never, ever, change... Great place Brooklands, was unprepared for what was there: Ace breakfast in big dining room with the F1 on the screen and free tea and coffee top ups. Hanger full of planes including my fave, a Wellington bomber bought up from lock ness. Hurricanes, Harriers, lancasters, Sopworth Camels, Planes here and there you can wander round. A Concorde. The huge banks of the original oval circuit. The car Museums, the bike museums, the mercedes museum. The other sportscars and their owners. We got there at 8.15am and needed to leave by midday, we had not seen all of it! I really good place for a meet and way better than just hanging in a carpark. The Porsche lot had over 60 cars come, and for the record, this time i did not try to get in one of the many other silver cars by mistake (actually happened the other week, thought my key was ffed, turns out it was not my car). This be mine:
  17. Big event so am sure those that have heard of Brooklands or been there before will know all about it anyway. Not been before myself and am going to meet up with some goose stepping sausage eaters...
  18. ARRRGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! 'Ahem' ARHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! He is, and it's why i'm not. You say it's like a pub to you Kimbers, which is fair, and it's all yours. A pub where the same guys gather and put the world to rights, and moan eldlessly about the country and whatever red top tabloid headline has been the theme of their day. I'm not disputing there are not pubs like that, there are... ...i don't drink in them. The forum is not like a pub, only someone that does not get out much could say that. In a real pub you could not stand up and spout twenty paragraphs of the same old dreary stuff every day, as (aside from the fact you would be told to shut up) nobody would care, and if you had the same gang of twenty mates to slap you on the back, quote you, and repeat the same stuff? again, nobody would care. That why despite tens of thousands of forum members, it's the same small lot on about the state of things, again. To say an internet forum is like the pub is to declare yourself social bankrupt. Like i said, you have killed it for me, my profile shows most active in general chat, and by your own indulgence and lack of a (non captive audience) ear elsewhere, it's now totally your 'pub'. Jesus christ, why don't you guys just all get 'UK life sucks' tattoos??????????????? Well done! I mean seriously, cheers! PS, ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
  19. You Norfolk-bathtub-leyland-parts-bin scumbags!!!!!! I don't bend my knees to walk anymore, i won't queue politely for anything, and my engine is bigger than all yours. I merely have to turn my ignition key and you will be running for your anderson shelters in fear, to spend hours playing Ludo by candle lightwhilst, shaking like sh1tting dogs... I'm gonna get some of them crosses for my doors.
  20. Thats what i was using! Is that the place i've circled? Where is the big punchbowl crater shown on wiki?????
  21. Was up for this but have now spent an hour on maps and streetview but still don't have a clue where it is!!! Hard place for people to find if it's not on any maps, the sites own web pages don't have map links, and the best we have is a map taken from orbit of the general area before the road into it even exsisted. Would make a great easter egg hunt thingy mind. It's a big commitment for me as in 30 minutes time i'll have to decide to: A, Stay in on a saturday and be road legal for a meet tomorrow. Or B, Wander up the pub but not be able to drive at that time in the morning. Is this it???? Think i've just spent longer on streetview and maps than it would have taken to drive there! Am i right?
  22. Cheers, still can't suss where the hell it is! There is not even a pin on a map or anything.I think i'll be out on that basis... Places actually on the map are Sooooo yesterday.
  23. I'm not kidding!!! have spend time on google and maps and it looks like the tunnel is too new to be on there, and i can find a web page with a cafe and carpark with directions from a tunnel i can't see and a road (a333) that does not seem to exsist... You guys are freemasons, right?
  24. Was ready to roll to newlands corner tomorrow morning but just checked (lucky!) and it seems to be off the calendar with this instead, have googled to death but can't work out where this place is? Is it a hole in the ground?? Where exactly you guys meeting??? In it????
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